Friday, July 14, 2017


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Both the $NAAD with the $COMPQ at the top and the the $NYAD and $NYA at the bottom look terrific, couldn't be better best thing I've ever seen, the markets will NEVER go down, at least not in our life time.
We closed at all time highs going into the weekend, and here's the obvious reason why:

The economic reports absolutely sucked today, it keeps the FED on the side lines, WOOOO HOOOOOO ...............

Same three on sell signals in my 12 major markets as last week, 20sma below 50, with GLD, $USD, and $CRB, with the dollar down you woulda THUNK that gold and commodities would be on buy, ESPECIALLY, to feed the OBVIOUS world wide economic boom that the stock markets claim we are in, but, atlas, it's not to be in the current environment. 

We are still on four sells on "The all important Bullish Percent indexes", the four are $BPDISC, $BPSTAP, $BPINFO and good old $BPGDM.

We closed just inside the "Expected Move" on the upside for the week, so we escaped another week with a win.

The "expected" move on the upside next week is 21.41 and the lower bound is $21.19, and, like I say every week, I'll continue to sell calls and puts outside those areas until they start taking me out.

The sectors continue to be a little shocking as we moved from four to FIVE on sell, XLP joined XLK, XLY, XLE and XRT, and XLU continues to look like doggie poop. 

This was probably the strongest week of the year in my 80 markets I keep track of, only one of our majors made the first page, QQQ up 3.16% on the tails of the shitty retail report, GDX was number two at 2.78% ( a "major" in my mind, hahahaha), then it was SPY way back in 50th spot up 1.42%, DIA up 1.03%, with IWM bringing up the rear at .88%, I don't know what their problem was as the ten year yield was down 3% on the week to 2.319%. 

We had 35 markets lose on 20 day highs vs only one the last couple of weeks, and, YES, IYT closed on another 20 day high this week.  
We had 35 markets close on 20 day highs this week vs only ONE the last couple of weeks, and, YES, that stock, IYT, closed on ANOTHER 20 day high this week. I could be GUESSING, but with the transports flying I get the feeling the vapid TRUMP trade seems to be back in play. 
Of the eighteen that closed on 20 day LOWS last week every single one of them was higher this week, so that continues to be just about the worst bet you can possibly make every week, that is, expected ANY THING to continue to the down side. 
Only two closed on lows this week, $USD and VXX. 

Only six stocks were lower this week, a VERY low number, I guess the IWM was down because XLF and KRE were down as as interest rates were lower and Wall Street couldn't screw the public as much.

Here's the beeg wieners in the SP 500, I have no comment. Earnings start to get under way next week so that's another reason to lay low.

Only 128 stocks were lower this week, these are the worst of the worst... ter's ...


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