Monday, July 31, 2017


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These are the top 20 winners in the 80 markets that are in my "Market Monitor", the thing that stands out, to me, is the over whelming amount of GREEN on the two pages, IE winners win over long time periods, the monthly winners are at the top and the YTD winners on the bottom.
None of our major markets are on the front page at the top, the best performer was the NasDOGS, QQQ up 4.10%, then the DIA at 2.86%, SPY at 2.25%, then the little guys bringing up the rear, IWM just barely higher at .26%.
EWZ was the best country ETF, up 11.77%, our best sector was oil, USO up 11.62%, metals and mining was second way down in 19th, XME up 4.87%.
YTD our best major made the first page with the NasDOGS in 16th, QQQ up 20.89%, our best sector was biotech, XBI up 32.07%, the best country ETF was Turkey, TUR up 36.53% for the year, after Erdogan said he was Trump's best friend. SMH was another sector on the first page up 19.82%, our next best major was way back on the third page, DIA up 10.73% with the SPY immediately behind them at 10.40%, the little guys brought up the rear, IWM up 4.94% for the YTD.

The was only 10 losers the past month, IYT was the big stand out, down 3.18%, the dollar was down 2.59%, and in a surprise KRE was down, strange as TLT was down meaning interest rates were UP, which is supposed to be good for the banks, XLF was up 1.62%, so quite a difference in the composition of the two.
There are only 12 markets YTD in the red, oil was the winner in the monthly but the big loser YTD, USO down 12.29%, the dollar is down 9.03%, which means should be UP, but I'm not going to mention that as it confuses me. The worst country ETF was RSX, down 5.70%, which speaks to their one horse economy I guess. 

Here's the beeg wieners in the SP 500 with the same sequence as above, I have no interest in any of them so sift through them yourself if that's your thing. I completely missed FCX, and NEM is basically dragging the GDX higher all by itself on the monthly, for some reason that Madison Ave. advertising agency, FB, is on both lists, the first Ad agency in history to have a market cap larger than any SP 500 company that actually produces some thing.

The same thing with the losers, one interesting thing I notice is that in looking at all of them down at the bottom the YTD loser's have a lot of GREEN in the weekly performance column, probably the start of some rotation, there's actually some big winners in that bunch, hhhhmmmmm ........................


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