Thursday, June 01, 2017


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I forgot all about the end of the month being YESTERDAY, hahahaha, sigh, when your old the days all seem the same, just like the NasDOGS! I didn't miss any thing, we had new ATH's today with a major NON-confirmation in the cumulative $NAAD's. this can probably continue longer than I remember the last day of the month, but, EVENTUALLY, if we can't get the A/D's into a LEADING position, we, MAY, go down. 
By the by, the $NYAD's ARE in a leading position, I guess there's just to many huge stocks in that index for the FANG stocks to keep it going up by themselves. 

We closed out the month the same as last week, with five markets on sell signals in my 12 major markets this week, 20sma below 50, that would be the $TRAN, IYR, $USD, $CRB and GLD. The $TRAN at least turned up with the huge up day today, while GLD was the only other one to make a little effort at turning higher.

"The all important Bullish Percent indexes" continue to amaze and disgust, $BPMATE and $BPFINA were joined by $BPINDY and $BPSTAP today on buy signals, $BPDISC and $BPHEAL are to close to call, while the $BPCOMPQ, $BPSPX and $BPNYA continues to look just HORRIBLEl, even with the big UP day today NONE of them turned higher, and the COMPQ actually turned lower, just really awful shit.

The sectors continue to look, Ya know, all right, with only XLE and XME still on sell, with XRT joining the party, XLF looks like it wants to party as well, while the two DEFENSIVE sectors, XLU and XLP, are on stinking MOOOOOOOONNNNN   .............. shots!

Here's the monthly winners in my 80 markets, SMH was the leader of the pack last month, while NONE of our majors made the first page, accept of course GDX which is MY major, the NasDOGS were the winners, QQQ up 3.21%, SPY in second spot up 1.92%, then DIA up a MASSIVE 1.09% for the month, with the risk on boys, the little guys, IWM, in last place, up, aaaaaahhhhh, eeeeerrrrr, hhhhmmmm, well well, they were DOWN .14%, that shows a lot of animal spirits!

Here's the winners of the 22 markets that were lower this month, UN-fricking-believably EWZ beat out that perennial loser VXX for the top spot, down 8.93% for the month, Trump must hate Putin more than Obama salama did as he's doing a better number on RSX, the Aussies were in the five spot, EWA down 5.34%, hhhhhhmmmm, I may have to start watching them again, I guess Trump is not going to build any pipelines with AMLP down 4.53%, XLF was actually worse than IWM, down .47% even with a 1.256% rally today.

Here's the beeg wieners in the SP 500, SURPRISE, I give 500 guesses as to the winner and the first 499 don't count..............

I have NO IDEA what that out fit is that won the losers list, TGNA???? What ever it is I just CAN'T WAIT to buy some, hahahahahahahaha ....
Poor old FOSL, I'm actually getting tired on listing them every week.........


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