Friday, June 23, 2017

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There is still only two sell signals in my 12 major markets this week, 20sma below 50, that would be the $USD, and $CRB, the only good thing I can say about the $CRB is it put on a tiny little green bar on Friday.

We moved up to four buys from only ONE last week on "The all important Bullish Percent indexes",  $BPSTAP was joined by $BPMATE, $BPHEAL and $BPINDY are both right on the cusp of a new buys. the good news is the 20 SMA has turned higher on $BPCOMPQ, $BPSPX and $BPNYA, so maybe they will catch up and confirm the sky high valuations in the majors.  

The sectors continue to look all right, with the same three, XLE, XME and XRT still on sell, and not looking any better, although XME is at least "trying" to make and effort. 

THREE of our majors showed up on the first page of the winners in my 80 markets this week, the only one NOT on the first page was the winner from last week, XBI was the big winners this week, up 12.16%, as the Republicrats showed they are obviously as big a crooks as the Democans, the NasDOGS were the big major winner, QQQ up 2.24%, right in back of MY major, GDX up 3.08%, then it was TLT up 1.13% as inwestors piled into safe assets, IWM .51%, then SPY up .20% at the bottom of the page.DIA in 23rd spot up ..08%, or about a spread on the bid/ask. we had decent sector representation with TLT, IYR, XHB, XLI, IYT, XLU, and XBI showing up.

Three markets closed on new 20 day highs this week vs ONE last week, TLT, IEY and, of course, XBI, the Republicrat campaign donation grab bag. I had 100 stinking percent LOSERS last week, as the only one last week, EWW, closed down on the week.

Despite things "feeling" good this week we had SEVEN makrets close on 20 day lows vs two last week, EIRL, EPHE, EWG, EWP, EZU, XLP and XLY. The two losers from last week, GDX and XME, naturally, had GREAT weeks with both over 3%. to even it up with 100% losers on BOTH sides, sigh .......

There was 53 loser's on the week out of the 80 markets vs 49 last week, any thing OIL related got slaughtered again this week as the Worldwide Economic Boom seems to be in full sail! I don't know why banks got hit so hard, KRE down 3.92%, as yields were LOWER on the week. Accept for oil stuff there doesn't appear to be one US related ETF on the first page, all foreign stuff accept for VXX and GCC.

Once again we closed almost to the gnat's ass on the "EXPECTED" move on GDX, this week though it was to the UPSIDE, the dollar was actually UP 8 cents but the lower yields helped out. The Hull MA moved to a buy signal and the MACD is one up day away from a new buy, so, NATURALLY, we probably go DOWN next week, and again, sigh .........

Here's the "EXPECTED" move on GDX for this week, $23.34 on the upside and $22.14to the down side. I will be selling calls and puts outside of those ranges, again. The $BPGDM was down about 10% this week with only 3% of the stocks in the index on P and F buys.

Here's the beeg wieners in the SP 500, there's a bunch of biotech on the list, ORCL had a good earnings report, FSLR was up on news of the "Solar Wall" that will burn any one attempting to cross the border .............

W"OW, the SPY finished HIGHER on the week, and we had 302 stocks in the index DOWN on the week vs on 200 stocks last week, is that a negative divergence or what??? BBBY led the charge lower after AMZN said they were going to move into shitty things .........


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