Friday, May 26, 2017


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Just like last week I'll lead off with those unstoppable NasDOGS, closing at new ATH's for the week. 
Ya know, I know it's just ME, but some people would look at that big red bar down, and then the seven GAP UP days in a row, and say that's the most beautiful thing I've EVER seen!
Me, sigh, I think it's the UUUUUUUU-gillist thing I've seen in some time, but, that's just me, now, YOU, should "probably" buy it, but don't say you heard it here. 

NO, this is NOT the same chart as last week, it just appears that way, it's actually the sameo sameo stuff, new ATH closing highs and a $NASI that is much lower than it was almost a year ago. If you look very closly, we actually got a tiny hook UP this week, so, that's good.

This is the percent of stocks above their 50 day sma in the NasDOGS, they went higher for most of the week and then closed lower on the ATH Friday close, which, is ALWAYS a good sigh. 

Yaaaaaay, here's a good one, the $NYAD's are leading the market higher, which is ALWAYS a good sign. 

And then of course there's some thing like this, where the $NYHL has been going down since early December, which, of course, is a GOOD sign!

NOTE: GENERALLY speaking, when I say "GOOD sign", it's good as it will keep the FED in panic mode ready to dump billions of CYBER fake money into Goldman and their Bro's on Da Street, with orders to hold us up. 

I'd show some thing like the number of stocks in the SP 500 above their 200 MA has been declining since the high on March first, but it would just show the same thing as the rest of the charts so I'm not going to bore any one by showing it. 

Once again my Market Monitor closed with a ton of red on that bottom line, note worthy is the one on the far right where despite closing on ATH's the $COMPQ had -166 in the A/D's.
Of course, it happened last week and didn't mean diddly squat so I would expect the same next week, but, you just never know ........

WOW, I have to admit this surprised me, as moved to five markets on sell signals in my 12 major markets this week, 20sma below 50, vs only three last week, with the $TRAN and IYR joining the $USD, $CRB and GLD. The $TRAN are typical of the stinky breath as they went to sell despite being UP seven days in a row, mainly because half of the 20 stocks in the index are lower over the last month.

Just when "the all important Bullish Percent indexes" got better last week, they sucked this week, with the $BPNYA reversing its buy from last week, $BPCOMPQ is still on buy but only by FIVE measly cents, seven of the twelve $BP's are on sell, joining the blah blah blah about the "breath".  The $BPSPX continues to look just awful, but not to worry, that's just a minor little index.

The sectors continue to look, Ya know, all right, with only XLE and XME still on sell, XLF joinedd the buy party this week by a whopping THREE cents, hahaha,  and I guess you could say XRT is still on buy, even though the 20 and 50 are in a dead heat. The only thing holding it up is BBY. 

Our majors finally starting showing up on the first page of the winners in my 80 markets last week, with the NasDOGS in the 5 spot, QQQ up 2.45%, SPY in 15th up 1.43%, and the DIA just slipping in at 20th, up 1.33%, the risk on boys, the little guys, were on page two, IWM up 1.11%. It was a big week for the IYT I mentioned above, I guess because of the lower oil prices, 52 of the 80 markets were higher this week.

Eleven markets closed on new 20 day highs this week vs 14 last week, NONE of them were continuations from last week, and even with the good performance in the 80 markets this week TEN of the 14 20 day highs from last week closed LOWER this week, the stinking roach's, for a lousy 28% win rate, the worst week I think I've had. What a sucky concept, that ten of the 28 loser's this week were from my list last week, sigh, wad ever .........

Only two markets closed on 20 day lows, VXX and OIH, $USD, the only loser last week, was, NATURALLY, up .34% this week.

I, COULD, say some thing stupid about how stupid it is that the dollar was UP on the week WITH SLV and GLD ALSO being higher, but I might look stupid saying some thing that stupid, so I won't say it...................

Here's the winners of the 28 markets that were lower this week, I got too many oil related things in the list, I may look at deleting some and adding others, I could probably get rid of DBC. I guess Merkel lost out in her globalist arguement against the Donald's progressive ideas at the G-7 this week as EWG is on the first page at -.55%. 

Here's the beeg wieners in the SP 500, which I only do for those of you that might be interested, I barely looked at it.

It's not on the list but Softbank said they were going to raise their stake in NVDA, soooooo, let me get this straight, they hated it way over on the left side at $20, but loooooove it at $141 and a P/E of 48, PEG of 4 and P/S of 11, hhhhhmmmmmm, I SWEAR I've seen this chart before, oh, yea, I remember, some thing called the Dot com bust. Not saying that's going to happen of course, but I guess I'm missing some thing, this IS NVDA, right?
I will say the earnings look WAY up this year, so I guess that explains it, as that means they will NEVER go down again ......... just like MU.

AS you would expect there's a lot of oil on the loser's list, I have NO IDEA why AAP, TRIP and HP are in the 3, 4 and 5 spots, but I DO have an idea why FOSL continues on it's merry March to the south .................
You get an idea of "continuation" looking at the table, as 16 of the loser's have RED all across the boards from last week to YTD and the last year.

When restaurants fall into recession, the 2nd yr is a recession. - Paul Westra on the last Adventures in Finance


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