Friday, May 19, 2017


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I just wanted to show the NasDOGS to set up the items that follow, mainly that the COMPQ made a new GAP UP ATH's on Tuesday, then had the biggest gap down day of the year on Wednesday, giving a sell signal on the MACD, then did the typical rally but failed to get back over the open from Wednesday. 
Now, in the days of YORE this would be a HORRIBLE set up, usually resulting in about a 50% drop. But in days of NOW, Grandma Yellin and her gang of cut throats just kill for a sell off like Wednesday so they can print up a few trillion and give it to Goldman and the rest of Da Boyz on Da Street with orders to buy the shit out of Da Market!
Of course, one of these YORES, this ain't gonna work any more, but I'll believe it when I see it. 

This is actually a new $NASI chart, but it's exactly the same as last week and the week before that. The vertical red line is the new ATH's made on Tuesday, which resulted in absolute jack shit as far as the A/D's were concerned, and then dropped the rest of the week.

This is the percent of stocks above their 50 day sma in the NasDOGS, on the ATH day 55 stinking percent of stocks in the NasDOG were ABOVE their 50 day sma, hahahahahahahahahaha ............. luckily they closed the week just off of those ATH's and the percent dropped to 46%, I say "luckily" because Grandma may get a little concerned and drop a few more trillion into Goldmans lock box over the weekend. 

I'm not going to pick on just the NasDOGS, the $NYA "DOGS" are just as bad as shown by the $NYSI and $NYA50R shown above, they are just really really great stuff, yes indeed, they are ........................................

We stayed at three markets on sell signals in my 12 major markets this week, 20sma below 50, the $USD and $CRB, with GLD joining them despite the last three days in price getting back above the 50 and 20, GLD was also higher on the week with that dollar weakness. The $TRAN and IYR are just a gnat's ass away from new sell signals, a down day on Monday would do it.

I say "the all important Bullish Percent indexes" every week, but they truly are, important that is, and they got better this week, finally, it looks like the $BPNYA, $BPCOMPQ, $BPHEAL and $BPFINA joined the party with $BPDISC, $BPMATE and $BPGDM, the $BPNYA did it by a whooping TWO CENTS, hahahaha ............. 
I would be remiss if I didn't mention that the actual PRICE of the BP's for the NYA don't look good at all COMPQ, and the $BPSPX continues to look just awful. 

The sectors continue to look, Ya know, all right, with only, XLE, XME and XLF still on sell. Un-fricking-believable that XRT is still on buy. 

Oil was the big winner this week, with USO at the top and OIH and DBC right behind, as I guess with the Saudi's and Russians agreeing to artificially keep oil at high prices made every one want to rush out and fill up their tank, or run the generation stations more charging their Telsa's, as I guess every one owns a Telsa, RIGHT?? And, uuummm, lets see, hhmmm, none of our majors made the first page other than TLT, and in MY case GLD, and even though 50 of my 80 markets finished higher on the week I'll be a son of a gun but I can't find ANY of our majors

Fourteen markets closed on new 20 day highs this week vs 13 last week, and weird of weirdness FXF was the winner of that group, plus FXE is also on the list. AAXJ, EPU, and EWU are continuations from last week, 7 of the 13 from last week finished higher for a whooping 53% win rate this week, luckily I brought a million dollars of the seven winners and only $100 of the six losers, hahahahahahaha ..... yeaaaaa, rrrrrrrrright .......................

Only ONE market closed on 20 day lows, $USD, down 2.03% on the week, helping oil and PM's a LOT! The loser last week, THD, finished 1.07% higher on the week, continuing the new "Tradition" of the WORST being the BEST, IE, No continuation.

Since I don't trade any of these stock markets that are either the second or third most over valued POS's in the history of MANKIND, I'm screwing around with the metal that has been a staple through out history, eeeerrrrr, the outfits that dig it out of the ground that is.

I'm in GDX, it made a nice double bottom and bounced, but unfortunately REEEEEEE ............ jected, right at the top of the triangle, that's the top part of that chart above. One thing that gives me a little hope is the GDX A/D's made a higher low in May and then a higher high, but we need to hold here and break above the top of the triangle, a break and hold of the lower line and I'm OUTTA THERE!

Here's the winners of the 30 markets that were lower this week, congratulations to IWM for making the front page, AGAIN, our worst major this week, AGAIN, at -1.08%, two tenths worse than last week, the DIA was next at -.59%, then  QQQ down .55%, with the SPY being our big winner, only down .28%.
EWZ was the REALLY big winner on  the week, down 12.03%, as, SHOCK of SHOCKS, they found out in Brazil that the President that was a prior CROOK is STILL a crook, hahahahaha, reminds me of THIS country for the last two decades, that dragged South America down with it, ILF down 6.97%, and KRE was down 1.94% as all the bribes they were paying him are going to be for naught........... just kidding of course, he he he, there's no corruption in Governments ..............................

Here's the beeg wieners in the SP 500, which I only do for those of you that might be interested.

I guess BLL did a split, while FL did an UN-authorized split, as I guess the consumer can't afford shoes, the sooner they get CSCO out of the INDU the better, FOSL continues on it's merry March to the south .................

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