Friday, May 12, 2017


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Just like last week he $NYAD's continue to be just fine, not terrific, just fine, they are going side ways, WITH the market, not leading it, just cruising along with it. It,The $NYA is, PROBABLY, waiting for the $INDU to make it's move to 51,000 that some one is shilling, I would IMAGINE that IF the DOW did go to 51K, the $NYA will PROBABLY make new ATH's as well. 

The $NYSI continues to be just, aaaaahhhh, lousy, setting up negative divergences against NEAR ATH's in the markets, and NOT looking like 51K at all. 

This is the SAME $NASI chart as last week, I was going to put the new one up but it looks EXACTLY like this one, hahahahaha, actually, I mean to say SIGH, as that means the market is not doing a damn thing, other than making new ATH's this week with declining advancers.

Here, these are the actual $NAAD's, which show the piss poor breath a little more graphically. Previously, in DAYS OF YORE, this led to 50% declines, but I guess the Ahole FED has solved all of that nonsense, so you'll just have to pay up for the second most expensive market in the history of mankind if you want to get in, that's going by the Shiller CAPE P/E.  

We dropped to three markets on sell signals in my 12 major markets this week, 20sma below 50, the  DIA and $NYA, joined the FED party this week, the $TRAN is a gnats ass away, although it has been down four of the last five days, the DIA has a 20 sma going at a nice angle higher but the 50 sma is turning DOWN, very unusual, but that's because of the huge gap after the Frogs elected a commie bastard, the index has gone now where since then and was lower four days this week. Ok, maybe he's not a commie, just a socialist like the last 8 years in this country.

I say "the all important Bullish Percent indexes" every week, but they truly are, important that is, and UN-fricking-believably they are still showing big weakness with TEN of the 12 indexes on SELL signals, the only two major indexes NOT on sell are $BPDISC, which improved this week, and the gold miners, $BPGDM, although it looks REALLY bad as the only reason it's not on sell is the 50 sma is crashing faster than the 20 sma, geeze .................
This shows the weakness in the markets, as just a few of the mega caps are holding the markets up. 

The sectors had a good week gaining one on the buy side, XLV, leaving just three on sell, XLE, XME and XLF.

Brazil was the big winner in my 80 markets this week, EWZ up 5.72%, as they may have avoided depression with GDP "EXPECTED" to be a MASSIVE 0.02% in 2017, their April PMI registered the first rise in two years. GDX was number two, up 5.43%, with the new ATH's people are fleeing to the "safety" of gold, I guess. We had one major on the first page, the NasDOGS , QQQ up .77%, then the second best GAINER was, aaaaahhhhh, eeeerrrrrrr, hhhhmmm, on the NEXT list I guess, we had only 29 out of 80 markets on the gainers list this week.

Thirteen markets closed on new 20 day highs this week vs 27 last week, EIS and EWU were the only ones from the list last week that I could see, and also the only winners, for a horrible win rate of .07% this week, the worst win rate this year.

Only ONE market closed on 20 day lows, THD, of the three last week only UUP was, aaaaahhhhh, UP, .63%, VXX was down 2.84% and EWA -1.57% for nice continuations in both. 

Here's the winners of the 49 markets that were lower this week, congratualations to IWM for making the front page, our worst major this week at -1.06%, the DIA were next at .36%, then SPY at .30%. Spain was the worst market this week, EWP down 3.57%, but if you look it has all green boxes over the last year, so I guess it was due for a rest. 

Here's the beeg wieners in the SP 500, NVDA can do no wrong, beating "estimates" again, and jacking it's P/E to a cozy little 50.95, hahahahaha, I have NO IDEA what the thesis is on this thing, so good luck to whom ever is in it. I guess AAPL was higher with a delayed reaction to its missed earnings, it was getting CRUSHED in the after hours Friday after some disappointment in leaked releases of the new Iphone, down ONE CENT after hours ...............

I guess FOSL really IS, that is, a FOSSIL, although they aren't alone as M, JWN, KSS, URBN, TSN, RL, all retail names that made the loser's list this week, as I guess some one forgot to tell the CONSUMER about the WORLD WIDE ECONOMIC BOOM ...............................


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