Saturday, April 22, 2017


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UNSPEAKABLE!! God, what a crock, the big index, NYSE, had a WHOREABLE tight range Darvas boxy thingy last week, and this week it's even WORSE, as it had the same WHOREABLE tight range Darvasboxy thingey, but it dropped down the width of the box and stayed there all week. 
SIGH, wad ever, it sure as shit ain't gonna keep doing this, tight ranges are followed by range expansion, I just don't have any idea which way it's going to break, nor what in the HELL they are obviously waiting on!

The NYAD's are right in line with the POS NYSE above, as they are doing some thing I don't think I've EVER seen, they are diverging to the UPSIDE, IE, they are BETTER than the market, meaning they are trying to LEAD us HIGHER, just amazing, you would think with decent A/D's the market would be flying. 

In contrast the $NAAD's ARE doing some thing I've seen before, and since I believe they made new ATH's this week, and the A/D's made a significantly much LOWER HIGH on that day, IE, a huge NEGATIVE divergence, this is an absolute HORRIBLE situation, that, IN THE PAST, has led to market declines. With the stinking Ahole FED around though who knows what dirty bastards things they will try to do to hold up their precious equity markets. 

The SPY is going right along with the program and also doing unspeakable things, in this case its a huge BEAR FLAG, as it's dropped down below the 50 SMA and is quietly “walking” along under it, just, DYING, to go lower.  

We moved to six markets on sell signals in my 12 major markets this week, down from five last week, 20sma below 50, with just a little minor index, the SPY, joining the $NYA, $TRAN, IWM,  $CRB and $USD on sell.

The all important Bullish Percent indexes now has NINE of the 12 indexes on SELL signals, the only three major indexes NOT on sell are $BPDISC, $BPINFO and, for the moment, the $BPSTAP, but that's one tiny day lower on Monday from joining the sell party, not looking good at all.
$BPGDM is the only one on sell that has a 20 day SMA that is trying to move higher. 

The sectors moved to SEVEN in the sell party from five last week, with XLE, XRT, XLF, XME, XLI, and XLB being joined by XLV, and XLB rejoined the party one week after going to buy.

All in all, not a good week at all for the 20/50 signals. 

It's strange to see the piss poor performance up above of the sectors and $BP's as our major markets actually had a pretty good week, they made an appearance on the first page of my 80 markets for the first time in a while, IWM was the wiener at 2.61%, then the NasDOGS, QQQ up 1.66%, SPY was at .89%, with the Big Dogs being the little dogs, DIA bringing up the rear at .43%. We had some nice sector moves on the first page as well, with KRE, SMH, ITY, XLI, MDY, XLY, XLB, IWF all making a nice showing.

Only 3 markets closed on new 20 day highs this week vs 8 last week, EWM, JNK and TUR, EWM was the only continuation from last week's list. EWW and TLT were the only winners from last week's list for a lousy 25% win rate.

Five markets closed on 20 day lows compared to 11 of them last week, none were continuations from last week. As I predicted last week (I think I did?), all 11 that closed on 20 day lows finished higher on the week, hahahahahaha, this has been an awful trade, as there is no continuation to the down side like there used to be, like a millennia ago. Some of them did quite well, like EFUN was up 2.71%, EWJ 1.68%, SMH 3.1%, XLF 1.14%, and XIV 5.58%. 

Only 27 of the 80 markets finished lower this week vs 56 last week, Oil had a very poor week, it MUST have to be worse than that stinking VXX, USO down 7.28%, I can only assume it's going down in response to all the oil needed for the WORLDWIDE ECONOMIC BOOM bubblevision and the rest of the MSM is pumping. GDX AND SLV had a bad week, because with the WWEB who needs precious metals?? GCC and DBA are more commodity items we don't seem to need, and of course the item in the 16 spot, UUP, just flys in the face of all those lower commodities, as they SHOULD have gone UP with a lower dollar, right? That sounds just like the Turtle 20 day lows, just do the opposite, sigh, one of these days markets will get back to normal, maybe ....
At least most of the items on the list were related to the lower oil like EWC and EWA, ECH was hurt by lower metals, I have no idea why EWH and FXI were lower as I thought the economic news was good this week, I guess it's a case of do the opposite again. Look at all the red numbers behind DBA for the last year, I'm surprised we haven't seen farmer's forming a Cartel like Opec and the FED to try and manipulate prices higher, although some thing must be going on as I bought lettuce for $1.19 a head a week ago Friday and went back on Wednesday and it was $2.59 a head!!!! Celery was up 25%, I didn't notice much of any thing else that had gone sky high ............

Here's the beeg wieners in the SP 500 this week, 370 of them were higher this week compared to only 138 last week, most are earnings related I guess, like CSX, I don't follow individual earnings for the most part.

Here's the winners of the losers, lots of interesting names on the list like MAT, GWW, CF, HOG, EBAY, IBM, a bunch of energy as you would expect, if you are wondering why I find the LOSER'S interesting, well, obviously you must have started in the markets in 2009 and only know you buy high and hope to find a sucker to take it off your hands at much higher prices, I still kind of believe in that old saw of buy low, but ONLY if you can figure out some value in the name. Like, HOG, hahahaha, people can't seem to figure out why it went down after beating "estimates", but first quarter earnings were down 22.8% and shipments fell 14.7% YOY, this after the stock was UP 28% YOY, I don't see any thing unusual about the stock falling a little after numbers like that. Zacks seems to think it's core base of Baby Boomers is getting to old to keep buying bikes, but I think that we just got wise enough to realize there's only two kinds of bike riders, THOSE THAT ARE DOWN AND THOSE THAT ARE GOING DOWN!!!!


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