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I'm going to "diverge" with last weeks lousy comments, sigh, even I get tired of being a Debbie Downer every so often, and say, SCREW IT, the stinking $NYAD's are TERRIFIC, seeing as how they are LEADING the $NYA, I had to catch myself there as I almost said leading to the UPSIDE, which of course the index has NOT gone up since the first of March, two months of almost dead sideways action. If you were selling Iron Condors out side of the first weeks range in March you did very well indeed. 

It probably doesn't look like it but the $NAAD's did better this week, they still have a negative divergence with the ATH's in the NasDOGS but at least it's not as bad as last week. 

In sharp contrast the $NASI is NOT doing any better, it's working on a double negative divergence that goes back all the way to  before Christmas.
Of course this is not a tradeable thing, YET, and with the FED constantly in the markets trying to hold them up it may NEVER mean any thing, but in the days of Yore before the massive FED manipulations it used to be a BAAAAAAAAD signal. 

This and the next two are actually monthly time frame charts but I update them every week, we moved back to five markets on sell signals in my 12 major markets this week, down from six last week, 20sma below 50, with just a little minor index, the DIA, joining the $NYA, $TRAN,  $CRB and $USD on sell. The SPY and the IWM are just about dead flat and could go either way depending on where they close on Monday.

The all important Bullish Percent indexes now has TEN of the 12 indexes on SELL signals, the only two major indexes NOT on sell are $BPDISC and $BPINFO, $BPSTAP joined the other nine from last week on sell.
$BPGDM 20 SMA went right up to the 50 and is trying to turn lower.

The sectors moved to six in the sell party from seven last week, XLB rejoined the BUY party one week after going to SELL and that was one week after going to BUY, hahahahaha, who says commodities aren't volatile.
Both XLI and, unbelievably, XRT, are right on the verge of new buy signals, like, an up day on Monday would do it. 

Good week for the markets if you were a bull, there's a whole bunch of Europe on the first page, way down at the bottom was our winner for the week, the NasDOGS, QQQ up 2.59%, as for some strange reason I guess American consumers are going to buy tons of new tech stuff from the Dogs because LePen did NOT win the first round of the French elections ....... that's weird, I sure don't feel like buying any thing more, other than toilet paper maybe. The Big Dogs were second, DIA up 1.87%. SPY up 1.49%, and the little guys brought up the rear for the week, IWM up 1.35% in 44th place.

Ninemarkets closed on new 20 day highs this week vs 3 last week, EWM, JNK and TUR ALL closed on 20 day highs AGAIN this week, quite a performance for JNK, I wonder when "inwestors" will figure out what JNK means, hhhhhmmmmm ...............

Only two markets closed on 20 day lows compared to 5 of them last week, ECH and SLV, neither were continuations from last week. Once again this week the 20 day lows from last week went to the UPSIDE, hahahahaha, well, all but OIH, it was down 2.38% on the week, XLE was just barely up as was GCC, but DBA was up 2.33% and EWK 4.52%, wooo hooo, BUY those 20 day lows, screw the Turtles, they didn't know what they were doing, hahahaha ...... of course, that will work until it DON'T, and then it REALLY WON'T ..........

Only 17 of the 80 markets finished lower this week vs 27 last week, Oil had a another down week, GDX AND SLV also had another bad week, ten year yields were up 2% on the week which I guess helps explain part of it, and why IYR, TLT, and XLU were on the list, but NOT why UUP is on the list.

Here's the winners for the month in my 80 markets, the NasDOGS are our only major market that made the list, QQQ up 2.59%, all most all of it this week, TUR was the big winner as I guess they like Dictators in that Country, IWM was our number two at 1.35% for the month, DIA at 1.43%, then SPY at 1.08%.

Here's the losers for the month, there was only 25 of them, the same ones that stared on the weekly losers are leading this list, OIH, SLV, XLE and GDX, naturally I LOVE it, as I'm going to be buying GDX again one of these days.

Here's the beeg wieners in the SP 500, this week is at the top and the monthly under that, 297 of them were higher for the month so a decent month. It takes more research than I'm willing to do as to why they are on the lists, one thing I will say is that CAT is NOT one of them I will be buying, which means it's probably safe for YOU to buy as it will probably go to Da stinking MOOOOOOON!

The same thing with the losers, although I MAY take more of a look at these lists over the weekend, off hand I don't see any thing I'm interested in.

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