Friday, March 03, 2017


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Both the $NYADl's and the $NAAD's are on negative divergences, just like on the Monthly update, the NasDOGS made new highs in price on the Trump Bump o9n Wednesday but the $NAAD's did NOT, not good at all. The $NYAD's DID make new highs on Wednesday but could not hold it Thursday and Friday, the equivalence of a fake news break out failure. 

In the all important Bull Percent indexes we actually got some positive news from Wednesday,  as only the $BPINDY, the industrials, and $BPENER, energy, are on sell signals, the $BPDISCand $BPCOMPQ moved back into new buy signals.  Taking some shine off that good news is that the $BPNYA crashed down through both the 20 and 50 SMA's, it looks terrible, meaning all is not well with the new highs it made this week.  
Another not looking so hot is $BPGDM, but nobody but me watch's gold stocks ..... RIGHT?
Both the other candleglance groups stayed the same as Wednesday.  

Here's the big winners in my 80 markets I keep track of , 51 were higher this week vs 35 last week. Once again Trump seem's to be doing more for those Udder markets than ours, it's mostly Euro Zone stuff on the first page, XHB was our best sector this week as I guess housing LOVES higher interest rates, as the ten year yield went up 7.56% to finish at 2.492%, oops, excuse me, Biotech was the best this week, XBI up 6.11%, I keep forgetting them as Trump has said he's going to cut all their ridiculous fees. XLF was a couple of spots behind XHB as they actually DO like higher rates, besides Trump is buttering the financials up in hopes of getting some loans after his term for new ventures that will go bankrupt.
None of our majors made the front page, the big dogs were the winners with DIA up .95%, then SPY at .71%, QQQ at .58%, with the little guys being the laggards again, but at least they weren't DOWN this week, IWM 0.0000% this week, if you sold an Iron Condor on them at the money you did GREAT this week!!

10 markets closed on new 20 day highs this week vs 7 last week, none of the new ones  are continuations from last week.Only three of the seven from last week finished higher this week, that's one of our first losing weeks in a while, they were IWF, OEF and XLV.

GDX was the big loser this week, it moved UP a spot from last week, hahahaha, at least this week we didn't get that huge divergence between it and the PM's as both SLV and GLD are on the losers this this week, also nice is that with interest rates higher it makes perfect sense for the PM's to be lower, it's nice to see some thing rational once in a while. Most of the country ETF's on the list are affected by lower commodity prices, like EPU, EWC, RSX, EWA, FXI was lower and probably dragged AAXJ with it, in fact ALL emerging markets were lower with EEM down .85%, RSX and Putin probably dragged that index down. 

Here's the beeg wieners in the SP 500 this week, ALB is the big winner this week because nobody ever heard of them and they can't figure out what they do, but they beat earnings so they must be some thing to throw money at.

Here's the loser's for the week, TGT, SIG, KR, FOSL, UA, WFM, DG, DISCK, DISCA, M and COST are on this list because Wall Street insists ..... INSISTS ..... that the consumer is doing F##KING GREAT!!!

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