Friday, March 17, 2017


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The $NYSI has been rolling over, it even got worse on Friday, but not to worry as both the $NAAD's and $NYAD's improved this week. 

Here's the $NAAD's, at least they went higher this week, the $COMPQ is sitting right on ATH's, and as I say it USED to be BAD if the index made new ATH's and the A/D's went DOWN, but in this market that's probably just another reason to take it higher. 

Here we are trading just off of ATH's, and the $SKEW is making ATH's as well, hahahahahaha, if this ain't the damnest market, it USED to be that high Skew's marked a BOTTOM in the market, so, I guess after going higher, we are REALLY going to go higher, wooo hooooo .........

My 12 major markets remained the same, it's still just the $CRB and TLT on sell signals, 20sma below 50, the $TRAN are the only other ones looking a little shaky, but who needs transportation to pick up, it's all drones from Amazon now, hhhmmmmm, I wonder if they will add the drone companies to the $TRAN's .....

The $BPNYA did NOT improve this week, in fact it got worse, the $BPCOMPQ is still on buy but rolling over along with the $BPINDY, $BPMATE is a knat's ass from a new sell signal, $BPENER remain's on sell, and despite GDX finishing higher on the week the $BPGDM joined the sell side, which is weird as all but two stocks finished higher this week, in the GDX. 

It remains XLE, XRT and XME as the SELL sectors again this week. 

Other than GDX I see NONE of our major markets on the first page of the winners in my 80 markets this week, you had to go to the 33rd spot to find our winner, IWM up 1.84% on the week, and then 64th for the QQQ, up .23%, and that's it, the big boys were down on the week:

22 markets closed on new 20 day highs this week vs 13 last week, EWP, EWN, EWK, EIRL, EWQ, VGK, SMH were all conintuations from last week, and all but XLV finished higher this week, making that 12 out of 13 winners.

Only three closed on 20 day lows this week, VXX, UUP and KRE. 

There were only 13 loser's this week, and the damn SPY and DIA were among them, in fact they were ALL AMERICAN indexes and sectors, I can EASILY see the justification for our major indexes being right on ATH's, yes, I can, really, hones ..............

Here's the beeg wieners in the SP 500 this week, 313 of them to be exact, WYNN seems appropriate, Ya know, the BIG WYNN ....ER ...... sigh, oh well, I'd be interested but I don't DO casinos, they're to much of a gamble .......

Airlines, biotechs, clothing stores, RAIL ROADS on the losers list, I can see why IYT was the top loser in my 80 markets last week.

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