Friday, March 31, 2017


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The $NYSI , "MAY", have issued a new buy signal this week, the last one being after the election, which worked out pretty well. HOWEVER, it continues to exhibit a huge divergence with the $NYA. 

The $NAAD's made a big up move this week, the upper chart, getting over the highs from mid March, so definitely an improvement, HOWEVER they are NOT leading the NasDOGS higher, as price is trying to make new ATH's, which is not good. 
In contrast the $NYAD's are leading the $NYA higher, which is good, as they are making new ATH's while the NYA is not, so, take your pick, sell the NasDOGS and buy the NYA?????

Major moves in my 12 major markets this week, and shocking to boot, as the IWM, $USD and IYR joined the $CRB, TLT and $TRAN on SELL signals, 20sma below 50, making it an even split between buys and sells. GLD is just a gnats ass away from it's own sell signal, which is STRANGE, for with the dollar lower it SHOULD be flying higher. Now the dollar did go on a sell signal, but it actually finished the week .78% higher, so I guess I can excuse GLD, for NOW!

SIX of the 12 all important Bullish Percent indexes are now on sell, with $BPINDY joining the $BPNYA, $BPCOMPQ, $BPMATE, $BPENER and $BPGDM. In another shock the $BPSPX and $BPFINA are just a hair away from their own sell signals, which shows how the "WEIGHTED" indexes are masking much greater weakness in the over all components of those indexes. 

It remains XLB joined XLE, XRT and XME as the SELL sectors this week, XLI and XLF are giving it their best efforts to join that crowd. 

The end of the month and quarter mark up artist managed to FINALLY put some of our major indexes on the first page of the leader board, the first time in a few weeks. The winner was the little guys, IWM, up 2.22%, with the NasDOGS in second, QQQ up 1.34%, SPY was third at .80%, with the Big Dogs bringing up the rear, DIA only up .29%. USO had a huge move this week, up 5.45%, because of the dollar being higher on the week .................. that was a joke!! You didn't get IT?????

Only 5 markets closed on new 20 day highs this week vs aaaaahhhh, 5 last week, SMH is the only continuation from last week's list, and only EWW from last week was lower this week for a 80% win rate.

This is why I generally don't bother with the 20 low list very often, every one of the ones from last week, DIA, IWD, IYT, OEF, SPY, VTI, and XLI, were all HIGHER for the week, hahahahahahaha, I guess 20 day lows don't work to well in a bull market, and with end of the month and quarter mark ups.
We got only ONE market closing on a 20 day low this week, and its interesting:

It's one of the WORST performers in my 80 markets, DBA, BUTT, it put on a nice candle on Friday and, "MAY", have bottomed  ................. BUTT:

I wouldn't expect great things from it as it tenes not to move much, plus it has huge resistance in the $21 "area", but that is a nice candle ......

Here's the monthly winners in my 80 markets, we go back to where NONE of our major markets are on the first page, it's all foreign "stuff", congratulations to Spain, EWP, it was the winner, and, NO, I'll NOT be buying you. Our ONLY major winner for the month was the NasDOGS, QQQ up 1.43% for the month, and down in 40th spot. 

Here the winners for the quarter, at least the QQQ managed to make the first page, up 10.81%, India was the really big winner, EPI up 20.19%, I'm SURE it will repeat that performance in the second quarter .......... the other majors were way down the list, SPY in 45th spot at 5.53%, then DIA in 53rd at 4.81%, with the little guys bringing up the rear at 1.85%. 

The loser's were another BIG surprise, NONE of our majors on the first page, hahahahahahaha, it looks to me like WAR between TUR, FXI and RSX, at least on a stock market LOSER basis, and I hope that's all it will be ..........

Here's the loser's for the month, it looks to me like a classic example of some PUMPING going on here, for if you look in the weekly column only DBA is LOWER on the week, well, other than VXX but it's ALWAY lower. Our major loser is on the list in 16th, DIA down 1.50%, then it's SPY and IWM in 25th and 26th in a tie at -.63%, nice month guys ................

There was only 12 losers for the whole quarter, and, SURPRISE, none of our majors were on the list, hahahahahaha, oil was the big loser, which is probably why it's the big winner on the weekly. XME was hit pretty hard at -2.87%, dollar was down 2.22%, KRE has to be a surprise, down 1.03%. 

Here's the beeg wieners in the SP 500 this week, and .....

Here's the beeg losers.

Here's the winners and loser's for the month.

And the winners and loser's for the quarter. Most of the same stocks appear on all three lists on both the winners and losers.
April is "traditionally" the best month of the year for stocks, but of course tomorrow is also April fool's day.

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