Friday, March 31, 2017


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The $NYSI , "MAY", have issued a new buy signal this week, the last one being after the election, which worked out pretty well. HOWEVER, it continues to exhibit a huge divergence with the $NYA. 

The $NAAD's made a big up move this week, the upper chart, getting over the highs from mid March, so definitely an improvement, HOWEVER they are NOT leading the NasDOGS higher, as price is trying to make new ATH's, which is not good. 
In contrast the $NYAD's are leading the $NYA higher, which is good, as they are making new ATH's while the NYA is not, so, take your pick, sell the NasDOGS and buy the NYA?????

Major moves in my 12 major markets this week, and shocking to boot, as the IWM, $USD and IYR joined the $CRB, TLT and $TRAN on SELL signals, 20sma below 50, making it an even split between buys and sells. GLD is just a gnats ass away from it's own sell signal, which is STRANGE, for with the dollar lower it SHOULD be flying higher. Now the dollar did go on a sell signal, but it actually finished the week .78% higher, so I guess I can excuse GLD, for NOW!

SIX of the 12 all important Bullish Percent indexes are now on sell, with $BPINDY joining the $BPNYA, $BPCOMPQ, $BPMATE, $BPENER and $BPGDM. In another shock the $BPSPX and $BPFINA are just a hair away from their own sell signals, which shows how the "WEIGHTED" indexes are masking much greater weakness in the over all components of those indexes. 

It remains XLB joined XLE, XRT and XME as the SELL sectors this week, XLI and XLF are giving it their best efforts to join that crowd. 

The end of the month and quarter mark up artist managed to FINALLY put some of our major indexes on the first page of the leader board, the first time in a few weeks. The winner was the little guys, IWM, up 2.22%, with the NasDOGS in second, QQQ up 1.34%, SPY was third at .80%, with the Big Dogs bringing up the rear, DIA only up .29%. USO had a huge move this week, up 5.45%, because of the dollar being higher on the week .................. that was a joke!! You didn't get IT?????

Only 5 markets closed on new 20 day highs this week vs aaaaahhhh, 5 last week, SMH is the only continuation from last week's list, and only EWW from last week was lower this week for a 80% win rate.

This is why I generally don't bother with the 20 low list very often, every one of the ones from last week, DIA, IWD, IYT, OEF, SPY, VTI, and XLI, were all HIGHER for the week, hahahahahahaha, I guess 20 day lows don't work to well in a bull market, and with end of the month and quarter mark ups.
We got only ONE market closing on a 20 day low this week, and its interesting:

It's one of the WORST performers in my 80 markets, DBA, BUTT, it put on a nice candle on Friday and, "MAY", have bottomed  ................. BUTT:

I wouldn't expect great things from it as it tenes not to move much, plus it has huge resistance in the $21 "area", but that is a nice candle ......

Here's the monthly winners in my 80 markets, we go back to where NONE of our major markets are on the first page, it's all foreign "stuff", congratulations to Spain, EWP, it was the winner, and, NO, I'll NOT be buying you. Our ONLY major winner for the month was the NasDOGS, QQQ up 1.43% for the month, and down in 40th spot. 

Here the winners for the quarter, at least the QQQ managed to make the first page, up 10.81%, India was the really big winner, EPI up 20.19%, I'm SURE it will repeat that performance in the second quarter .......... the other majors were way down the list, SPY in 45th spot at 5.53%, then DIA in 53rd at 4.81%, with the little guys bringing up the rear at 1.85%. 

The loser's were another BIG surprise, NONE of our majors on the first page, hahahahahahaha, it looks to me like WAR between TUR, FXI and RSX, at least on a stock market LOSER basis, and I hope that's all it will be ..........

Here's the loser's for the month, it looks to me like a classic example of some PUMPING going on here, for if you look in the weekly column only DBA is LOWER on the week, well, other than VXX but it's ALWAY lower. Our major loser is on the list in 16th, DIA down 1.50%, then it's SPY and IWM in 25th and 26th in a tie at -.63%, nice month guys ................

There was only 12 losers for the whole quarter, and, SURPRISE, none of our majors were on the list, hahahahahaha, oil was the big loser, which is probably why it's the big winner on the weekly. XME was hit pretty hard at -2.87%, dollar was down 2.22%, KRE has to be a surprise, down 1.03%. 

Here's the beeg wieners in the SP 500 this week, and .....

Here's the beeg losers.

Here's the winners and loser's for the month.

And the winners and loser's for the quarter. Most of the same stocks appear on all three lists on both the winners and losers.
April is "traditionally" the best month of the year for stocks, but of course tomorrow is also April fool's day.

Friday, March 24, 2017


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The $NYSI continued to roll over this week, down 98 points, and continues to exhibit a huge divergence with the $NYA. 

The $NAAD's continue to basically move side ways, they did hit a low this week that goes all the way back to December, so if they and the $COMPQ were working together the $COMPQ "should" be about 10% lower, but of course, it's NOT, thanks to Yellin and her cohorts at the FED. It's wonderful how they try to force "investors" to buy this at the second highest valuations in the history of Mankind, and then claim, nor could they see, the second biggest bubble in history. Wad ever .........

This, USED, to be, my most favorite shorting pattern of all time, you get the initial drop, which we had on Tuesday, then we go side ways or slightly higher for a few days, IE a bear flag, and then CONTINUE in the direction of the original move, my mentor Toni Hansen called this the Avalanche set up. Of course, it's now the FED's favorite pattern as well, as they use it to squeeze the shit out of any one stupid enough to try and short it, as shown in the prior two red circles.
I am currently, NOT, gambling on trying to see if this time is different. 
As you can see on the indicator page on the left every one of them turned down on the 2nd trading day of March, the ROC has crossed the ZERO line and is on SELL, the MACD has been on SELL and is about to cross the ZERO line, and on the right side chart the BBSqueeze in the red circle has triggered to the DOWN side for the first time since the election, its on day four and "usually" lasts eight to ten bars, and the Woodies CCI has been on SELL since that infamous 2nd trading day of March. Other than that, every thing looks fricking GREAT .........................

The $TRAN joined the $CRB and TLT on sell signals in my 12 major markets this week, 20sma below 50, the IWM is just a gnats ass away from it's own sell signal, it also shows the same pattern as the SPY and has a black candle to boot. You can see they all look the same, DIA, $TRAN, $COMPQ, SPY, $NYA, they all have the avalanche look to them. The VWO has it as well, but it's above the 20 SMA, which probably helps it a lot, plus since the FED doesn't manipulate the emerging markets per sec, their valuations are about 40% lower than American markets, testimony to how effective the FED is.

Five of the 12 all important Bullish Percent indexes are on sell, but luckily it's just the little insignificant ones like $BPNYA and $BPCOMPQ, composed of some 5900 stocks, hahahahahaha, $BPINDY is one day away from joining the sell party, while $BPMATE, $BPENER and $BPGDM continue to party as if there's no tomorrow. The BP's reflect the poor internals very well. 

It remains XLE, XRT and XME as the SELL sectors again this week, like the third week in a row. 

Once again I see NONE of our major markets on the first page of the winners in my 80 markets this week, TLT was our major winner, up 1.89%, they won by default as they were the only major higher on the week,  GLD, SLV, GDX and XLU were our sectors on the first page.

Only 5 markets closed on new 20 day highs this week vs 22 last week, ALL of them are continuations from last week's list, and 12 of the 20 from last week were higher this week for a 60% win rate.

I'm including the 20 day lows list this week, there's only eight of them, more than the highs, but it's whom is on the list, DIA, IWD, IYT, OEF, SPY, VTI, XLI,  all those itty bitty little outfits that don't mean any thing closed on their 20 day lows Friday. It will be interesting to see if we get any continuation next week, although I highly doubt it as Grandma Yellin is probably already having a heart attack and pumping a few billion bucks into Goldman and JPM with instructions to jam the futures higher Sunday night.  

The loser's were Legion this week .... well, at least as far as our majors were concerned, as they were all lower, there was actually 48 losers in the 80 markets, IWM was the "winner", down 2.87%, followed by the Big Boys, DIA down 1.49%, then SPY at -1.34%, with the Nasdogs the big winners, QQQ down .80%. It's, ALMOST, ALL of our stuff on that loser winners, with EWA down in 19th spot as the only NON American outfit.

Here's the beeg wieners in the SP 500 this week, 120 of them to be exact, MU was the winner as they were up 7.4% Friday on an earnings beat of 4.4%. I don't really see any consistent sector on that leader board.

Here's the winners of the losers, actually the losers were BIG winners with 380 of the 500 being lower, eight of them have been on this list quite a bit as they have red numbers through the past year, FTR, FSLR, MNK, M, KSS, LB, F, TSO. I notice BAC was down 7% this week so I'll start watching it, but I really won't get REALLY interested until it hits about $3 .........

Friday, March 17, 2017


(click on image for normal view, I hope)
The $NYSI has been rolling over, it even got worse on Friday, but not to worry as both the $NAAD's and $NYAD's improved this week. 

Here's the $NAAD's, at least they went higher this week, the $COMPQ is sitting right on ATH's, and as I say it USED to be BAD if the index made new ATH's and the A/D's went DOWN, but in this market that's probably just another reason to take it higher. 

Here we are trading just off of ATH's, and the $SKEW is making ATH's as well, hahahahahaha, if this ain't the damnest market, it USED to be that high Skew's marked a BOTTOM in the market, so, I guess after going higher, we are REALLY going to go higher, wooo hooooo .........

My 12 major markets remained the same, it's still just the $CRB and TLT on sell signals, 20sma below 50, the $TRAN are the only other ones looking a little shaky, but who needs transportation to pick up, it's all drones from Amazon now, hhhmmmmm, I wonder if they will add the drone companies to the $TRAN's .....

The $BPNYA did NOT improve this week, in fact it got worse, the $BPCOMPQ is still on buy but rolling over along with the $BPINDY, $BPMATE is a knat's ass from a new sell signal, $BPENER remain's on sell, and despite GDX finishing higher on the week the $BPGDM joined the sell side, which is weird as all but two stocks finished higher this week, in the GDX. 

It remains XLE, XRT and XME as the SELL sectors again this week. 

Other than GDX I see NONE of our major markets on the first page of the winners in my 80 markets this week, you had to go to the 33rd spot to find our winner, IWM up 1.84% on the week, and then 64th for the QQQ, up .23%, and that's it, the big boys were down on the week:

22 markets closed on new 20 day highs this week vs 13 last week, EWP, EWN, EWK, EIRL, EWQ, VGK, SMH were all conintuations from last week, and all but XLV finished higher this week, making that 12 out of 13 winners.

Only three closed on 20 day lows this week, VXX, UUP and KRE. 

There were only 13 loser's this week, and the damn SPY and DIA were among them, in fact they were ALL AMERICAN indexes and sectors, I can EASILY see the justification for our major indexes being right on ATH's, yes, I can, really, hones ..............

Here's the beeg wieners in the SP 500 this week, 313 of them to be exact, WYNN seems appropriate, Ya know, the BIG WYNN ....ER ...... sigh, oh well, I'd be interested but I don't DO casinos, they're to much of a gamble .......

Airlines, biotechs, clothing stores, RAIL ROADS on the losers list, I can see why IYT was the top loser in my 80 markets last week.

Friday, March 10, 2017


(click on image for normal view, I hope)

Back in November I gave an "extension" target for the SPY of $230, well, we've obviously passed that ancient history, so let's get some new ridiculous "targets". 
The new target is the top number in the upper right corner, $253.33, and I have absolutely NO DOUBT that we will reach it, mainly because of this:

We are only .77 away from passing 1929 as the second most over valued piece of shit in the HISTORY OF MANKIND, lagging only behind the Dot.Com POS in 2000, woooooo hooooooo, so says the A-holes at the FED as they make "investors" throw caution to the wind and chase the POS, wad ever, that's the Shiller P/E. 
The red circle shows a SELL signal on the MACD, but I wouldn't worry about it:

Because on the Monthly chart we just got a BUY signal, and the last time this happened, in the green box on the left, the SPY went up 73 points from $139 to $212, or 48%, so lets see, hhhmmmm, if we got up 48% from here, AND, earnings actually FALL as they are expected to, we JUST might pass the DOT.COM POS in valuations, woooooo hooooooo, again .............

Luckily both the $NYAD's and the $NAAD's absolutely sucked this week, I say luckily as that will give the FED more ammo to raise rates, as they trap some idiots who still think that breath matters, I noticed in the Q's that they went up the last three days and in two of those three days the ADVANCING stocks were like 26%, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, wooo weeee, now that's good stuff, it is .............

My 12 major markets remained about the same, the $CRB and TLT are the only two on sell signals, 20sma below 50, the dollar actually went UP into a buy this week, $USD, although it got CRUSHED on Friday, which is HILARIOUS as we get a blow out payroll report and interest rates went DOWN, which fits with the lower dollar but NOT the report, IE, those two "should" have gone to Da moon, what was even funnier was the $CRB, Oil and earlier in the day GOLD all went DOWN with the dollar, I mean, just crazy shit maaaaaannnnnn.
So there's now no doubt in my mind that next week, when the FED's RAISE rates, that the Ten year yield will go HIGHER, no doubt at all ...............

GLD was positive Friday but still looks like DOG, along with IYR, but they both have quite a ways to go for new sell signals.

Hahahaha, talk about your BAD breath, it really shows up in the all important Bull Percent indexes as we actually got a new SELL signal on, of all things, the $BPNYA, the $BPCOMPQ is still on buy but it's positively crashing on the internals,  some positive news is the $BPINDY went back on a buy signal, while the  $BPENER remained on sell.  
The GDX finished positive Friday but the $BPGDM still looks like DOG, as 22 of the 24 stocks in the index finished lower on the week. 

XLE and XRT were joined by XME in the SELL sectors this week. 

Lot of Foreign stuff in the  winners in my 80 markets I keep track of , 51 were LOWER this week vs 51 HIGHER last week.
 Our major winner made the front page, NasDOGS, or QQQ, at a MASSIVE .28%, and second in our major winners is, aaaaahhhhh, eeeerrrrrr, NO ONE, they're on the next page.

13 markets closed on new 20 day highs this week vs 10 last week, EWG, EWI, EWK, EWP, EWQ, and VGK were all conintuations from last week, and since they are all Europe, I'd say, in my wild sort of way, that Europe is pretty STRONG, right now at least. All 10 from last week finished higher this week, all of them ......... oops, eeeerrrr, well, accept for Mexico, EWW down .85% of the week.

I usually don't mention 20 day lows as there just aren't that many, but there was 11 of them this week, so, you might have some thing to act as a foil against the longs up above. 

Here's the losers and you may notice most of the 20 day low list are on this list, USO, XME, OIH, SLV, DBC, GCC, GLD, GDX, and IYT are all on the first page as the TRUMPED up stocks don't seem to be doing to hot, hhhhmmmm, also not got is that the little guys, IWM, was the worst performer of our majors, down 1.85%, which is probably not good to see the risk ON index being the worst, DIA was down .36% and the SPY .31%. 

Here's the beeg wieners in the SP 500 this week, I have nothing to say about stocks at this point as I'm concentrating entirely on ETF's.

A lot of oil stocks on the losers list, maybe our SOSOTUS will be able to negotiate some nice terms for his former employers.

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