Friday, February 24, 2017


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Yaaaaaay, "THEY", are getting pretty good at it, "IT" being "Painting the Tape" heading into the weekend, as we went straight up the last 40 min. I checked the news for 3:20 and I couldn't find a damn thing, wad ever, in the red box you see the A/D's were on the DOWN side despite the "Paint". 

My "Market Monitor" reflects the negative A/D's above as we had some red boxes on the over all market and the SP 500, The $NYSE were negative but it had no red boxes as it was actually DOWN on the day, so the boxes are white as they conform to the direction.
None of this means diddly squat, we had the same thing last week and gapped up on Monday, and, NO, I'm not playing for it, the gap up that is, for if I do you will see the biggest gap down, EVER, for a Monday. 

All A/D's are on buy, I'm not wasting my time on a post. 

Here's a little "some thing", here's a 30 min chart of the SPY with the generic SINKorWIN "MACD" strategy on it with the results above, it had 3 in and outs in 10 days, it's currently on a "SHORT" through this consolidation period, and on the chart I circled the last Histogram green bar that coincides with the big "PAINT" job at the end of the day on the right side. The Strat uses the Histogram, it buys when a bar goes above the ZERO line and turns green, and it sells and shorts when the first bar goes BELOW the ZERO line and turns red, pretty simple, you think .............
"INDICATORS" do, NOT, work in strategies, so the fact that this made $114 dollars trading 100 shares HAS to be an error, right???? Hahahahahaha, wad ever, shoot, if I had only traded 1,000,000 shares ....................
The thing won't trigger the new LONG trade until the next bar, so that won't come until Monday, if it comes at all.
A little side note here, when I ran a MACD daily scan, a scan, not a strat, on my 80 markets, there were eight that had a negative cross on Friday, EWG, EWC, IYT, ECH, SMH, ILF, EWZ, EIRL, and, NONE, that had a POSITIVE cross ......
This is, NOT, a recommendation of ANY kind, I'm just showing what a mechanical system is saying.............

Of 12 major markets only 1 is not on buy, 20 sma above 50, that's the dollar, $USD, the $CRB is just a gnats ass away from a sell signal to join the dollar, which makes NO sense, as a lower dollar, ALWAYS, leads to higher commodity prices, right? RIGHT??

In the all important Bull Percent indexes we still have three on sell signals,  $BPINDY, the industrials, and $BPENER, energy, and $BPDISC, consumer discretionary. The $BPINDY is composed of stocks in the SP 500 that are in the Industrial sector, NOT the $INDU, which has been making new ATH's for 11 straight days. This MUCH truer index of actual "INDUSTRIAL" stocks, rather than the "FINANCIAL" index the INDU is, shows that the individual stocks are not doing all that great. 

"Every SP sector is on buy, EVERY ONE" ........... I say it every week, just for fun of course, as since we keep making new ATH's every day then EVERY ONE, SHOULD, be on buy, but atlas, XLE and XRT are NOT. These two are NOT important, as they only involve the consumer, which is 70% of GDP. The markets don't go up or down on Consumers, they go up or down on Trump tweets, or the A-hole FED speak. 

Only 35 of my 80 markets I keep track of were higher this week, Trump is doing more for India than our own markets I guess, as EPI was up 3.37%, IYR was our best sector as interest rates fell this week on the shitty growth prospects, TLT was our best major because of that, up 2.01%, interest rates were also good for SLV and GLD, which makes it surprising GDX was not on the first page, the Big boys were our major stock winner, DIA up .98%, SPY and QQQ right behind at .86 and .78%, with IWM actually DOWN on the week .40%, which makes perfect sense as Trump has thrown the little guys that got him elected under the wagon wheels, while providing all kinds of Wall Street welfare.

Only 7 markets closed on new 20 day highs this week vs 31 last week, more weak stuff.  IYR, SLV, XLV  are continuations from 20 day highs last week. Seven finished on 20 day lows this week, which is much more than we've been having, DBA, EUFN, EWI, IGE, RSX, XLE, XME, of the 31 from last week a whooping 15, or nearly half, were NOT higher this week, which is a major turn around from what the stat's have been saying the last few months.

WOW, simply amazing, I have NO explanation for it, XME was the worst market this week, down 6.45%, while GDX was second at -4.25%, I mean is this weird or what, GLD and SLV are on the winners page and the metals stocks were getting killed??? Of the gold stocks in the GDX only GOLD was higher on the week, there's 24 stocks in the GDX and the 22nd stock was DOWN 3.05%, KGC, just amazing stuff. The XME was similar, it has 31 stocks in it and only one was higher on the week, TMST, I don't even know what that is, CENX, FCX, X, CMC, SCHN, ATI, AA, all biggies and all were down BIG! RSX was down 3.98% as it turns out that McCain is actually buddies with Putin, hahahahaha, I read that on the internet so it must be true, there's a lot of foreign stuff on this page, I guess Trump isn't doing them any favors. 

Here's the beeg wieners in the SP 500 this week, FSLR is the big winner because of this:

When the winner for the week is the WINNER because it had it's biggest loss, EVER, I tend to, aaaaaahhhhhh, shy away from the markets.

Here's the loser's for the week, he he he, yea yea, FCX is right there in the third spot, and, REALLY, I have a plan for it, HONEST .....

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