Friday, February 10, 2017


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FINALLY, the $NAAD's confirmed the ATH's in the $COMPQ by breaking over the prior highs, for this period that is, so it's all safe to get in now, really, honest ............

The $NYAD's look GREAT, wooo hooo, if you look at the $NYA which includes the ETF's, HOWEVER ...

When you look at the A/D's with only the common stock its a diffterent picture, quite similar to what the $NAAD's were doing for quite a while, that is not being able to LEAD the indexes higher. 
Any up day on Monday and I would assume all would be happy in the world .....

My Market Monitor has a similar situation on it, this keeps track of over 2800 stocks that trade over 100K shares a day and have a stock price of more than $5, the column with the red arrow has been all red accept for one day since January 9, this is the stocks that have the 20 sma above the 50 sma, the box's are red when the total is less than the prior day, so since 1/9, while the indexes are making new ATH's and every thing is wonderful with the world, 512 FEWER stocks in my universe are trading above the 20-50 sma cross.

Just a fun look at the SPY daily chart and indicators, the last two days have had closes outside the upper bollinger band, which in the Days of Yore would be considered extreme over bought, just as most of the indicators are, but with the FED at your back over bought is just another term for buy the dip (I think you had a two minute window to BTFD today), so, just fun stuff. 

Here's the winners in my 80 markets I monitor for the past week, EGPT is leading again this week, HOWEVER:

I wouldn't exactly say it looks great, but, Ya know, if it can get above that box, well, heck, any thing can happen. I guess all the problems in China are solved as they are in the number two spot, people were flying into the safety of GDX as the robots push the indexes to new ATH's, we had quite a few of our sectors on the winners page this week, XLI, IYT, XHB, XLY, IYR, our best major market was on the first page this week, the NasDOGS, with QQQ up 1.35% on the week, the DIA came in second at 1.15% for the week, followed by SPY at .95%, with the little guys bringing up the rear with IWM up .78%.

Here's the loser's, there's 27 of them, Europe had a bad week, the European bank ETF was in the two spot at -2.70%, I guess people finally realized that TUR got DOWN graded last week, as they were the big winner last week but the 17th worst performer this week. 

We had a big jump in the indexes closing at new 20 day highs with 31 vs 15 last week, this "probably" bodes well for next week. Of the 15 from last week 5 went down this week, still a 66% win rate, the ones that were lower were EIRL, EWK, EWN, EWO, and TUR. EEM, EPI, EWS, EWW, XLP and XIV were on the list last week and showed up on the list this week, IE very strong.

"Here's the beeg wieners in the SP 500 this week, I see nothing I'm even interested in glancing at."
Ditto for this week, again and yet again, and even MORER again, I guess MOSTER again this week, they are "probably" all earnings related, and I don't DO earnings, so..............  

Here's the big losers this week, it's prettry amazing to me to see the red on those first five stocks, DNB should rate THEMSELVES, hahahaha, it's really surprising to see the red boxes on FOSL, GILD and KORS on all five time frames from the week to the last year, AKAM got hit on earnings three days ago and took out three months of gains. 

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