Tuesday, February 28, 2017


The $NYAD's finished February on a, NOTHING, signal. They really aren't that great looking as they've broken down the last five days while the $COMPQ has gone sideways,IE, they are leading the market LOWER, which is not good. I'd say as long as they hold the break out at the red line its probably ok. March 1 is a very bullish day in past History, and with all the BS coming out of Washington tonight it's probably not going to hurt that stat very much.

Of 12 major markets two are on SELL signals, 20 sma below 50 sma, $CRB and the dollar, $USD, which doesn't make a whole hell of a lot of sense as it's MY understanding that commodities and the dollar "tend" to go the opposite of each other. But, such is life is the land of FED manipulations.

Going right along with the weak A/D's in the $COMPQ it's also one of the four all important Bullish Percent indexes on sell signals, the $BPENER, $BPINDY, and $BPDISC join the $BPCOMPQ in the doggie house. 

Only two sectors are on sell, XLE and XRT, which explains why the markets are flying as these two are involved with the 70% of GDP part of the market, the "CONSUMER", meaning, I guess, that the worse the consumer is doing the better for the markets.

And the big winner in my 78 markets this month waasssss   ....................... XBI, which I can only assume won because Trump hates drug costs, so Soros probably made sure he got under his skin. 53 of the 78 markets were higher so it was very strong. Three of our major markets made the first page with the winner being the Big boys, DIA up 3.95%, followed by the NasDOGS, QQQ 3.35%, SPY up 3.28%, then IWM in the rear at only 1.21%.
XLU IYR, interest rate sensitive sectors, both beat the DIA as the ten year yield was down about 3.55% on the month, from about 2.5% to close at 2.358%,  as I guess bond traders are pricing in Trump-a-geddon.

WOW, I see Trump's buddy was a victim of Soros as well, RSX the winner of the losers down 8.65% on the month.  Quite a few European things on the losers page, but the one that interests me is in 13th, GDX down 1.59% on the month even as SLV and GLD are in the 4th and 8th spot on the winners page up above, an amazing divergence that definitely bears watching closely. With XME, XLE, GCC and XLB on the list I get the feeling the Trump infrastructure bid is going south, although that can change in an instance tonight. One thing that will definitely be on the hot list is Corporate Welfare.

Here's the big winners in the SP 500 this month, I live a sheltered life and I therefore have no idea who or what the first four are on that list are, I do know BMY though and I think it's up because some billionaire is buying some shares.

Here's the loser's in the SP for the month, not much surprises me on it as it seems I see UA and FOSL on the losers list every week. That number eight spot, FCX, is down that whole 18.14% since the day after I got in it. Like I've said before, I'll DIE before I sell it, SOROS AIN'T GONNA GGIT ME!

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