Tuesday, February 28, 2017


The $NYAD's finished February on a, NOTHING, signal. They really aren't that great looking as they've broken down the last five days while the $COMPQ has gone sideways,IE, they are leading the market LOWER, which is not good. I'd say as long as they hold the break out at the red line its probably ok. March 1 is a very bullish day in past History, and with all the BS coming out of Washington tonight it's probably not going to hurt that stat very much.

Of 12 major markets two are on SELL signals, 20 sma below 50 sma, $CRB and the dollar, $USD, which doesn't make a whole hell of a lot of sense as it's MY understanding that commodities and the dollar "tend" to go the opposite of each other. But, such is life is the land of FED manipulations.

Going right along with the weak A/D's in the $COMPQ it's also one of the four all important Bullish Percent indexes on sell signals, the $BPENER, $BPINDY, and $BPDISC join the $BPCOMPQ in the doggie house. 

Only two sectors are on sell, XLE and XRT, which explains why the markets are flying as these two are involved with the 70% of GDP part of the market, the "CONSUMER", meaning, I guess, that the worse the consumer is doing the better for the markets.

And the big winner in my 78 markets this month waasssss   ....................... XBI, which I can only assume won because Trump hates drug costs, so Soros probably made sure he got under his skin. 53 of the 78 markets were higher so it was very strong. Three of our major markets made the first page with the winner being the Big boys, DIA up 3.95%, followed by the NasDOGS, QQQ 3.35%, SPY up 3.28%, then IWM in the rear at only 1.21%.
XLU IYR, interest rate sensitive sectors, both beat the DIA as the ten year yield was down about 3.55% on the month, from about 2.5% to close at 2.358%,  as I guess bond traders are pricing in Trump-a-geddon.

WOW, I see Trump's buddy was a victim of Soros as well, RSX the winner of the losers down 8.65% on the month.  Quite a few European things on the losers page, but the one that interests me is in 13th, GDX down 1.59% on the month even as SLV and GLD are in the 4th and 8th spot on the winners page up above, an amazing divergence that definitely bears watching closely. With XME, XLE, GCC and XLB on the list I get the feeling the Trump infrastructure bid is going south, although that can change in an instance tonight. One thing that will definitely be on the hot list is Corporate Welfare.

Here's the big winners in the SP 500 this month, I live a sheltered life and I therefore have no idea who or what the first four are on that list are, I do know BMY though and I think it's up because some billionaire is buying some shares.

Here's the loser's in the SP for the month, not much surprises me on it as it seems I see UA and FOSL on the losers list every week. That number eight spot, FCX, is down that whole 18.14% since the day after I got in it. Like I've said before, I'll DIE before I sell it, SOROS AIN'T GONNA GGIT ME!

Friday, February 24, 2017


(click on image for normal view, I hope)
Yaaaaaay, "THEY", are getting pretty good at it, "IT" being "Painting the Tape" heading into the weekend, as we went straight up the last 40 min. I checked the news for 3:20 and I couldn't find a damn thing, wad ever, in the red box you see the A/D's were on the DOWN side despite the "Paint". 

My "Market Monitor" reflects the negative A/D's above as we had some red boxes on the over all market and the SP 500, The $NYSE were negative but it had no red boxes as it was actually DOWN on the day, so the boxes are white as they conform to the direction.
None of this means diddly squat, we had the same thing last week and gapped up on Monday, and, NO, I'm not playing for it, the gap up that is, for if I do you will see the biggest gap down, EVER, for a Monday. 

All A/D's are on buy, I'm not wasting my time on a post. 

Here's a little "some thing", here's a 30 min chart of the SPY with the generic SINKorWIN "MACD" strategy on it with the results above, it had 3 in and outs in 10 days, it's currently on a "SHORT" through this consolidation period, and on the chart I circled the last Histogram green bar that coincides with the big "PAINT" job at the end of the day on the right side. The Strat uses the Histogram, it buys when a bar goes above the ZERO line and turns green, and it sells and shorts when the first bar goes BELOW the ZERO line and turns red, pretty simple, you think .............
"INDICATORS" do, NOT, work in strategies, so the fact that this made $114 dollars trading 100 shares HAS to be an error, right???? Hahahahahaha, wad ever, shoot, if I had only traded 1,000,000 shares ....................
The thing won't trigger the new LONG trade until the next bar, so that won't come until Monday, if it comes at all.
A little side note here, when I ran a MACD daily scan, a scan, not a strat, on my 80 markets, there were eight that had a negative cross on Friday, EWG, EWC, IYT, ECH, SMH, ILF, EWZ, EIRL, and, NONE, that had a POSITIVE cross ......
This is, NOT, a recommendation of ANY kind, I'm just showing what a mechanical system is saying.............

Of 12 major markets only 1 is not on buy, 20 sma above 50, that's the dollar, $USD, the $CRB is just a gnats ass away from a sell signal to join the dollar, which makes NO sense, as a lower dollar, ALWAYS, leads to higher commodity prices, right? RIGHT??

In the all important Bull Percent indexes we still have three on sell signals,  $BPINDY, the industrials, and $BPENER, energy, and $BPDISC, consumer discretionary. The $BPINDY is composed of stocks in the SP 500 that are in the Industrial sector, NOT the $INDU, which has been making new ATH's for 11 straight days. This MUCH truer index of actual "INDUSTRIAL" stocks, rather than the "FINANCIAL" index the INDU is, shows that the individual stocks are not doing all that great. 

"Every SP sector is on buy, EVERY ONE" ........... I say it every week, just for fun of course, as since we keep making new ATH's every day then EVERY ONE, SHOULD, be on buy, but atlas, XLE and XRT are NOT. These two are NOT important, as they only involve the consumer, which is 70% of GDP. The markets don't go up or down on Consumers, they go up or down on Trump tweets, or the A-hole FED speak. 

Only 35 of my 80 markets I keep track of were higher this week, Trump is doing more for India than our own markets I guess, as EPI was up 3.37%, IYR was our best sector as interest rates fell this week on the shitty growth prospects, TLT was our best major because of that, up 2.01%, interest rates were also good for SLV and GLD, which makes it surprising GDX was not on the first page, the Big boys were our major stock winner, DIA up .98%, SPY and QQQ right behind at .86 and .78%, with IWM actually DOWN on the week .40%, which makes perfect sense as Trump has thrown the little guys that got him elected under the wagon wheels, while providing all kinds of Wall Street welfare.

Only 7 markets closed on new 20 day highs this week vs 31 last week, more weak stuff.  IYR, SLV, XLV  are continuations from 20 day highs last week. Seven finished on 20 day lows this week, which is much more than we've been having, DBA, EUFN, EWI, IGE, RSX, XLE, XME, of the 31 from last week a whooping 15, or nearly half, were NOT higher this week, which is a major turn around from what the stat's have been saying the last few months.

WOW, simply amazing, I have NO explanation for it, XME was the worst market this week, down 6.45%, while GDX was second at -4.25%, I mean is this weird or what, GLD and SLV are on the winners page and the metals stocks were getting killed??? Of the gold stocks in the GDX only GOLD was higher on the week, there's 24 stocks in the GDX and the 22nd stock was DOWN 3.05%, KGC, just amazing stuff. The XME was similar, it has 31 stocks in it and only one was higher on the week, TMST, I don't even know what that is, CENX, FCX, X, CMC, SCHN, ATI, AA, all biggies and all were down BIG! RSX was down 3.98% as it turns out that McCain is actually buddies with Putin, hahahahaha, I read that on the internet so it must be true, there's a lot of foreign stuff on this page, I guess Trump isn't doing them any favors. 

Here's the beeg wieners in the SP 500 this week, FSLR is the big winner because of this:

When the winner for the week is the WINNER because it had it's biggest loss, EVER, I tend to, aaaaaahhhhhh, shy away from the markets.

Here's the loser's for the week, he he he, yea yea, FCX is right there in the third spot, and, REALLY, I have a plan for it, HONEST .....

Saturday, February 18, 2017


(click for larger image, I hope)

Both the CUMULATIVE $NYAD's and $NAAD's look GREAT, wooo hooo, HOWEVER, it's my job to, MYSELF, to take notice of things that are not right, and with all the major indexes closing the week at new ATH's it's rather odd that the ACTUAL number of issues going higher in the big index, $NYA, was below ZERO the last two days, IE, more stocks were going down than up.

My Market Monitor has a similar situation on it, this keeps track of over 2800 stocks that trade over 100K shares a day and have a stock price of more than $5, it's bad enough that that bunch has a lot red on the bottom line over to the column with the green arrow, but the columns following that involve the SP 500 and the $NYSE which have the PSAR and CCI and 52 wk highs/lows and they are just as bad, there's just not a lot of OOMPH behind the rally.
The column with the green arrow is the one I talked about last week, has been all red accept for one day since January 9, this is the stocks that have the 20 sma above the 50 sma, the box's are red when the total is less than the prior day, so since 1/9, while the indexes are making new ATH's and every thing is wonderful with the world, 512 FEWER stocks in my universe were trading above the 20-50 sma cross. Well, we finally started getting a positive turn in these numbers, as we closed with 33 stocks more than last week getting a positive SMA cross, not any thing to dance in the streets about but at least a little woo hoo ..........

Hahahahahahahaha..... perhaps the greatest "paint the tape" on a Friday afternoon to get us positive going into the Holiday weekend example that I've ever seen ........... and people still say there's no manipulation, hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

WOW, could this be a developing Head and Shoulders bottom in the Baltic Dry Index? Is the disaster that is SHIPPING coming to a close?? Was the Hanjin BK the end of it???? Can I put four question marks here ....  ????....?

The performance YTD has been impressive for the "bulk" of the shippers, as only 14 out of 53 in the sector are lower, but lets just take a look at one of the charts, say, the leader at the top of the group:

Not exactly terrific looking, and pretty typical for the group. and I'm not EVEN going to mention that this "leader" has a stock price of $7.44 while it's EPS for the last year is minus, that's, MINUS, -10.13, not exactly some thing I would risk my IRA's on.  
By the way, the green boxes on the list are just shippers that I used to screw around with years ago and not, NOT, a recommendation to buy any thing. I used to trade them AND they were nice dividend plays, like NM and NMM, but they now have NO dividends. 28 out of the 53 DO have dividends, and if you are interested, I would say that SSW, Seaspan, with a 18.38% dividend, MIGHT, be interesting. 

Seems a little strange, doesn't it, that with all the love for the Trump trade the shippers aren't doing jack shit .....

Hahahahahaha, I'm laughing because I actually heard an ANAL-yst on Bloomberg yesterday mention "earnings" and the SP 500 in the same sentence, hahahahaha, god, what a joke this market has been, how I long for the good Ole days before the A-HOLE FED was involved in their MASSIVE manipulations, sigh ............

I'm going to show the 20/50 SMA cross over charts again because, well, things are starting to happen again, although not much. My 12 "major" indexes are all on buys, although the three at the top and the $NYA are EXTREMELY stretched, but, every one says that's GOOD, so I guess it is. ANYWAY, the dollar, $USD, is the only one on a sell, 20sma below 50sma, and the only reason I mention THAT is because the $CRB, just to the left of it, appears to be rolling over, which doesn't make sense, hence it caught my attention. 
By the way, and this is HILL fricking larious, we had the worst possible chart set up you can have when the DIA, IWM, SPY and NYA all had the dreaded HANGING MAN candle on them Thursday, and THEN gaped DOWN on Friday, I mean, that is an END OF THE WORLD type of chart set up. Well, hahahahahahahaha, that's one of the reasons for the "paint the tape" thing above, I mean, absolute bull shit, but, sigh, wad ever, it is wad it is ..........

I am, like, completely stoked out Maaaannnnnn, in the all important Bullish Percent indexes the fricking $COMPQ has gone into a SELL, but don't get me wrong, if you look at the top line all three of them have blasted higher the last week, the price that is, eeeeerrrrr, number of issues moving higher in the index, it's just interesting that the leader of the pack is so u-gilly looking as far as the depth of the advance. It joins $BPDISC, $BPENER, and $BPINDY on the sell side, or at least, the WEAK side. 

NATURALLY, with the indexes closing at ATH's on Friday, all the sectors did as well ........... OOPS, XLE and XRT closed on sell signals, but that can't be, as the consumer should be spending out the Ying Yang on gas and retail goods with the Trump Pump, right? RIGHT?? RIGHT???

Here's the winners in my 80 markets I monitor for the past week, I made some deletions and additions, mostly the inverse indexes as that's kind of, well, stupid to count them with the positive indexes.
For the first time in, well, I can't remember how long, our majors showed up on the first page, QQQ was the leader at 1.91%, then the Big big boys, OEF, at 1.86%, then the Big BIG big boys, DIA, at 1.55%, then the SPY at 1.55%, you had to go to the second page in 36th position to find our worst performer, IWM "only" up .85%, or extrapolated to 44.2% a year return, woooo hoooo ........... that DOES happen EVERY week, right??
One of my holdings is on the list, XLI in  13th, but it was with options that expired on Friday, and I didn't roll forward, sooooooo, I guess I'm going to miss out on the 1.8% gain next week ............

I just can't believe it but there's losers, 22 of them to be exact, and surprise of surprises Trump's buddy Putin is the big loser this week, RSX down 2.354%, or, maybe all the oil stuff being down has more to do with it, like OIH, XLE, DBC, USO, GCC or GDX, I only mention GDX because every thing Putin says is GOLD ....... he he he ...............

DESPITE the close at ATH's the indexes closing at 20 DAY HIGHS, DROPPED, from 31 last week to only TEN this week, just another one of those little, aaahhh, things ......
Only two are carry overs from last week, XLP and QQQ, only seven of last weeks 31 that closed at 20 day highs were not higher on the week, that's a 78% win rate, only one index closed at a 20 day low this week, EPHE, and I don't exactly think they will bring down the rest of the world with them.

"Here's the beeg wieners in the SP 500 this week, I see nothing I'm even interested in glancing at."
Ditto for this week, again I have no idea who or what MNK is, I, DO, however, know what the number 10 stock is, CSCO, they were up 7.08% on the week because they beat NON-GAAP earnings, IE, FAKE NEWS, by ONE CENT, 57 vs "expected" 56 cents, AND, those earnings were FLAT YOY, AND, sales FELL 2% YOY, all, IMHO, very worthy of a 7.08% pop in this stinking POS, frothy indeed ya think ..................

Here's the big losers this week, I guess no ones TRIPPING out, eeerrr, or, no ones taking TRIPS, eeerrrr, or, that things a real TRIP, eeeeerrr, or, aaaahhh, ok, I'm done, ok, I'm not, number two is obviously a real FOSSIL ............ ya know, number 4, they have a cure for ZITS, and number three, well, how many times have I talked about this absolute stinking POS, CPB, my god PEOPLE, they make SOUP, as in SOUP LINES, and surprise surprise, they MISSED earnings,,, ....... if you were in it you deserve the 6.5% dump, with it's 27.5 P/E, 2.28 P/S and 5.19 PEG, the last one being indicative of every thing wrong with it! Don't get me wrong, I don't want any nice individuals like me to lose money, and I LOVE the company, it's just that I can't stand the valuation Da Street is making you pay up for it ............. DON'T DO IT, there's other things!
Speaking of a POS, number six, FCX, it's down because I'm in it, AGAIN, hahahahahahahahahaha ............. it's has the worst possible technical set up, it broke a rising wedge to the down side:

I mean, it's SO BAD, I couldn't help myself, hhahahahahahaha ........... not only is the technical bad, it broke to the down side on GREAT NEWS, as Indonesia granted them the permit on the Grasberg mine, some thing had to be wrong and Lo and Behold we find out, LATER, FCX filed a force majeure as they don't agree with some features of the permit. Wad ever, I'll ride it to ZERO if I have to, then file a class action suit against, ME, and get ALL my money back, wooo hooo............

Friday, February 10, 2017


(click for larger image, I hope)

FINALLY, the $NAAD's confirmed the ATH's in the $COMPQ by breaking over the prior highs, for this period that is, so it's all safe to get in now, really, honest ............

The $NYAD's look GREAT, wooo hooo, if you look at the $NYA which includes the ETF's, HOWEVER ...

When you look at the A/D's with only the common stock its a diffterent picture, quite similar to what the $NAAD's were doing for quite a while, that is not being able to LEAD the indexes higher. 
Any up day on Monday and I would assume all would be happy in the world .....

My Market Monitor has a similar situation on it, this keeps track of over 2800 stocks that trade over 100K shares a day and have a stock price of more than $5, the column with the red arrow has been all red accept for one day since January 9, this is the stocks that have the 20 sma above the 50 sma, the box's are red when the total is less than the prior day, so since 1/9, while the indexes are making new ATH's and every thing is wonderful with the world, 512 FEWER stocks in my universe are trading above the 20-50 sma cross.

Just a fun look at the SPY daily chart and indicators, the last two days have had closes outside the upper bollinger band, which in the Days of Yore would be considered extreme over bought, just as most of the indicators are, but with the FED at your back over bought is just another term for buy the dip (I think you had a two minute window to BTFD today), so, just fun stuff. 

Here's the winners in my 80 markets I monitor for the past week, EGPT is leading again this week, HOWEVER:

I wouldn't exactly say it looks great, but, Ya know, if it can get above that box, well, heck, any thing can happen. I guess all the problems in China are solved as they are in the number two spot, people were flying into the safety of GDX as the robots push the indexes to new ATH's, we had quite a few of our sectors on the winners page this week, XLI, IYT, XHB, XLY, IYR, our best major market was on the first page this week, the NasDOGS, with QQQ up 1.35% on the week, the DIA came in second at 1.15% for the week, followed by SPY at .95%, with the little guys bringing up the rear with IWM up .78%.

Here's the loser's, there's 27 of them, Europe had a bad week, the European bank ETF was in the two spot at -2.70%, I guess people finally realized that TUR got DOWN graded last week, as they were the big winner last week but the 17th worst performer this week. 

We had a big jump in the indexes closing at new 20 day highs with 31 vs 15 last week, this "probably" bodes well for next week. Of the 15 from last week 5 went down this week, still a 66% win rate, the ones that were lower were EIRL, EWK, EWN, EWO, and TUR. EEM, EPI, EWS, EWW, XLP and XIV were on the list last week and showed up on the list this week, IE very strong.

"Here's the beeg wieners in the SP 500 this week, I see nothing I'm even interested in glancing at."
Ditto for this week, again and yet again, and even MORER again, I guess MOSTER again this week, they are "probably" all earnings related, and I don't DO earnings, so..............  

Here's the big losers this week, it's prettry amazing to me to see the red on those first five stocks, DNB should rate THEMSELVES, hahahaha, it's really surprising to see the red boxes on FOSL, GILD and KORS on all five time frames from the week to the last year, AKAM got hit on earnings three days ago and took out three months of gains. 

Friday, February 03, 2017


(click for larger image, I hope)

The $NYAD's at the bottom look just great, they are "LEADING" the market, making new highs while, UNFORTUNATELY, the $NYA did NOT make new highs, but it's GOOD to have the $NYAD's leading.
The Edward R Murrow of the story is the NasDOGS, as they are doing the opposite, the index made new ATH's while the $NAAD's continue to go side ways.
I have no idea how this resolves, but I have to assume if the $NYAD's continue higher they HAVE to drag the $NAAD's kicking and screaming higher with them. 

No charts this week, no need for them, they are the same as last week, that is, very possibly the most over bought pieces of shit in the history of mankind, but, sigh, wad ever, they can stay that way for long periods of time. That's the FUN in "investing", that is, buy this sucker HIGH, and pray to god you can find some one stupid enough to buy it from you at higher prices, wooooo hooooo! Luckily for us, one is born every minute ........

All the Candleglance charts are the same as what I posted on Wednesday, or yesterday, I forget when it was.

Here's the beeg wieners in my 80 markets this week, TUR was the winner because, and I kid you not, of this:

Turkey: After Debt Downgrade, Stocks Rally

So, if Trump can just get S and P and the rest of them to down grade out debt to junk, wooooo hooooooo, GDX was in the 2 spot, going to Da mooon this week and , sigh, with out ME, booooo hooooo, snif snif ............ yea, I screwed up, I'll never, EVER, get another chance to buy it at better prices, NEVER!
You MAY notice that after all the yelling and screaming today over the greeeaaattt jobs lies from the BLS-BS (BULL SHITERS), none of our majors are on the first page, you had to go to page two for our winner, and that was the little guys, IWM up a WHOPPING .50% for the week, and that's after a 1.53% gain on Friday, then you had to go to the third page for the second place index which was SPY, up an even more mind boggling .16%, and THEN you had to go to, aaaaahhhhhh, eeeeerrrrrrr, hhhhmmmmmmm ..............

You had to go to the loser's pages to find our other "majors", the NasDOGS, QQQ, were down .10% on the week and the Big Dogs, DIA, were down .12%, even after a .90% gain on Friday. Speaking of the DIA, we are a few points away from new ATH's and up there in the numero doces slot is the IYT, Transports down 2.18% on the week, meaning we are working on a possible DOW Theory NON-confirmation. Of course, I have NO doubt that Da Boyz will take care of that in short order, BUTT, some thing to keep an eye on. 
Speaking of NON-confirmation, EGPT in third spot is just a NON, period!

At one point on Friday the $TRIN was 1.68, meaning they were selling the shit out of the rally, interest rates were 2.68% LOWER, meaning the smartest guys in the room, the Bond Vigs, thought the report sucked, gold was 4 points lower, and the dollar closed flat, which it SHOULD have shot higher on the grreeeeaaat report ............ and then some stinking FED A-hole came out and made some stupid comments about things being so great they MAY MIGHT SHOULD OUTTA COULDA WOULDA raise at the March meeting, and for some insane reason traders thought that higher rates was GREAT news ...........

We jumped from 10 markets closing on new 20 day highs last week to 15 this week, IE, the "TURTLE" buy signal. From the signals last week FIVE were on the first page of gainers this week, and only one finished lower for the week, EWH down .19%.

"Here's the beeg wieners in the SP 500 this week, I see nothing I'm even interested in glancing at."
Ditto for this week, again and yet again, and even MORER again, they are "probably" all earnings related, and I don't DO earnings, so..............  

Here's the big losers this week, although its blasphemy to even mention that word, and in the famous words of Gale Sayers at the end of the movie "Brian's Song", "I LOOOOOVE PBI" ................... although I have to admit I kinda LOVE FLS down in the 20 spot even more, especially around $35 ......

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