Friday, January 06, 2017


Woooo Hoooo, GREEN SHOOTS, GREEN SHOOTS, yeeeeeee haaaawwwww, the NasDOGS closed Friday at ALL TIME HIGHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hhhmmm, it may have nade new ATH's but it's doing it with out any money flow as both the MFI and CMF are showing severe divergences, and the ROC is going right along with them and in danger of crossing below the ZERO line, AND:

Even WORSE, the $NAAD's have fallen against the new highs the last two days. I mean, ok, it nothing on that chart, but, Ya know, the BIGGEST moves have to start some where. I wouldn't even dream of trying to short them though unless they got at least under last week's low. 
Here's a good one:

Wall Street’s Most Outspoken Stock Bull Reverses, Now Top Bear

That would be Tom Lee of course, I mean, wooo hooo, now that he's on the bear side I can finally buy the Dogs ...............

Ok, enough fun, every one has to do their own thing, on to the big winners in my 80 markets, and the first page is all Furr-a-ners, well, accept for OIH, GDX, IYR, and XLV, you have to go to page two to see our major markets, those award winning NasDOGS were the big winners this week, QQQ up 1.85%, half of that gain on Friday, then the SPY at 1.27%, DIA at .77%, with the losers being the little guys, IWM up .24%, which is funny because they have been DEAD FLAT since they made ATH's over three weeks ago. I'm just guessing but they may be waiting to see if we get TRUMPED in a couple of weeks. 

There was only 11 losers this week, hardly worth mentioning, three of those were inverse funds, two were TUR and EWW, both of which we know have problems, at eight and nine we get quite strange as the dollar was DOWN .49% for the week, AND, OIL was DOWN, USO down .34%, which makes perfect sense in this market as that's almost an impossibility. 
The one logical one was the winner up at the top, UNG down 14% on the week, as the payroll report showed Baby Boomers starting to retire En masse, which means, of course, THEY CAN'T AFFORD TO BUY NATURAL GAS!!!

Here's the beeg wieners in the SP 500 this week, and, WOO HOO, FCX was in the numero quatro spot, meaning, of course, I'm losing less money that before, hahahahaha, GDX helped a little this week. The one big THEME about the winners is that there is none. 

Here's the loser's for the week, if you don't know why there's so many retail names on the list, well, even I know why they are down, so, geeze, I DON'T however, know why TSO and VLO are on the list, or VMC for that matter as we all know The Donald is going to send it to Da Moon ....
It's so hilarious to see names like "T" on the list, as I read an article in Seeking Alpha that gave me, AT LEAST, 50 reasons why T is the absolutely GREATEST stock in the history of the WORLD, and I should own it ...... wad ever. It's like that dog XRX being the big winner this week after it spun off the out fit that former CEO thought was going to take it to the next level, which it DID, AFTER, they got rid of it!


Ya Know, with us being the most technologically advanced Country in the world, with the biggest and most computer geeks in the world, just how in the HELL could Russia hack us with out either our Government knowing about it, OR, more likely, our Government ALLOWING it, so they could claim foul in the election .................................

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