Friday, January 27, 2017


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The good news is that both the $NYAD's and the $NAAD's made ATH's this week, really good news for the $NYAD's as I don't think the NYSE is making new ATH's, however NOT so good for the $NAAD's, as the $COMPQ made ATH's the last four days of the week while the $NAAD's only made ONE ATH, on Thursday, it is REALLY bad when the $NAAD's DROPPED on the new ATH on Friday, plus they are back in a box they were in since early December. The bottom chart shows the new highs are not confirming the new ATH's in the index as well.
It's probably not that big a deal, its just that it would be NICE if the $NAAD's would break out of that box and join the $COMPQ in an upward trek.

Speaking of the $COMPQ the Q's are a crack up, I never look at them any more but they just happened to be on my charts when I opened Ninja Trader up, it's not so much the three days they have closed ABOVE the upper bollinger band, they closed outside it for five days in a row earlier in the month, it's those last two days, just little itsy bitsy teenie weenie doji bars, hahahahahaha, god what a joke, any other time in history and this up trend would be, well, HISTORY!! It can't be shorted though as that just encourages the Grand Mother and her fellow criminals to squeeze the people who do short it. The indicators at the bottom are just off the chart over bought, but, sigh, they can stay that way a LOOOOOOONG time .............

The SPY broke out of it's box from last week and also closed above the bollingers, but it looks a little less spectacularly over bought. Both RSI's and the MACD, MFI and ROC are all diverging from the highs made in December, not very good stuff, BUTT, the MACD did trigger a new buy signal this week.

The little guys, IWM, have, NOT, broken out of the box from last week, they tried and fell back, they continue to generate new BBSqueeze signals, so I guess the longer they go side ways the BIGGER the move they are going to make when they finally decide which way they are going to break. 

Of 12 major markets only 1 is not on buy, 20 sma above 50, and it's NOT GLD,  $USD just ticked off a sell signal on Friday.  GLD, even though having three rather large down days, generated a new buy signal, and price stopped right on the 20 sma, giving you a wonderful stop level, should Mr. Phelps decide to accept the assignment and take it long.

In the all important Bull Percent indexes $BPDISC was joined by  $BPINDY and $BPENER with sell signals this week. $BPCOMPQ, STILL, looks horrible, $COMPQ may be making new ATH's but the $BP is practically in CRASH mode .........

"Every SP sector is on buy, EVERY ONE ........... oops, excuse me, down in the lower right hand corner the XRT just triggered a Turtle sell signal on Friday, I guess the American consumer doesn't share the same love of Trump that Wall Street does."
That's what I said last week, and the week before that, and it's still true this week. Housing and energy, XHB and XLE, are right on the verge of a new sell signal, 

Mexico, EWW, is the big winner this week, which probably surprises a lot of people as they thought Trump and his wall were BAD for them, but there were reports of some thing like 150K of theM made a mad dash for the border to get across before Trump gets the wall up, and the stock index popped on the idea of getting rid of them ..........

We dropped from 11 markets closing on new 20 day highs last week to 9 this week, IE, the "TURTLE" buy signal.

The losers dropped this week, going to 20 vs 35 last week, there's a lot of our stuff on here vs a lot of foreign stuff on the list above, I see the FED is doing a great job of totally screwing our markets up as the dollar, GLD and OIL all fell this week, hahahahaha, fricking roach's, ten year yields were up .57% on the week so there's another traditionally correlated asset NOT correlating, it just makes my heart throb to hear we have an FOMC meeting this week, I sure hope she has a press conference, SO I CAN SKIP IT ........................
None of our majors showed up on either of those lists, the winner this week, naturally, was the NasDOGS, QQQ up 2.07%, then the Big Dogs, DIA up 1.35%, then the Little Dogs, IWM up 1.30%, then the in between dogs, SPY up .98%. 

"Here's the beeg wieners in the SP 500 this week, I see nothing I'm even interested in glancing at."
Ditto for this week, again and yet again, they are "probably" all earnings related, and I don't DO earnings, so..............  

Here's the loser's for the week, just a wild guess but I'm guessing this week that they didn't particularly like QCOM's earnings numbers, I could be wrong about that though. MAT is another earnings loser, and I hear the big news on that one are the Barbie sales, little girls are not liking them on FaceBook I guess ...........

I just love this outfit, CAT, they were the fourth best performer in the INDU this week, and it's all because of this:
Caterpillar Earnings Show Lower Revenues, Trimmed Outlook

Hahahahahahaha, that stock just slays me .......... really, it does, it kills me, honestly .....................


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