Saturday, January 14, 2017


The $NYAD's at the top look great, they are leading the markets higher, which is what we want to see.  The $NAAD's are a different story, they look better than last week but remain inside a triangle and have not gotten over the highs made the week before, which would be no big deal if they had not made ATH's on four of the five days this week. One good thing is they closed out the week with 119 52 week highs, which was the high number for the week. 

These are the Fibonacci extension numbers for the RSP, SPY, DIA, IWM and QQQ. The IWM has by FAR the greatest possibility of extension from current prices, it calc's out to $155. In contrast the new ATH's babies down at the bottom, the QQQ, have the LEAST amount of extension, only a couple of points higher from where it is now. The Q's have the best looking MACD, which has crossed over to the upside, the others all have some humongous divergences working, which, in the old days, I might say that's a little worrisome, but I have no doubt Ms. Yelling and her cohorts will take care of it, no problemo ..........
The Q's are also unique in that they are the only ones NOT in a bollinger band Squeeze, the red boxes on the other four represent the six to nine day squeezes they are currently involved in, the IWM chart below shows the "Squeeze":

The "RSqueeze" means we can expect a BIG move when we break out of the boxes, the Squeeze will signal a direction when the break comes and not before, one way or Da Udder.

DISCLAIMER: the extension calc's don't mean a damn thing, they may not even go higher, that's just what the program says are the "POSSIBILITIES" ............

Of 12 major markets only 3 are not on buy, 20 sma above 50, TLT, GLD and VWO. VWO is one up day away from a new buy signal. In some what of an inigma all three of those markets are on "TURTLE" buys, all of them made new 20 day highs within the last two days, the only other market on a Turtle is $CRB.

In the all important Bull Percent indexes only one is NOT on a buy signal, $BPDISC, the consumer discretionary sector, quite a surprise to me as I assummed the consumer staples would be the first sector to fall to the stronger dollar. Two sectors not looking good are the $BPINDY, the industrials, and $BPENER, energy, the 20 sma has curled down on the industrials and price is in danger of falling through the 50 sma, same with energy. Both of them though have a positive up sloping 50 sma, which is not the case with the staples, $BPSTAP, they have a negative sloping 50. 

Every SP sector is on buy, EVERY ONE ........... oops, excuse me, down in the lower right hand corner the XRT just triggered a Turtle sell signal on Friday, I guess the American consumer doesn't share the same love of Trump that Wall Street does.
There are only two Turtle buys, XLK and XLY. XLF made a new 20 day high but did not close there, it gapped up on the BAC, JPM and WFC "FAKE" earnings news, and the Da Boyz did what they do best, they punished the Johnny come latelies that bought the new highs. They may continue to sell off next week as Da Boyz try and pick up as much of their stocks as they can at lower prices.

TUR went from worst to first as the big winner in my 80 markets, I mean, even a turkey is bound to bounce sooner or later. UNG in the number two spot is in keeping with the turkey's bouncing as they were like the worst last week. None of our majors made the front page, you have to go to page two to see our major markets, those award winning NasDOGS were the big winners, AGAIN, this week, QQQ up .84% LESS than last week, up 1.01%, you have to go to the third page for the runner up IWM, up .41% on the week, then you have to go to the next list for the others.

Here's the 18 markets making new 20 day highs, IE, the "TURTLE" buy signal, one thing that's obvious even to me is all the GREEN on those markets. Of that bunch these are the markets breaking out over the previous highs, IE, they don't have much, if any, resistance over head, EWG, EWJ, EWQ, EZU, QQQ, XLK, XLY is right on resistance, and XLF would have joined that bunch if it had held the new high.

The losers more than doubled this week, 25 of them, EGPT showed up in the three spot after a brief respite last week, EWW is here again down in the eleven spot, the dollar was down .95% this week which SHOULD have sent oil higher, but not to be as USO is in the four spot at -2.31%, that of course put OIH and XLE on the front page, I have NO idea why oil would be weak in the face of the MASSIVE demand for oil Trump is going to creat. Another strange one is ten year interest rates went DOWN 1.57% this week but both IYR and XLU are on this list. Our worst major is the big boys, DIA down .41%, just ahead of Putin, SPY was down only .07%, or 16 cents, which is probably less than the slippage on a day trade. 

Here's the beeg wieners in the SP 500 this week, I see nothing I'm even interested in glancing at. 

Here's the loser's for the week, it wouldn't surprise me to find out some of these got TRUMPED, again I have no idea why TSO is on this list, they should be flying with the huge demand for fuel Wall Street says is coming. Speaking of surprises, I'm kind of surprised to see only 230 stocks out of the 502 were higher this week, just, well, kind of surprising.

Here's the SP stocks on 20 day lows on Friday, I only mention this because of some of them showing up on this list, like WMT, AZO, TGT, KO, K, PEP, M, PVH, PSX and TSO, and again, if every thing is so fricking great why are these big time stocks showing up on the lows list???


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