Friday, December 30, 2016


I hope you can expand this if you can't see it to clear, what I did this year is go back to last year and compare the winners and losers in my 80 markets to the winners and loser this year, and, WOW, there was a lot more cross over than I thought there would be. The RED boxes are the top 20 winners from last year that showed up on the top 20 LOSERS list this year, IE, they went from the far left to the far right columns, this is what is more commonly called buying high and selling low, they are EIRL, EWK, EIS, XLV and EWI. I have NO idea why Ireland did so bad, with EIS it's clear Obama is trying to leave trump with a war to deal with when he takes office. EWK is Belgium and we all know the populist movement is trying to get rid of the EU, that would probably put a little damper on the Country that houses the bureaucrats that run that thing. I thought Italy did much better than that this year, EWI, as all I heard from the MSM was how WELL they were doing, wad ever.

The light blue boxes is the ONLY stock to make the top 20 last year AND this year, and that is, taaaaaaa daaaaaaaa, PUTIN .......eeeerrrrrr, RSX, as Wall Street told Obama to stick it where the sun don't shine, they LOVE the guy..........

The center GREEN boxes are the WORST 20 stocks of 2015 that made the BEST 20 stocks of 2016, there's nine of those compared to the five red boxes, and the big WINNER is ...., XME, which, in an amazing feat, went from WORST in 15' to BEST in 16', and I have to say of course that miner stocks were my best plays last year, that includes the GDX which also made the green list, the others were EWC, THD,  XLE and OIH, EWZ, EPU, and IGE.

The BLUE boxes in the right side are the WORST of the WORST, they were top 20 LOSERS in 2015 and again in 2016, there's only three, they are EWM, TUR, and the big winner of the losers being EGPT.
Our best major for this year showed up on that list at number 16, IWM, up 21.59%, then DIA at 16.37%, SPY 12%, and in a big upset the NasDOGS were the worst performing major this year, QQQ in 40th spot on the list and only up 7.10% this year.

Based on these EXTREMELY scientific Stat's it's obvious to ME that "some" of the big LOSERS of 2016 are going to be the big WINNERS of 2017, and you would be starting with the list on the far right side and hope to god you pick the nine winners for the year!! It would not surprise me to see at the end of next year EGPT and TUR right up there close to the top, along with the worst sector this year, XLV, but, personally, I don't like ANY of them so I guess I'm going to shut down for the year, sigh .............. well, at least until next Tuesday.

Here's the big winners for the year in the SP 500, I have NO comment as I'm only doing this so NEXT year I will have some thing to look up, it's harder than hell to find some one who kept track of the top 20 performers and NON-performers. 

Here's the losers in the SP, I will say I did find a LOT of outfits that talk about the BEST stocks of 2015 but don't mention the losers, the Motley Fool had the 10 best stocks of 2015 and there's two of note, NVDA showed up on their list at the number four spot AND was the best stock of 2016, and FSLR was the tenth best stock last year and the second WORST stock in the index this year. 
I still think it's impossible to pick the big winners and losers ahead of time.

I wonder if "The Stock Traders Almanac" is going to re-write their books, for if you remember we fell like 12% in January of this year, and the age old mantra is "SO GOES JANUARY SO GOES THE YEAR", that follows of course "SO GOES THE FIRST WEEK OF JANUARY SO GOES JANUARY".
Just another age old trading ISM that has met the dust thanks to the stinking FED's un-fricking-believable manipulations of the markets. 

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