Friday, December 16, 2016


The SPY, and the QQQ for that matter, have not reached their "EXTENSION" targets, yet, the SPY's target is at $229 while the Q's are way up at $131. Both the DIA and IWM have wildly exceeded their targets, so maybe a rotation is coming whereby Da Boyz abandon the DIA and IWM and concentrate on trying to suck "investors" into the laggards. Probably not much will happen until after the first of the year as the word is that the big players are going to hold on and not sell hoping for better tax treatments next year from the Donald. 
The SPY has a negative divergence on the RSqueeze signal bars, AND, in the red circle the signal line on Woodies CCI is about to drop below ZERO, which, IN THE PAST, has meant lower prices, with "IN THE PAST" meaning I don't guarantee a damn thing. On the "indicators" on the left side the STOCH 13 has signaled a sell by dropping below the 80 line, as has the RSI 5, while the RSI 13 hit the 80 mark and pulled an NBA, as in reeeeeeeeeeeee.......... jected! In the days of Yore before massive manipulation by the Feds, when the manipulation was by the shadowy PTT (Plunge Protection Team), we would pull back, then head back up and attack the prior highs, some times make new highs, THEN we would get NEGATIVE divergences in all the "indicators" and the $NYAD and $NAAD's, and, THEN, you could short the shit out of it! BUTT, sigh, in the current days of massive V-bottoms we may never get that wonderful chance again. 
Since I'm on SPY, here's some fun stuff:
The forward 12-month P/E ratio for is 17.1, above 10-year average of 14.4.

The "fun" stuff is not FactSet giving you that information, it's what the information is BASED on, as in ........... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....... let's say, STANDARD AND POOR'S, for if you REMEMBER, SP said that earnings in 2015 were going to be $137/share, and, what did they end up being?? $88.43 ...... LOL, hahahahaha, etc etc etc!!! So the AUTHORITY on the SP 500 "earnings" missed by 35%, and I'm supposed to believe ANY THING that is projected a year out??!!
At least the SPY went DOWN 35% to reflect the missed estimates, and you got a great buying opportunity, right? 

The $NYAD's look just fine, they pulled back with the market, and if you look right on the far right side they actually went UP on Friday's down day, usually very good for the bulls.

Unlike the last two weeks my Market monitor had a lot of green on that bottom line Friday, meaning it's a little more ammo for the bulls as those are positive readings on a DOWN day.

The12 major markets added the $CRB to the buy signals, 20 sma above 50 sma, taking the buys from seven to eight out of 12, the IYR 20 has turned higher and is possibly a couple of days away from its own buy signal, while GLD, TLT and VWO remain pretty bearish.

The important Bullish Percent indexes added $BPINFO to the buy signals this week, going from eight to nine buys, the ones still on sell are $BPGDM, $BPHEAL, and $BPSTAP. The last two are looking much better as price has moved above both the 20 and 50, the gold miners remain just horrible which is why it's my biggest position ........

The sectors on buy signals remain at nine this week, XLU, XLV and XLP are the only hold outs, but all three are improving a bunch.

So, here's the winner's in my 80 markets this week, and I'm surprised, but I'm easily surprised, there was only 18 winner's in the 80 markets, I mean, like, WOW, I thought EVERY BODY was going to Da stinking MOOOOOON, but I guess not. Even more surprising is the top winner's, TUR, EWI and DBA were only higher in the 1.7% range. I see a little problem for the miners right away, UUP was UUP 1.26%, which, of course, flys right in the face of USO being up .96% on the week, but, wad ever, screw the O'Pecking chicken shits!
Our best major is on this page with thebig dogs, DIA, up a not so big doggish .26% on the week. then the NasDOGS, QQQ up .08%, then the aaaaaahhhhh, eeeeerrrrrrr  .............

The aaaaaahhh's and eeeerrrrrr's were the SPY and IWM, which didn't even make the first page of the loser's, SPY in 34th spot down .65% which was worst than the bonds that every one was saying was getting KILLED, with TLT "only" down .31%, IWM was big winner, down 1.74%.  I'm REALLY pissed off at GDX, sigh, the damn thing couldn't even win the loser's bracket, that was reserved for UNG, which I LOVE to see go lower, along with my heating bills.

Here's the big winners in the SP 500 this week,  out of six performance columns CMG finally showed up positive on one...................

Here's the big losers in the SP 500, FCX is in 7th spot, hhhhmmmm, let me check, hhhhmmmmm, oh, yea, I do own that, in options of course, FOSL is not any better than CMG, they also only have one green box in the last six performance boxes, but, that's still better than the ZERO boxers, RL, UA, LM, ALXN, VIAB, I'm surprised at every one of them, shame on them ...........

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