Friday, December 02, 2016


One of the few changes from Wednesday's monthly update is that the $NYAD's dropped into a sell signal. Ya Know, it's probably just another whip saw and don't mean a stinking thing, BUTT, every 50% drop in the markets started with the smallest most insignificant move, so I have to keep it in mind.

The $NYMO and $NYSI remain on buy signals, but the $NYHL is showing a very negative look, as the $NYA has remained flat as the $NYHL has dropped from 250 to 75. The bulls would say well, that's GOOD, as it shows resilience, while I would say bull shit and put on my Democratic loser conspiracy hat and say the FED reserve is holding it up. 

That bottom line in my Market monitor has a lot of red on it, what it means is that all the markets accept the little stocks in the INDU finished HIGHER on the day, while a lot of the numbers finished NEGATIVE, IE, they were lower than the prior DOWN day. That's a divergence, which means if I was stupid enough to short it over the weekend the FED would tell me to DIVERGE THIS as they give Goldman a few billion with instructions to buy the futures Sunday night.

So, here's the winner's in my 80 markets this week, let's see, hhhhmmm, let me take a guess as to what went higher this week after the slim bags at OPEC worked their "magic", oh, yea, USO was the winner, up 11.13%, which makes all consumers and stocks in the IYT just pleased as punch! One surprise was QID in fourth, which, if I were to GUESS, I would say the NasDOGS got hammered this week.
So the Big Dogs, despite being the only one down on Friday, were the big major winners this week, DIA on page two and up a massive .23% on the week, and then it was, aaaahhhhh, hhhhmmmm, well, I guess we go to the next page for the rest of them .....

Here's the winner's of the loser's for the week, EWZ got slammed because OPEC raised prices?? I thought they are a producer, actually they went down on a rate cut and the realization they will NEVER resolve all the corruption in Government. Our major loser's start showing up here with the NasDOGS leading the way, QQQ down 2.61% on the week, followed by the little guys with IWM down 2.36%, with the SPY being the best of the worst, down .73%, 45 of the 80 markets were down this week, so combined with the oil BS it was not a particularly good week.

Here's the big winners in the SP 500 this week,  I cannot believe there's a bunch of oil related stocks on this page, my my, surprise surprise, wait until they cause a recession and see how you like that fake oil rise then!

Here's the big losers in the SP 500, VRTX is why I don't DO biotechs, TRIP is why I don't DO online companies, PERIOD, FOSL is why I don't DO clothing thingies, HRB is why I don't do income taxes, and AA is why I don't DO outfits that I USED to love, and now they are some thing I can't figure out. Other than those, I pretty much HATE the rest of them. 


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