Friday, November 04, 2016


"NINE CONSECUTIVE DAYS DOWN IS THE MOST SINCE DECEMBER OF 1980", screamed the talking heads on Bloomberg. I don't know if Bubblevision screamed about it cause I don't watch Bubblevision. 
Now, I like the "heads" on Bloomberg compared to that Udder outfit, but, damn them, they immediately had a yelling screaming ANAL-yst on there that immediately pointed out that the "GREATEST 20 YEAR BULL MARKET IN HISTORY STARTED AT THAT POINT"  ............
Well, aaahhhhh, NO .............

That red circle is the nine consecutive down days in December 1980, and what REALLY happened is that we had a pull back into July of 1982 that lost 27%, which was the infamous "DOUBLE DIP" recession of 81'-82'.
So what the ANAL-yst SHOULD have said was LOOK OUT FOR THE COMING DOUBLE DIP RECESSION FIRST ...................... hahahahahahahaha .......... HAH!
Of course, no one knows if a recession is coming or not, but I have been yelling for about a year now about the FACT that every MULTI term President since Teddy Roosevelt has left their successors with a recession, so, that's like, 100% of the TIME!

And since wee are comparing 1980 to now, let's see some more "stuff":
The P/E in 1980 was 7.39, just, SLIGHTLY, a little better than the current 23.99, that's from, the WSJ says it's actually 24.31. 

The 10 year yield back then, again according to, was 10.79% compared to the current 1.79%, hell, I remember money markets paying 8% then, people could actually do that stupid thing called, aaaaahhhhh, SAVING MONEY! Oh, let's see, the GDP growth rate was 9.6% compared to the current 2.51%, that was sandwiched between 10.01% in 79' and 9.61% in 81', and, oh, that was when the biggest generation in History, the BOOMERS, were reaching OUR peak spending ages!! RATHER THAN OUR PEAK "NOT SPENDING" YEARS"!!

I have NO IDEA if we are going into a new 20 year Bull Market or not, it just pisses me off though when some one comes on and makes completely assinine statements trying to get Mom and Pop off of their asses and take some of that money off the side lines and put it into the SAFE stock markets!!

The $NYAD's are on sell signal but stopped going down on Friday, so I guess that's good. 

Another good thing for the "Bulls" is my market monitor of over 2700 stocks has a lot of green and RED on that bottom line, the green because even with a DOWN day in all the markets more stocks were making 52 wk highs, and more were UP 4% than down, and more making 20 day highs, all more than the day before, the RED was good because FEWER stocks were making LOWS than the day before, it's red because the markets were DOWN, so those numbers should have been WORSE. I should also mention the column clear over on the far right side, that's the SP 500 advancing stocks, they have gone higher than the previous day in SIX of the last NINE DOWN days, so that has to be some what good as well. 

The $COMPQ joined the SELL signals this week, that leaves $TRAN, VWO, $CRB and $USD on buy signals, 20 SMA above 50 SMA.

Only two of the all important Bullish Percent indexes remain on buy signals this week, $BPINFO and $BPENER, and just by the skin of their skinny shin shins.

Three sectors remain on buy signals this week, XLE, XLK and XLF. 

So, here's the winner's in my 80 markets this week,we went from 62 two weeks ago to 23 last week, to 14 this week, hhhhhmmm, I'm trying to see a pattern here, hhhhmmmmm, give me a minute ............ EIRL, IYT and EPU bucked the trend as the only winners that were not defensive or inverse in nature.

EGPT is the big winner of the Udder bunch, losing 25.61% for the week, are they having an "ARAB FALL" this year?? We all know why TUR is down, WOW, that guy faked a coup so he could kill and jail hundreds of thousands of his Country men, a regular Turkey Hitler I guess. EWZ is down because the Country ground to a stand still this week as EVERY ONE was standing around in the streets trying to figure out why it had been going UP ...........................
Our big "winner" showed up on this page, NasDOGS down 2.95%, I thought it would be the little guys but the IWM was "only" down 1.94%, they were followed by SPY at 1.88% and then the big dogs, DIA down 1.46%, OR, as the yelling screaming slimy MSM would say, THEY WERE THE OUT PERFORMERS!!!!!!!

Here's the big winners in the SP 500 this week, only 129 stocks were higher this week, all are probably earnings related so I won't bother going through them. AA had their spin off this week, so, HEY, I can start looking at it again and try and figure out if it's worth a damn, I used to like it at $5 a lot more.

ICE had a split but CTL DID NOT!! Well, other than an UN-authorized one, the "street" simply does not like the deal for LVLT, plus they sold data centers to help fund it. 

I don't like to get political, mainly because I'm about eight standard deviations to the right of the Tea Party, but I saw Jill Stein on Bloomberg today, and, BOY, does she have a bad PR department!! She is WAAAAAAAYYYYYY better than those Udder two things, and even more WAAAAAAYYYYYYY better than the prior four things that have rented the White House. If I hadn't of voted all ready I would have voted for her, she absolutely HATES HRC, so, hell, SHE CAN'T BE ALL BAD!!

It cracks me up the number of people who say they are buying Mary Wanna stocks based on thinking Hillary is going to dig into her's and Pelosi's stash and legalize it!! I think this might have been when Billy Bob was hiding from VietNAM in Canada, who knows, 


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