Friday, November 25, 2016


Deere soars after big FQ4 beat

  • Net income of $285.3M, or $0.90 per share vs. $351.2M, or $1.08 per share in the comparable quarter of 2015.
  • Worldwide net sales decreased 3% Y/Y to $6.52B from the same quarter a year ago. Segment Sales: Agriculture & Turf. -5%; Construction & Forestry -5%.
  • "The company in 2016 had one of its ten-best years in both sales and earnings, a noteworthy achievement in light of the difficult business climate," CEO Samuel Allen declared. "We are driving further efficiency gains and have confidence we can deliver structural cost reductions of at least $500M by the end of 2018."
  • Outlook for fiscal 2017: Equipment sales are projected to decrease about 1%. Net sales are also expected to decrease about 1%, while net income is anticipated to be about $1.4B.
  • DE +9.7% premarket.

I wasn't going to post this but I was so stoked out about it I had already had it on the post the day that Deere reported. Now, they talk about the HUGE beat for the quarter, but the stupid ass ANAL-yst had put a completely asinine low ball estimate of 40 fricking cents, so the, "BEAT", looks awesome, but in that most inconvenient of things called "TRUTH", they were 42% LOWER than last quarter and 17% LOWER than the same quarter last year, which, Ya Know, wouldn't be so bad if the stock wasn't trading at all stinking time highs!!!!!!!!
Ya Know, I, LOVE, Deere, it's a great company and all that, but those last two charts are just ridiculous, a great idiot on Bubblevision once said, every two minutes about, that "EARNINGS ARE THE MOTHER'S MILK OF STOCK PRICES", and, well, YOU CAN KISS MY EVER LOVING FRICKING ASSSSSSSSSS! Those two red arrows are the same time period and show how earnings peaked in 2013 and have gone down ever since into the great "BEAT" this quarter. 
This is just a rant of course, and means absolutely ZERO, the stupid thing will probably do a Buzz Lightyear, as in INFINITY AND BEYOOOOOOND!

On a more serious note the $NYAD's are on a slight buy signal but are still NOT leading the markets higher, they are still below the September highs, but, so is the $NYA, just ever so much, so when the $NYA makes new highs it sure would be nice if the NYAD's did as well.

The $NYMO and $NYSI are, GENERALLY, very similar in "nature", so it bears watching when the two are diverging, as the MO is on buy while the SI is NOT.

The $COMPQ stands out like a sore thumb as they are still NOT on a buy signal, 20 sma above 50, the QQQ are actually a little WORSE looking, the $NYA is also NOT on a buy, ALTHOUGH, it's only by 2.19 points, which is even less than a gnat's ass. $CRB, TLT, VWO, GLD and IYR are also on SELL signals, which, if you are keeping track, means seven of 12 markets are on SELL SIGNALS, pretty strange stuff,it is ...........

Despite the weakness in those main markets above, the Bullish Percent indexes still managed to be even WORSE, AGAIN, ALTHOUGH, they improved from ZERO on buy last week to a whopping TWO on buy this week, $BPENER and $BPINDY. I still consider POSITIVE BP reading to be VERY important. 

XLY and XRT joined XLB,XLI, XLE, XLF and XME  in the sector bull party this week, so the individual sectors are doing better than either of the above sections. 

So, here's the winner's in my 80 markets this week, we moved up to 53 markets higher this week, still a lot less than the 62 five weeks ago . UNG led the charge, AGAIN, in anticipation of all the Nat Gas Trump will need to burn all that asphalt ....... XME was in second as they need all that steel for the new asphalt equipment they will be buying, DBC was up as they need WAY more gas for ALL those trucks and tractors, EWA was in sixth because by the time X, NUE and AKS get done raising steel prices like mad it will be cheaper to haul it in from the Aussies, same thought process with IYT, XLB and XLE.
IWM was our best major market, AGAIN, up 2.88% on the week, DIA was in the two spot way down in 34th position, up 1.32%, the SPY up 1.16%, with the NasDOGS being the real Dogs this week, QQQ only up .88%, hardly worth mentioning when you have a lousy 45% yearly gains.

Here's the winner's of the loser's for the week, the dollar was up a whopping .26% on the week which completely explains the drop in GLD and SLV, hell, even GDX fell 3.19% this week after being higher last week into a HIGHER dollar, so it's back in line, a lot of foreign stuff on there as the higher dollar actually does hurt them, really surprising to see Germany on the worst page list, usually the SPY and EWG track pretty well, but, in this day and age it Que Sera Sera ...........

Here's the big winners in the SP 500 this week,  I cannot believe I actually had the biggest winner in the SP 500 this week, wooo hooo, for the second week in a row yet, I've had it a while as most of you know, I did sell the stock and move into a stock replacement strategy, buying Jan 17' calls and doing a spread. See above for DE, WYNN is higher as Trump is bringing out the gambler in every one, no financials on the first page this week, what's Sa matter guys!!!

Geeze, what, people are not buying cloths???


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