Friday, November 11, 2016


The $NYAD's moved into a slight buy signal but are NOT leading the markets higher, the $NYSE broke above the October lows while the NYAD's flattened out and stayed below those lows, you always want to see the NAD's lead. One possible good thing is that the NYAD's rose today even though the $NYSE fell. 

I just HAVE to mention this, with the SPY being up 3.77% on the week some one will have to explain to me how, in the last five days, the stocks that were HIGHER in the S and P 500 started at 487, then went 338, 328, 302 and then closed at 255 with the SPY finally giving it up Friday, LOWER every stinking day and yet the SPY went UP   ............. I'd call that a significant divergence ...............

The DIA, with their huge up week, joined the $TRAN, $CRB and $USD on buy signals, 20 SMA above 50 SMA, while the VWO dropped from the buy list.

There are now ZERO Bullish percent indexes on buy signals this week with both the $BPINFO and $BPENER dropping to sell signals. That means that not every one was enjoying huge advances this week. 

XME joined XLE and XLF on buy signals this week, XLI is just the tiniest gnats ass away from a new buy signal, although I would not chase the humongous week it had, and unbelievably XLK actually dropped to a SELL, surprised me. 

So, here's the winner's in my 80 markets this week,we went from 62 three weeks ago to 23 two week ago to 14 last week, and this week we moved up to only 36 of the 80 markets higher, hhhhhmmm, another little surprise there. XLF led the charge, up 11.19%, as consumers, companies and government employees all LOVE higher interest rates. I guess the theory is is that they will borrow MORE money the HIGHER the rates go ........?? It "used" to be that small caps HATED higher rates, but the "this time is different" crowd decided that they will LOVE higher rates, IWM leading our majors with 10.04% for the week, there's another of those "used to be" things in the 9th spot, XHB up 5.51%, as I guess real estate LOVES higher rates as well .............
DIA was the seond best major of the week, DIA up 5.46%, then SPY at 3.77%, and you had to go to the second page for the NasDOGS, QQQ "only" up 1.89% for the week. I see Trump's new best friend is on that first page, Putin in 18th spot up 3.44%.
It's strange but EWA gapped way up on Monday, I guess on hopes of a Clinton win, and then STAYED there after Trump won, hhhhmmmm .......

Here's the winner's of the more abundant loser's for the week, at least some things still make sense as I KNOW PM's, bonds, utilities and consumer staples HATE a higher dollar and interest rates, the 10 year yield went up 18.31% this week and the dollar 2.02%. We know Trump plans to build a wall around Mexico, EWW down 12.18%, but hows he going to do that around Malaysia?? Or Indonesia and Brazil?? Or the whole of South America for that matter, with ILF down 7.64%. That may not be the biggest weekly pecentage drop for TLT in History, but it's easily the biggest weekly red bar in the last five years, down 7.36%. USO was down 2.10% and staples, XLP, down 2.07%, EEM and VWO got wack a moled, down 3.84 and 3.58%.
I understand all that stuff, it makes perfect sense to me, I just don't understand much of that stuff in the prior list. If I can get GDX back down to $13 I'll PROBABLY be a big buyer.

Here's the big winners in the SP 500 this week, FCX showed up on the list because China is going to be using millions of tons more of copper because Trump was elected .............

What, is Trump going to ban FOOD and TRAVEL?? I LOVE NEM, but not here, $27.50 is prior resistance which makes it support, but, to be honest, I'll buy GDX way before NEM.  

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