Wednesday, November 30, 2016


The $NYAD's finished October on a sell signal, and in November they finished, aaaaaahhhhhh, wellllll, right ON the sell signal. We did advance on the A/D's in November, but of concern is we didn't make new highs with the markets, and we have a little divergence working as the $NYA has advanceed the last three days while the NYAD's are heading lower, that's not a good configuration at all.

Of 12 major markets seven are on buy signals, 20 sma above 50 sma, with five on sell, the sells are $CRB, GLD, VWO, TLT and IYR. Six of the last seven days the $CRB has been above the 50 sma, but it has not been able to get the 20 bending higher.

Only four of the important Bullish Percent indexes are on buy signals, $BPDISC, $BPINDY, $BPENER, and $BPMATE. With none of the major indexes in the buy column it reflects the idea that fewer stocks are doing all the lifting.

Eight of the 12 sectors are on buy, the four on sell are XLU, XLV, XLK and XLP. 

And the big winner in my 80 markets this month waasssss   ....................... XME, of 31 stocks in the index only four were lower, CDE, MUX, NEM and CLD, AKS, X and CLF were in 2-4 with FCX in 7th, and a coal stock, with WLB the leader, up 95% for the month.
OIH, XLE and USO are on the first page only because the crooked slim bag MF'ers in the middle east decided to cut production in order to raise prices and send the world into a depression, taking them down with it! Wad ever, they are only the second worst manipulators in the World, exceeded only by the Federal Reserve. If oil goes up I don't imagine IYT will be in 5th spot next month.
IWM was our best major, up 11.06% on the month, then the big dogs, DIA up 5.94%, then SPY at 3.68%, with the NasDOGS actually being DOGS for the month, QQQ only up .44%. 

I'm actually a little surprised we had loser's this month, but I'll be damned if we didn't have MORE loser's than winners, 46 out of the 80 markets to be exact, but to be fair 3 of those are inverse funds. Is Egypt having another Arab Spring?? It was even worse than the VXX, which I consider next to impossible. GDX was in third, down 15.05%, which explains to me my ever increasing interest in it. TLT and XLU are the only US type of markets on the worst page, for reasons we all know, that being interest rates and the dollar being higher, plus with Trump having all that Bankruptcy experience I would demand like 50% in TLT, and hope and pray the US can hang on two years so you get your money back. 

Here's the big winners in the SP 500 this month, it surprises me to see HAR in first, I may take a look and find out what they do one of these days. I had the 3rd place winner, FCX, and I had the 6th place, RIG, but I coughed it up WAY to early, hahahahahaha, what a chicken shit ................... I still have BAC, but it's just in a stock replacement thing.

Here's the loser's in the SP for the month, TRIP got tripped up when it's batteries went down on the way to the grocery store, and that's my explanation of the worst three stocks and I'm sticking to it .............. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I LOVE NEM ........... about another 50% lower!


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