Friday, September 09, 2016


Wooooo hooooo, yee haaawww, yeeaaaaaaaa,  the NON-cumulative $NYSI sell signal I talked about last week worked  ............... NOT!! I think that, MAYBE, that fat pig stupid nutso job setting off nukes might have had a leetle bit more to do with the dump, but I'd like to think the $NYSI helped a little.

This week we got a new cumulative $NYAD sell signal, which is the important one, but, we don't have the ingredient I really like to see, which is a DIVERGENCE against new highs in the market. As you can see above, the signal that worked last year in May was a divergence against all times highs in the indexes, as the powers that be were using a few of the mega caps to run the markets up and suck in us retails, as they were selling the majority of the other stocks, plus we had sell signals in the CUMULATIVE $NYHL and $NYSI, which we don't have now.  
I'm really not to hot about it, as you can see we've had many FALSE starts as those same powers that be just love to suck in shorts on big down days like this, and then crush them the next day. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if we get a 394 point UP day Monday, what with the way the dirty bastards work.
BUT, should we actually get some follow through to this nice dump, I might start saying Hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm ........

There's some humongous bars on the indexes but not much has changed, the only things NOT on BUY signals this week, 20 SMA above 50 SMA, are the same TLT, GLD, $USD and $CRB as last week, the $CRB ALMOST got back into buy territory, until Friday that is, it's still close though. 

The Bullish Percent indexes are actually better than the above, as only three are on sell signals, $BPHEAL, $BPSTAP and $BPGDM. 

 Man, those were some UGILLY bars on those sector charts (didn't I already say that??),  XLU and XLP were on sells last week, XME and XLV joined them this week.

I said it last week and I guess I'll have to say it again this week, it's all foreign stuff on the first page of the leader board on my 78 markets, accept for oil leading the way with USO up 5.27% on the week, it's not bad enough that they had to crush our indexes on Friday so they decided to send gas prices higher just to kind of rub it in a little.

There was only 19 markets higher so I guess that means 58 of them were lower, and here's the winner's of that bunch, and where our indexes start showing up. Our worst major is on this page, TLT down 3.04%, as the disaster of disasters may be starting with Bonds AND Stocks going down together, the 30 year yield was up 5.24% this week to 2.90%, still asininely low.The  NasDOGS were next, QQQ down 2.11% on the week, then SPY at -1.86%, DIA at -1.73%, with the little guys the winners, only down 1.68% on the week.

Here's the beeg wiener's in the SP 500 this week, again it's a lot of energy names, as the Saudi's and Ruskies got together and tried to convince the rest of the world that's it's actually GOOD if they can control oil prices.

Here's the loser's, I'm thinking back and I don't ever remember seeing TSCO miss an earnings like this one, luckily that stinking CAT only went down 1.1% on the week to hold up the tractor outfits and remains the single most over valued piece of shit in the DOW with their P/E of 43.32, V is second at 40.22, and surprisingly, to me, XOM is third with a lofty little price to earnings of 34.50.
Speaking of the DOW only four stocks were green this week, CVX, AXP, V and GS, only 76 were green in the SP 500, 3 stocks closed with a 52 wk high, APA, COG and ZION, there was 19 last week, 246 stocks closed Friday on a 20 day low, a HUGE number, you have to go back to June 27 for a bigger number, and I believe that was the Brexkit low, only 11 stocks finished higher on Friday. There was some huge numbers in the NYSE as well as 881 got a PSAR sell signal Friday and 799 a CCI sell signal, again you had to go back to that June low for comparable numbers, MEANING, it's so bad it's probably GOOD, although I personally don't buy shit based on that metric.

Hey, I hit a thousand tweets and didn't even notice, darn .............. I was going to have a thousand tweets party and buy every one a drink, but I guess I'll just have to finish it off by myself ................... I'd like to think those tweets were like a thousand points of light ................. hahahahahahahaha..........HAH!


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