Saturday, September 03, 2016


The CUMULATIVE $NYSI, $NYAD and $NYHL remain on buy signals, I repeat, on BUY signals, however, the cumulative $NYMO is on sell, which is the same as the NON-cumulative $NYSI above. Now, AS YOU CAN SEE, this is not a great signal, especially since none of the others are confirming, BUTT, in the last two years there's been seven signals besides this one and five of them led to drops of some sort or another, and the other two basically went sideways. As you can see the current signal is very steep but the market has basically moved sideways, this due, of course, to the un-fricking believable A-holes at the Federal Reserve, who refuse to let true market forces prevail and allow a 50% correction that will allow value investor's to buy at a reasonable price.

The only things NOT on BUY signals this week, 20 SMA above 50 SMA, actually increased to four, with TLT and GLD joining the $USD and $CRB, the signal on TLT actually triggered on Friday, IE brand new, MEANING, the stupid thing probably goes to Da MOOOOOON on Monday, but it is wad it is .............. GLD is brand new this week, but it did get a big pop on Thursday and Friday. GLD popped in "anticipation" of no rate hike next month, EVEN THOUGH, our interest rates are higher than most every one else in the world AND the dollar is on a buy signal and ALSO went higher on Friday, which ain't supposed to happen, but you can ask Chairperson Yell'in for her explanation of that. 

 $BPENER remains on sell this week but is within a gnats ass of a new BUY signal, $BPSTAP is doing a funky little follow the 50 MA higher but don't cross over it, and is still on sell, and $BPGDM just CRASHED this week, meaning not good for GDX. The 20 MA is still rolling over on $BPMATE and $BPHEAL with the latter within a whisker of a new sell signal.
I actually made some Moola on GDX this week, buying the $27 calls two weeks out and selling the $27 calls that expired today, I took the latter off the table yesterday or the day before for 4 cents and replaced them with short $27.50 calls with the same two week expiration of the $27 calls, and guess what, I paid for the $27 calls plus three cents, IE, no way to lose, and not counting what I made on the first short sale. Ya Know, that's the way it works for me EVERY TIME I trade options ..................... hahahahahahahahahahahaha .......... yeeaaaaaaa, rrriiiggggggghhhhtttttt, I wish!

 ALL sectors are still in party mode, and on buy signals, well, other than XLU and XLP,  XME and XLV are not looking to fricking hot, they aren't ..........

It's all foreign stuff on the first page of the leader board on my 77 markets, accept way down in 17th spot which is XLF, up 1.91% on the week, meaning, they get CRUSHED when the FED DOESN'T raise interest rates next month, as the financials have been rallying based on that assumption. Our best majors start on the 2nd page with IYT, up 1.68%, then IWM at 1.18%, then the big dogs start showing up with DIA up .57%, SPY .50%, with the NasDOGS bringing up the rear this week with QQQ up .29%.
53 of the 77 markets were higher, meaning 24 ................

 were lower, with oil the winner of that bunch, USO down a whooping 6.48% on the week, with obviously the OPPOSITE news coming out this week as to what ever had been supposedly driving it higher. The Aussies got hurt by the commodity drop and were the worst country ETF this week at -1.60%, not much of a drop if you ask me, and I'm not remotely interested unless they get back down to the $17 "area".

Here's the beeg wiener's in the SP 500 this week, and it's all financials, well, other than the airline in first, the smelly fertilizer stocks in second and third, the piece of junk in fourth, the payroll outfit in fifth, and, well, you know, blah blah blah ..........................

Here's the loser's, every one thinks Herseys got taken down by the failed merger but it's actually because chocolate is just to damned expensive!! Obviously Mondelez agrees with me, there's a number of oil stocks on the list with the weak oit price this week, and I swear that FOSL shows up on this list every stinking week, but I guess that's not true ................ it's good to see CPB on the list, they've now gone from historically un-FRICKING-believably over valued to historically un-believably over valued.

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