Sunday, September 18, 2016


The cumulative $NYAD sell signal continues this week, along with the $NYMO and NON-cumulative $NYSI. The picture above is for the $NAAD, I wanted to see if they were doing the huge divergence they did just over a year ago, when price made new highs but the NAAD's made a much lower high, which led to the August-October dump. The reason I thought this was I was thinking that AAPL and INTC probably made up 90% of the indexes gains this week .............. hahahahahahahahaha, that's a joke, get it?? It wasn't true though, the NAAD's came down but did not make the divergence at the high eight days ago so, it's nothing, for now .......

This is a template for Dave Landry's "Bow Tie" chart, which is his main chart, the green circle shows we just had a negative Bow Tie, AND, off of all time highs, two things he considers extremely negative. One thing I consider positive, is the black horizontal line, which shows that we tested, almost to the gnats ass, the break out from the previous highs back in June. I consider this good not because of the test so much as I can use this level as the drop dead level, meaning if we fall below it that will be very sheepish, as in BAAAAAAAAAAA.........D!

This is the nice and clean Stephen Bigalow chart, whereas he uses the black MA as his "T-LINE", where, with the proper candle stick formations, he buys above it and sells below it. I mention this because the current set up is SO obvious that, well, even I see it, hahahahahahaha! OBVIOUSLY, I would not be a buyer until the SPY can get back over the cross over of the two lines, PLUS, there's a NYSE floor trader I follow, that will remain nameless, whose whole trading plan consists of buying above the 50 SMA, the red line, and remaining short below it. 
The wonderful part about all of this, is that the formations are so tight, that my stops are tight as well. 

Last, I want to bring up MY chart of the monthly SPY. The tops in 2000 and 2007 were both DOUBLE TOPS, and the current market is exhibiting a LOT of similarity, it's just a little bigger double top. Also, it, MAY, be the start of a FAILED break out, that is also starting to show a kind of "Evening Star" formation where we had the big doji last month and now we are getting the big red candle to the down side off that doji. 
Now, after those negative comments, and just to show how totally SCREWED I am, there's a number of GOOD things. On the extreme right side, beginging at the top, the HMA UP/DOWN indicator is GREEN, at the green arrow, with a very steep up slope. We have never gone down when it looks like that, and looking at the two RED arrows at the prior two tops, we didn't get into the crash's until it turned red. 
The two green circles on the indicators show the SPY is currently in the LONGEST bollinger band squeeze it's every been in, currently 12 months and counting, which only means that a HUGE move is coming, up or down. The GOOD part, for the Bull shiters, eeeeeeerrrrrrrr, BULLS, is that in the green circle we are on three light green bars to the UPSIDE, meaning it's saying we are going to go higher, and even better, is the green circle below that, the Woodies CCI, is ALSO green, so the two indicators agree, which means, WE ARE NEVER GOING DOWN AGAIN IN MY FRICKING LIFE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God I hate this market .........

Not much has changed on the important indexes, the only things NOT on BUY signals this week, 20 SMA above 50 SMA, are the same TLT, GLD, $USD and $CRB as last week, BUTT, the biggie index, $NYA, triggered a new SELL on Friday, and the BIG CAPS, SPY, are some thing less than a gnat's ass of triggering their own sell signal. 
I replaced the $TNX with IYR this week, it's kind of doubling up to have the TLT and the yield in there, as we know what interest rates did by what TLT did. If you care the ten year yield was up 1.73% on the week. Adding the IYR means exactly half of the 12 charts above are on sell. 

The Bullish Percent indexes are actually better than the above, as only four are on sell signals, $BPHEAL, $BPSTAP and $BPGDM from last week, and $BPMATE joined the party this week. Look at the three charts across the top, the NYA and SPX BP's are CRASHING, while the NasDOGS are just ho ho ho-ing along in the middle, the Industrials are also losing ground fast, and $BPDISC is one day away from a new sell signal. 

XLU, XLP,  XME and XLV were on sell signals last week, XLB and XHB joined them on Friday, and XRT and XLI are less than a cat's whisker from joining that bunch, which would make EIGHT of the twelve sectors on sell signals, some thing can't be right here, the majors are making all time highs but 75% of their sectors are on sell signals??????????

I said it last week and the week before that, so I guess I'll have to say it again .......... NOT!! We finally got most of that foreign stuff off the first page of the leader board on my 78 markets, and luckily UNG was the big winner, as I turned on my gas heater today ........... hahahahahaha, do you think "they" knew that?? AAPL and INTC, eeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr, I mean the NasDOGS were our big wieners, QQQ up 2.63%, and for some straaaaaange reason the semi's were in the numero doce spot, SMH up 4.36%, IWM was our number two major, up a whopping .61%, kind of strange that VXX was on the first page, up .05%, because the SPY and DIA were both higher on the week as well, up a MAJOR whopping .55 and .43% respectively. AAPL made up 50% of the gains in the DIA, 81% in the SPY, and just over 50% of the NasDOG's gains.

There was 22 markets higher this week vs 19 last week, wooo hoooo, one of them was VXX and another was BND so I'm not sure if we don't call it a tie with last week. Wad-Da Ya know, all that  foreign stuff that was on the other list showed up on the loser's list this week, 15 out of the 20 to be exact, USO was in the number two spot, down 5.57%, which surprises me what with the WORLD WIDE ECONOMIC boom the FED wants to raise rates into before the BOOMING economies get away from them!!!!!! They, of course, have their stupid meeting next week and there ain't a chance in hell of them raising ............... jaw boning A-holes are what they are, yes sir-reee, they are ........

Here's the beeg wiener's in the SP 500 this week, so I'm reading about T-mobile and their record Iphone sales and it appears they are GIVING them away, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, that is if you trade in certain models, like, trade us a GOOD phone for one of these POS's ..................... my young High school nephew says the kids don't like them because those new puffy ear phone things fall out all the time, wad ever,

Hahahahaha, hhhhmmmmm, let me guess, was oil DOWN this week???? 15 of the loser's are oil related, and I include FSLR as they don't like lower oil as well. Actually, WFC is oil related as well, as they proved they are very SLIMY, the ROACH'S!!!!!!!!!! With oil down AAL kind of stands out as a little strange, hhhhhmmmmm, their revenue and capacity growth are declining, that sounds kind of R-C-E-S-S-I-O-N-A-R-Y, I had to kind of whisper that, no one likes to hear that word.

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