Friday, September 30, 2016


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The $NYAD's are locked inside of a triangle, just like the $SPX, the bulls say the triangle breaks to the upside and new ATH's, probably Sunday night or Monday at the latest, while the Bear's say Miss Yelling and the FED can go fricking SCREW THEMSELVES!!!!!!
The market goes down for one lousy day and Yelling comes out  and says the FED can buy stocks, sending the markets flying on Friday. I know more than one expert says the FED is directly prohibited from doing that, but I seriously doubt it will make any difference to those crooked bastards.
It's amazing how consumers rushed out to buy tons of crap today to help increase SP earnings because DB did not go broke ............... why else did the market go up??

Pretty much the same as last week, eight indexes remain on sell signals, 20 SMA below 50, but the $CRB is a whisker away from a new buy signal, and possibly triggered it on Friday. The majors remain the same with the two old stoggy indexes, DIA and SPY, on sell while the speculative IWM and $COMPQ are on buy signals. Some people might call that a bifurcated market. 

We now have nine $BP indexes of the 12 on sell signals, with the $BPINDY joining the ones from last week, the only ones NOT on sell are $BPCOMPQ, $BPFINA, and a little shaky, $BPENER.

Only three of the sectors remain on buy signals, XLE, XLK and XLF, and I have to say that XLF is looking mighty shaky, even with the help from Yelling and DB. 

Oil was the big winner in my 77 markets this week, as OPEC decided to pull a FED and manipulate the markets, OIH, USO, IGE, DBC and XLE make up four of the top five. I didn't think the Aussies did that much oil but I guess that's what pushed them to the top gain in Countries this week, EWA up1.75%, transports moved into the second best sector in back of SMH this week as I guess the trains, planes and trucks just LOVE higher oil prices, hahahahahahaha, what a screw ball market, sigh! We had no majors on the first page because, frankly, they didn't do that well this week, bonds LED with TLT up .50%, then the NasDOGS, QQQ up .33%, DIA .20 and SPY .14%, with IWM DOWN .21% on the week, with out Yelling saying the FED was going to buy every stock in the world they would have all been down on the week!

37 markets were up with 39 down with one dead flat, TUR was the big loser as Thanksgiving is still a couple of months away, you can sure see the oil manipulation as UNG, SLV, DBA, DGX, SLD, GCC were all down, they just don't have the right supporters behind them. XLU, IYR and XHB were all down this week despite both the 10 and 30 year yields being lower on the week.

Here's the monthly winners, I did these and the quarterlies around 2 PM this afternoon, so some of the numbers are not exact, but probably close enough. Those are two Indonesian indexes at the top, sigh, I'll take one of them off and replace it with Monaco or some thing, I'll leave the bullish one EIDO. Semi's and gold were neck and neck for the sector winner's, so I, SUPPOSE, you could say Semi's are as good as gold .........
You have to go all the way down to number 19 for our Major market winner for the month, the NasDOGS, or some times called the triple Q's, were up 1.35%, not exactly taking my breath away. And the next major "winner" was, aaaahhhh, eeeeerrrr, hhhhhmmmm, well, my my, I guess there were none, pseudo major's that were higher were USO 1.30%,  IYT, up 1.15%, GLD up .83, annnd, that was about it, there was 39 winner's in the 78 markets.

I yam a little shocked at home builders being the worst loser this past month, XHB down 7.11%, I personally don't keep track of them much but it sure seemed the yelling screaming yakking heads were yelling and screaming about how GREAT home stuff was! I think EIRL was down because there is talk that the ECB, MIGHT, move all the London stuff over to Ireland, so naturally trader's sold the shit out of them, hahahahahaha  ............Banks were down 4.03%, is DB in the XLF?? Our worst major shows up on this page, and AGAIN in spot 19, DIA down 1.59%, SPY down 1.03%, with the little guys down the least of the loser's at -.59%.

Here's the quarterly winners, they look a lot like the monthly winners as only four were negative last month, our best major was those same NasDOGS, QQQ up 9.85%, then IWM up 7.74%, SPY up 3%, with the Big Dogs being the last dogs, DIA up 1.87%.

Here's the quarterly loser's, DBA was the first NON inverse fund, down 8.70%, which I guess means CAT and DE must be doing great as it seems the less money the farmers have to spend on farm equipment the higher those two go, woo hoo ..... I guess oil's gain was all last month as USO is the fourth worst performer, down 6.05%, a lot of commodities on the first page of the losers, GCC, GDX, DBC, UNG, OIH, UUP, which that last one is REALLY crazy as with the dollar DOWN you would think the commodities would be UP, but, it's a crazy market. The ten year yield went from 1.33 in July to close around 1.61, that would explain some of that weakness and it didn't help XLU or IYR, or those home builders. 

Here's the beeg wiener's in the SP 500 this week, it crackcs me up to see RIG as the big winner, up 17.14%, as my "gamble" call on it that I've had for a month that expires in three weeks is still quite a ways out of the money, actually I need another 17.14% next week to get to just OTM, for some reason I kinda doubt it will happen, but never underestimate OPEC!!

We had quite a few pretty big stocks that were down quite a bit this week, like MYL, FOSL, KORS, LEG, MAT, TSO, VLO, WYNN, AMGN, I always seem to get it wrong about TSO and VLO, lets see, oil goes UP, they go DOWN, ok, got it ............................

Disk drives, some energy, casinos, tire makers, credit cards, travel agencies, those are some of the hodge podge of winners this month in the SP 500. 

Unlike CAT and DE I guess the weak ag prices didn't help MOS or TSCO, WFC is in the five spot and I loved how on Friday it went UP because DB, MIGHT, not go broke, as if they are not all CROOKS now ............. wad ever.

Here's the quarterly winners, disk drives cover the top and bottom of that page, CHK is in third even with the 10% drop this week. 

Here's the quarterly loser's, did BMY have an unauthorized split or something?? Even at the 10th worst performer this quarter CPB is still outrageously expensive on a metric basis, TTM P/E of 30.14, PEG of 6.08, P/X of 2.01, P/B of over 11, it's BOOK/Share is $4.94, BUTT, the dividend chaser's were willing to go after that MASSIVE 2.57% and gave up 17.88% in the process. HSY is right under CPB after they snubbed a buy out offer. 


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