Saturday, September 24, 2016


So Yelling sends all these hawkish FED Governors out to yak it up on Bubblevision (appropriately named for the FED!!) about how they were going to raise the shit out of interest rates, they even sent the head of JPM out there saying the FED HAD to raise rates, and of course, it's all a bunch of F**KING LIES, as the FED will  NEVER raise rates, errr, well, they probably CAN'T raise rates!!
So Yelling makes her statement and says that EVERY THING SUCKS, the US, Europe, THE WORLD SUCKS, there's no growth, there's no earnings, there's no revenue, and so, NATURALLY, the markets GO TO DA STINKING MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNN!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY, every things shitty, GIVE ME ALL I CAN BUYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
So then she gets in the press conference, and every stinking reporter, ACCEPT THE WOMEN REPORTERS, start ragging her ass about the FED NOT having ANY credibility, about how they are blowing bubbles again, blah blah blah, and she had the UNMITIGATED GALL to say there is NO BUBBLE and stocks are REASONABLY PRICED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, lets take a look at some of those, "REASONABLIES":

That's the TTM P/E, at 25.04 it's higher than any point in HISTORY other than 2000 and 2008, it's WAAAYYYYY above 1929!!!

Here's the Shiller P/E, at 26.86 it's higher than any other point in HISTORY other than 1929 and 2000!!

And here's the P/S, at 1.93 it's higher than any other point in HISTORY other than ................... NEVER!! IT'S A RECORD!!!!!     

Well, that was fun, I haven't ranted in a while, and to be truthful, IT FEELS DAMN GOOD!!
As required, I have to state that those charts came from .

So here's the GOOD part, I'm not going to talk about the $NYSI and $NYMO which are still on SELL signals, the main men, the $NYAD's, remain on buy, AND, they have a POSITIVE DIVERGENCE, making new highs when the $NYA did NOT, so, IT, they are leading us higher, which is what you want to see ......... yep, that's what you want to see ......

Chris Ciovacco says this has only happened with the MACD twice in the last 35 years,

Big changes this week on the important indexes, the DIA, SPY and $NYA joined the TLT, GLD, IYR, $USD and $CRB on SELL signals this week, 20 SMA below 50 SMA, the $TRAN are a measly 8 points away from their own sell signal. This means 8 of the 12 markets, or 66%, are on SELL signals. The only reason I bring this up is because in years past a bifurcated market like this would probably be BAD, what with the big boys, DIA and SPY, being on sell while the speculative issues, IWM and $COMPQ, are not even close to being on sells, although the bulls would probably say differently.
With the indexes closing on their lows Friday it sets it up for the FED on Sunday night to be able to squeeze the shorts and probably open us up about 500 points higher on the DOW ... well, maybe a little less, but you get the idea ..

The $BPNYA, $BPSPX, $BPDISC and $BPINFO joined the $BPHEAL, $BPSTAP, $BPGDM  and $BPMATE in sell signals this week. I consider these indexes pretty important as these measure the point and figure charts on buy signals of all the under lying stocks in the indexes themselves. The DOW, $$BPINDU, also went on sell this week, but with only 30 stocks it varies a lot. 

XLE, XLK and XLF are the only sectors still on buy signals. 
Ya know, I don't know what to say, the evidence says the great majority of all these indexes and sectors are on SELL signals, but all I hear are bullish calls from the great majority of pundits and chart readers. As an example I'm looking at the charts on the top of the home page of FinViz, and they all closed almost exactly on their lows of the day, but when I look over on the very right side at the BULL/BEAR percentages, it's 82% bull and 18% bear, I mean, isn't that SUPPOSED to be a CONTRARIAN call?? I'm just, well, confused I guess. Good luck to you. 

So, here's the winner's in my 78 markets this week, it's probably not surprising that XME was the winner at 7.35% as they could probably not contain their laughter after Yelling didn't raise rates, hahahahahaha, IYR went higher under the fairy tale that rates will remain low FOREVER, and what happened was that all those FOREIGN things that disappeared last week made a new appearance this week, as they seem to love NO rate rise more than our markets. 

Here's the BIG NEWS, out of those 78 markets only FIVE were lower, and three of them were of the inverse variety, which is probably a record. Our major market LOSER's were on this page, with the big boys being the worst performer this week, DIA up .80%, followed by the big boy NasDOGS, QQQ up .89%, the SPY made a decent showing, up 1.23%, with the winner being the little guys, IWM up 2.42%, which might make sense as they probably like no rate hikes more than any of the others. 

You won't find FB or AAPL on the SP 500 winners list here, as they took the markets down on Friday on news that they were taking lessons from Yelling and LYING LIKE MF'er's!!!!! It, "appears", that AAPL is NOT selling as many Iphones as believed, even with the phone companies trying to give them away for free, and FB "seems" to be LYING about the people viewing their videos!!!
Ya Know, I just can't believe it, can you imagine that, THE GOVERNMENT AND WALL STREET ARE LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FOSL was up because it couldn't go any lower, ENDP had one of those embarrassing moments when the stock goes higher because they replaced the CEO, LOL, and FDX was legit, it beat and RAISED guidance, all good stuff, so I expect it to collapse soon ........
I want to draw your attention to number 10 on the list, FCX, yep, I was mouthing off about it on Twitter, the charts I showed are on the last post below here. Ya Know, I tend to only trade a few stocks that I KNOW, and my theory on FCX is that the Chinese are going to print about 50 TRILLION Yuan and build about 50 new GHOST CITIES, and therefore will need TRILLIONS of miles of copper wire to NOT carry the electricity that WON'T be needed with NO BODY living in them!!!!!!!! Yep, that's my theory, AND I'M STICKING TO IT!!!!!!
For you folks that DON'T know options, here's a way you can play it, you buy the stock, you go out six months and buy a put 2% OTM, in this case the only options are in February, so you pay $1.10 for the $10 puts, which means you need to make .22 cents a month to pay for them, or just over .5 cents a week. The weekly ATR on FCX is .52 cents, so you have to go to the $10 strike, and next week is BID 7 cents and ask 9 cents, so see, you can cover the cost of the five month puts by selling weekly puts. If your cost to trade them is to high, CHANGE BROKERS, you can trade 1 contract at Interactive Brokers for $1. 
Ok, then, you buy one call option and then sell TWO calls to cover the cost of the lower call. Next week, 9/30, you can't do it, you have to go two weeks out to 10/7, you BUY the 11 call for BID .25 ASK .29, hopefully you get it for .27, then you sell TWO of the 11.50 calls for BID .12 ASK .16, hopefully you get lucky and sell them for .14, that's .28 cents and covers the cost of the $11 call, YOU CAN NEVER LOSE!!! Plus, if you get even luckier, the stock goes to your 11.50 strike and you pick up .87 cents on the stock and 50 cents on the 11 call, AND YOU COMPLETELY PAY FOR THE ENTIRE PUT THAT'S FIVE MONTHS OUT!!! You keep doing this every week or 2nd week, where ever you have to go to to make the numbers work. 
Of course, knowing the way it works, the whole thing will probably blow apart, BUTT, like, GO DOWN, but that's the chance you take. 
I do this all the time, and if the stock goes up or down to far, I start trading calls or puts in case it gets close to the strike prices.
"X" and AKS are two more of these stocks I keep track of, they moved this week as well, as the Chinese will need frames to run the copper wiring through.

Here's the loser's in the SP this week, WYNN was one of the big winners last week so it makes sense that it's the second worst LOSER this week ..... right? RIGHT??? I have no idea what CRM is doing on the list, is their 227 P/E not working it's magic??? Same with NFLX, are the cord cutters cutting the cord on the cord cutting NFLX??? CME can't be down, that's where I just got the info on those option prices for FCX, there's no way CF and MOS could be down, they are the only outfits in the world that make that fertilizer stuff, right?? Oooooohhhhh, that's right, the RUUSSKIES make it a well ..................


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