Friday, August 05, 2016


 OBVIOUSLY, all the breath "indicators" are on buy signals, STILL, so, as I have been mentioning, I am not going to waste my time talking about them until they get a divergent change in character, IE, the trend is UP ...........

The only things NOT on BUY signals this week, 20 SMA above 50 SMA, is the same two as the last two weeks, $CRB and $TNX, $TNX is trending higher while the $CRB is not, I'm talking about the 20 SMA, which means of course that TLT is trending LOWER, the $CRB followed the dollar higher the last three days, which seems strange to me, and even stranger is that OIL went higher the last three days, hahahahaha, just unreal shit, wad ever ...........................

All Bullish Percent indexes are on buy signals, well, other than $BPENER, and, MAYBE, $BPUTIL, as I can't exactly tell what that one is doing. 

 All sectors are in party mode, and on buy signals, the 20 sma has turned down on the two interest rate and dollar sensitive ones, XLU and XLP.

And the big winner in my 77 markets this week, besides the derivative XIV, is EWZ, I did an article a number of years back about Countries that hosted the Olympic Games, and almost has economic problems after the games are over, such as Russia and China after their games, look at England, they left the EU over the games ................ maybe Brazil will be different after the turmoil of the last couple of years, who knows.  The NasDOGS were our major market winner this week,  QQQ up 1.35% in 10th spot, then IWM at 1.02%, with the big Dogs were third, DIA up .61%. with the SPY in last, up a lousy .49%, all but the Q's would have been lower this week with out the big pump on Friday.

37 markets were lower this week, I wonder why SLV was down 3.31%, all of it on Friday, while GLD was only down 1.11% ?? I wonder about things like that, Europe was weak with the VGK down .81% for the week, even with the pops they got on Friday off of OUR payroll numbers, I guess that's going to help THEIR payroll numbers.

Here's the beeg wiener's in the SP 500 this week, there was 267 of them, NFLX is my NEW favorite valuation play:

AMZN "wins" on the TTM P/E with 315, but NFLX is the clear FORWARD winner with that 109.2, AMZN is "only" 77.91, which is a lot better than it used to be. 

BMY may not hafve helped itself but it sure helped MRK, LOL, TRIP did just that, tripped that is, I don't know what to say about CF, wonderful out fit lousy stock right now, I guess it keeps going down as long as grains are going down, same with TSCO,

FCX is on the loser's list this week, pulling back off it's earnings pop, but ya know,, it's set up for an R/R trade right here, as you, OBVIOUSLY, know where you probably don't want to hang around.

Sigh, I hope no one hung around for earnings on CNP .........


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