Friday, August 26, 2016


The $NYAD's and the NON-cumulative $NYSI joined the $NYMO from last week on SELL signals. So, I'm going ALL IN on shorts ........ right?? Shit no maaaan, not as long as that stinking FED is still around. They just love to let a little weakness weep into their manufactured markets so they can gap us up 4-500 points Monday morning to thoroughly screw the poor shorts, sigh, so, SCREW THEM, they aren't getting ME covering their BS!!!!
The $NYAD's at the top are on the tiniest of tiny sell signals, so that can easily be whip sawed back to buy with one UP day, just like the ones in the red circles. There's actually more whip saws, I just consider it an exercise in futility to point them out.
The more important CUMULATIVE $NYSI and $NYHL remain on buy signals.

My Market Monitor above of about 2800 stocks had another confusing close to the week. We've been having a bunch of red squares lately, which means the numbers were on the WRONG side of the market, IE, more stocks were down 4% than were up on a DOWN DAY, stuff like that, but Friday had some green, which is divergent with the DOWN day in the SPY, DIA and IWM, adding more crap is the red boxes on the far right side at the bottom, with the NasDOGS finishing higher on the day the $NAAD's were MINUS 161, which, in a normal world, would be extremely NEGATIVE, but the FED is probably drooling at the possibilities for the squeeze. 

The only things NOT on BUY signals this week, 20 SMA above 50 SMA, dropped to two, the $USD and $CRB, as $TNX took a big jump on Friday, as well as the dollar I might add, which may put TLT, GLD and VWO in danger next week, IF, of course, this continues. 

 $BPENER and $BPGDM remain on sell, with $BPSTAP joining the Debbie Downer party this week. The 20 MA is rolling over on $BPMATE and $BPHEAL but rolling up on $BPENER.

 ALL sectors are still in party mode, and on buy signals, well, other than XLU, and just like above the XLP joined them, although just by a single hair.

Hmmm, there was only 16 markets in my 77 markets higher this week, UNG was another leader as I guess "investors" are driving it higher in anticipation of the Governments outlawing all gas powered cars and requiring them to install Natural gas burning engines, of course for that to happen we need fueling stations which we don't have at our two stations here, so I guess we all get electric cars, but of course there's no charging stations for them either, so I guess we know where the next big boom is going to be.  Italy was the surprise winner of the country markets this week, EWI up 1.18%, the dollar was in the four spot, UUP UP 1.06%, XLF moved up in anticipation of higher rates, our best major was on this page with IWM up .10% on the week, which means there's a damn good chance the rest of our majors were DOWN on the week .............

 GDX was the big LOSER, AGAIN, down 9.28% on the week, and will continue to go down if the FED is serious about raising rates. Hahahahaha, EWZ didn't waster any time trying to full fill that little stat I gave a few weeks ago about Olympic countries sucking it big time after the games. The NasDOGS were in second for the week, QQQ down .41%, then the SPY at -.57%, with the big dogs in last place, probably mostly due to the dollar, DIA down .81% for the week. It's so funny, the MSM is talking like the markets CRASHED this week, hahahaha, god, what a bunch of roach's, sigh, wad ever ..............
There's a lot of stuff that interests me on this list, I just need like another 50% drop to get REALLY involved.

Here's the beeg wiener's in the SP 500 this week, not much I like but I did screw around with BAC all week, I have NO idea if it's going BAC to $18, but I'll hold some options just in case.

Here's the loser's, the dollar stores just go RIPPED as I guess the 99% (that aren't the 1%) don't even have a dollar to spend.

FCX broke to the down side out of that triangle, I mean, yea yea yea, there's support at $10, but I will NOT hang around under that number, but will be quick to try again should it drop under it and then pop back over it right away. 


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