Friday, August 19, 2016


 OBVIOUSLY, I have to say some thing this week, as not ALL the breath indicators are on buy:

The $NYMO, which I consider the weakest of the indicators, is on a sell, and, as you can see, the market does "tend" to go down, some what, on this signal. It doesn't have to go down, I'm just say'in, Ya know, it's definitely NOT good, it just doesn't mean that I'd go whole hog in shorts. 

In my Market Monitor above of about 2800 stocks, we've been having a bunch of red squares lately, which means the numbers were on the WRONG side of the market, IE, more stocks were down 4% than were up on a DOWN DAY, stuff like that, but waaaaaaay over in the lower right hand corner you see a green box for Friday, that was because the SPY was DOWN but 251 stocks in the SP 500 finished higher on the day, a divergence, and WOOOOOOOOO fricking WOOOOOOOO, LOL, which means it don't mean diddly squat but, HEY, it was a green box, and I'm under obligation  to mention it! Another slightly weird thing on Friday was that out of that 2826 stocks 46 of them were UP 4% on the day, AND, 46 of them were 4% DOWN on the day, WHICH, IMPO, GOES RIGHT ALONG WITH THE WHOLE STINKING WEEK ............................ god it was awful. By the way, it's not so much the tie, it's the fact that out of 2800+ stocks only 46 were up and down, geeze ............

As I might imagine with the tight ranges and low volume the SPY chart has a big BB Squeeze working, the red box in the upper indicator, which is in it's eleventh day now. It's on a buy signal, which you might be able to see as the light green vertical bars on the indicator, and they've actually been increasing a little. On the other hand, the Woodies CCI directly under the Squeeze has signaled SELL on three of the last four days, soooooooooooo ......... well, all I can say is that a big move is coming, one of these days. 

The only things NOT on BUY signals this week, 20 SMA above 50 SMA, is the $USD, $CRB and $TNX, well, other than days like Friday when the CRB goes down while the dollar and bond yields go higher. 

ALL the Bullish Percent indexes are on buy signals, well, other than $BPENER and $BPUTIL.

 ALL sectors are still in party mode, and on buy signals, well, other than XLU, XLE was a sell for a couple of days but rallied to end the week back on buy.

And the big winner in my 77 markets this week are all those things that I just LOVE to see higher, USO, OIH, DBC and XLE, SIGH   .......... and DOUBLE sigh! A "funny" one is the one in 9th, the IYT, as it's been going DOWN with oil and now it goes UP with oil, hahahahahahaha, thank you Grandma Chairman for the screwed up market, and, oh, by the way, we still do not have a DOW theory confirmation, but, like that means a rat's ass any more! The DOW is mostly financial stocks and crap like CSCO any way, so it probably doesn't apply any more.  The little guys were our major market winner this week,  IWM up a massive .61% on the week,which was much higher than the NasDOGS, QQQ up .05%, which were WAY ahead of the SPY in third, up a lousy .04%, and the big dogs were actually lower on the week, DIA down .31%, which was about what they were up last week, so I guess it all evens out.

33 markets were lower this week vs 18 last week, GDX was the big LOSER because GLD was higher on the week ................................................., did you get that, huh, GDX was LOWER as GLD went HIGHER, next thing you know stupid stocks will start going LOWER when the SP 500 finally starts to INCREASE earnings, but, that'll be the day, when the SP has better earnings that is. Some things are still RIGHT with the world, as interest rates went up so TLT, XHB, IYR and XLU went down, and oil went up as the dollar was down 1.33% on the week, but if interest rates were UP then why wasn't the dollar UP??

Here's the beeg wiener's in the SP 500 this week, I checked and URBN and NTAP actually did have good earnings, DE beat WAY lower estimates and was 2 CENTS higher than a year ago when the stock was 16% lower, I think because Corn and Wheat rallied this week might have more to do with the rise, even though all they did was rise into lousy prices rather than horrible.

Here's the loser's, BF-B had a split, and just because TGT, SPLS, BBY, LOW, TJX and MCD are on the first page of the loser's list does not, NOT, mean the consumer is sucking it up ....................... all though they COULD be saving up for the rumored 25% INCREASE in the NONE-AFFORDABLE care act next year.

FCX was actually higher last week, but that's not why I have it on here, it has a NICE triangle on it, AND, a big BB SQUEEZE, which means, it, COULD, be setting up for a HUGE move, one way or Da udder, the SQUEEZE is saying DOWN but the Woodies CCI under that is saying UP, one MIGHT consider waiting until it gets on one side of the bollinger bands.
OR, one might not consider it AT ALL ..............................

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