Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Here's the big monthly winner's in my 77 markets I keep track of, oil was the top commodity with USO up 11.04%, the top Country ETF was Ireland, OBVIOUSLY, as that 14.5 billion was more than their yearly GDP, right???? The top sector or industry ETF was SMH, up 5.36%, our best major market was on this page, IWM up 3.14% for the month, although I would say that IYT at 3.18% was not to bad, then the NasDOGS, QQQ up 1.39%, big gap between them and first, and then the Big DOGS were both lagging, DIA up .89% and the SPY bringing up the rear up .85%.

Here's the loser's, it consist of about any thing you can drop on Gartman's foot that hurst, GDX was the winner down 18.61%, hard to believe after it was making new 52 wk highs at the start of the month, Peru was the worst Country down 7.22%, just ahead of South Africa at 6.91%. If you are going to be precious it's better to hold the metal than the stocks, at least when things go south, as GLD was "only" down 4.21%, it all seems kind of strange with the dollar, UUP,   only up 1.02 % for the month and TLT up, meaning yields were down, I guess it's perception that counts, and I guess that Wall Street perceives Mz Yellen raising rates.

Here's the big winner's in the SP 500 for the month, five retailers on the list is probably trying to tell me some thing,, but I can't for the life of me figure out what it is.

Seems strange, retailers with the best representation on the winners list and then the dollar stores show up on the losers list with DG, COH and DLTR .... oh, wait a minute, COH isn't a dollar store, it's a little surprising to see only two metals on the list, FCX and NEM, right next to each other, the other lousy metal outfits are not in the S and P, like CLF, AUY, AG, IAG, KGC, AU, AKS, HMY, that last being the least loser in the bunch at -25.84%.

Here's a sector list, XLF was the leader, again it's kind of that perception thing, as in if Janet DON'T raise rates you can kiss that bunch good by, and why am I not surprised with XME down at the bottom of the list???? Consumer staples, healthcare and utilities complete the only other loser's in that bunch.

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