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Before I get to the "real" stuff, I have a comment to make:


I'm not talking to you guys, heck no, I'm yelling at these pricks:

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No shit she refused to comment, sigh! Ya know, I was just looking for reasons why the refiners were getting shellacked when I came upon this, this was posted by some A-hole on stocktwits who obviously had a position in gas and he was chortling about how GREAT it was that the bastards were going to shut down plants in order to raise prices ............... wouldn't it be nice if the A-hole gas companies actually had pricing based on SUPPLY AND DEMAND like the rest of us, wad ever, I'm done with my thing ............
Disclaimer: I might be a little upset as my vehicles are a 1989 and 1995 Ford PU's that average 15 MPG in the city, hahahahahahahahaha ..........

 All the breath "indicators" are OBVIOUSLY on buy signals, so I am not going to waste my time talking about them until they get a divergent change in character.

Here's a weekly chart on the SPY, we had the SECOND highest close in history today, mainly because the earnings recession will "only" have S and P earnings down 5.6% for the second quarter, hahahahahahaha, sigh, The estimated earnings decline for for Q2 is -5.6% as of Friday. , the highest was in the green circle on the price chart on 5/21/2015, the second highest WAS the red arrow on 7/20/2015, some one bitched about the lack of volume today, well, we had 127 million today, we had 65 million on 5/21 and 70 mil on 7/20, so throw THAT idea out! The RSqueeze just got it's FIRST squeeze this week, USUALLY, the move lasts 6 to 8 bars, so, POSSIBLY, we might have a MILE left to go. In the red SQUARE box on the RSqueeze we had been on an 11 bar run when we made that high. On the Woodies CCI below that we had a five bar GREEN run heading into the 5/21 high, we know have a five bar RED run heading into the current high, I don't know what to say, only that's it's the complete opposite of the prior high.

Here's the stat's on my "Market Monitor" comparing the three days, we had 63 52 wk highs today, 23 and 45 before, 130 20 day highs vs 83 and 78, 3 20 day lows vs 55 and 13, all good stuff. We have almost the same number of "SILVER CROSS's", the 20 sma above the 50 sma, 269 vs 265 on 5/21, only 195 on 7/20 but I will point that out below, all three had a very low number of stocks with an RSI over 80, today was even less than the other two, we had 402 of the 500 stocks with an RSI 14 ABOVE 50 vs 335 and 284, we MIGHT be a LITTLE over bought, he he he, all of the NYSE stuff on the far right is MUCH better now than it was then, PSAR buys 241 vs 88 and 34, CCI buys 437 vs 96 and 43, 52 wk highs 394 vs 109 and 155, all much better than the prior dates.

Here's the weekly "indicators" on the SPY, the two vertical red lines are 5/21/15 and 7/20, all I would point out is how we deteriorated from 5/21 to 7/20, just before we started the crash into August of last year. Right now I have to point out that we have a STOCH and RSI divergence on the far right, but I have to also say that would be corrected with a continuing push higher, and the MACD is on a SELL signal in the red circle, HOWEVER, the VERY important ROC at the very bottom is extremely strong. 

The only things NOT on BUY signals this week, 20 SMA above 50 SMA, is $TRAN and $TNX, I don't know what to say about the Transports, that USED to be a BAD signal, but who knows these days .....................

I'm tellin Ya, this CAN'T be good, but that's just IMPO,  the only two Bullish Percent indexes on BUY are $BPSTAP and $BPUTIL, the two most DEFENSIVE sectors in the stock universe, HEY, I just report the numbers, I make NO opinion on them ....... well, OK, I, DO, have an opinion, it's just not in my dumb ass place to give it out. If I DID, I MIGHT say they SUCK ........ remember, the BP's are arrived at by the number of stocks in the sector that are on P and F buys and sells, so what this means is that MORE stocks are on P and F SELL signals that buys.

In kind of a surprise XLB  joined XLY, XRT, XHB and XLF on SELL signals this week. I mean, XLB just BARELY went on sell, but HEY, like in Horse shoes and stuff .............. what really surprises me is that XLI, the Industrials, is just one gnat's ass away from their own sell signals, kind of strange when the INDU is making all time highs, but of course that's more of a FINANCIAL index these days while the XLI is TRULY industrial.

And the big winner in my 77 markets this week was GDX, up 10.21%, PROBABLY, because the DOLLAR was UP .63% on the week, hahahahahaha, figure THAT one out for me. TLT was our major market winner this week, up 3.57%, as people didn't just flee the rising stock markets for the safety of bonds, they FLEW into BONDS, the stock market winner was the NasDOGS, QQQ up 2.57% after being up 3.63% last week,  IWM was second at 2.13%, SPY was third at 1.51% and the DIA a DISTANT third at 1.01%. I find it funny in that the SPY was up 1.49% and the DIA 1.4% on Friday, so, the whole week was in the last day.

This great week resulted in 28 markets being down this week vs only 7 markets last week, oil got whacked due to the WORLD WIDE ECONOMIC BOOM, England did worse this week as only one European market was worse that EWU, that was EWI, other than the short funds most of that first of the worst page was European stuff.

Here's the beeg wiener's in the SP 500 this week, I don't know who that winner is, never heard of them, snort snort, HOG was up another 7.57% as I guess KKR had to bump the offer, or trader's think the offer will be raised. So let me get this straight, CELG was down 28.5% on FEAR's that the ##### will win the election, so it's UP 6.49% this week because the Republicans have INSURED her victory???????

I know I have an unhealthy fascination with FCX but, well, I'm fascinated by it!! It's been on an RSqueeze for two months now, in the red box, and when this thing decides to finally MOOOOOOOOOVE (like Big Bertha told me when she dragged me out on the dance floor at the Junior Prom), one way or Da udder, it's going to go like a bat from hell, it will! It reports earnings on the 29th, maybe that will be the catalyst. Some of the more adventurous might consider a slightly OTM straddle to have a shot at both sides. 

Here's the loser's, gee, and I wonder why I DON'T "DO" buy out rumors, as in HUM, and if you are wondering in the various articles I read abou why VLO, PSX, MPC, MUR, COP and TSO are lower, it's the crack spread, or margins, or demand, or some thing, it's OBVIOUSLY NOT MANIPULATION, the roach's!!
Some Italian guy DID sing a song about Valero, oh, yea, right:

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