Friday, July 22, 2016


 OBVIOUSLY, all the breath "indicators" are on buy signals, STILL, so, as I have been mentioning, I am not going to waste my time talking about them until they get a divergent change in character.
Rather than be a constant Debbie Downer finding some things to bitch about, I'll bring up some FUN things cleverly disguised so you don't know they are bitches:

(click on chart for larger image, I hope)

Here's the current "valuations" according to the WSJ, which, of course, matter not at all any more, as CB's are well on their way to owning ALL shares in the stock markets and will just dump the losses on the tax payer when the time comes.
The "NIL" on the IWM is funny enough, the last time they had a number there it was like 485, I guess the whole bunch is now losing money, and I thought the 75.18 last year was bad, hahahahahahahaha!! But forget the small caps, the one that takes your breath away, IMHO, is the "SAFE" Utility's at 24.89, that's even higher than the S and P. The dividend is 3.05 compared to the 2.12 for the SPY, so you pick up the .02 difference with the "enormous" dividend.
But the one I REALLY love is not on there:

The is the "ULTRA-SAFE" consumer staple stocks, XLP, beautiful chart is it not? I think it is ..............
Here's some "metrics" for it, or, them:

This is sorted by the Peter Lynch medoza line buy signal using the P/E's, out of the 35 "SAFE" stocks in the ETF only TWO, MDLZ and RAI, meet his "take a look" critieria, CCE comes close at 15.74 then they start jumping fast, Wally World is 16.28 and then gives up 50 basis to the next in line of ADM at 16.79, and when you add the whole group up they come out with an ASTOUNDING 28.95 group P/E ........... luckily though you get a 2.32% dividend yield to MORE than cover any REMOTE possibilities of an accident happening in the future.
If you were wondering, the, WINNER, of the group is that wild ass tech stock, K, with a maaaaaaavelous P/E of 52.54, but, at least they have earnings, plus they have a massive dividend of 2.41%, which probably more than makes up for their PEG of 8.76, hahahahahahahahahahahaha, oh god, be still my beating heart ....................

OK, back to things I can handle, The only things NOT on BUY signals this week, 20 SMA above 50 SMA, is the same two as the last two weeks, $TRAN and $TNX, although $TRAN is just a gnat's ass away from a buy, the $CRB actually joined those two on sell by the very slimmest of margins. That surprises me as I thought any thing commodity related was going higher to accommodate the WORLDWIDE ECONOMIC BOOM .............

The Bullish Percent indexes continue to be VERY weak, but are getting better with the $BPDISC and $BPCOMPQ joining the $BPSTAP and $BPUTIL on buy signals. Price has been blasting higher on five more of the BP's and it's just a matter of time until that 20 SMA gets over the 50's. 

 XLF is still the only sector on sell, but it's showing some heart.

And the big winner in my 77 markets this week, besides the derivative XIV, is SMH, and I'm a little surprised that it's only up 3.82%, I thought EVERY thing was BLOWING up this week! The NasDOGS were our only major market on the first page, QQQ up 1.65% in 10th spot, that "value" play XLU is on there in 13th, UUP being UP 1% on the week explains some of the commodity weakness, SPY was in second, up a massive .65%, then IWM at .58%, with the big Dogs being the tail of the Dog this week, DIA up .34%. I don't really watch the indexes any more, so these LOW numbers are quite surprising to me, 40 markets were higher so 37 were down, pretty split for the week.

And the winner of those 37 markets was TUR, which is the way life is supposed to be for a change, oil and metals kind of dominated the first page.

Here's the beeg wiener's in the SP 500 this week, and, RATS, FCX got slaughtered this week, down 3.36%, they report on Tuesday before the bell, and, yes, I'm holding through it. BUTT, I've got it collared pretty damn tight, with room on the upside to $14.27, and if it gets crushed, well, I'll start over again.
Oh, yea, there was some other stuff on the list.

I see about 12 energy stocks on the first page of the losers, so it's kind of "funny" that LUV is in numero doce with falling oil prices, if I remember correctly in prior recessions it SEEMS to me that it started showing up in lower airline traffic, but I COULD be wrong about that. NFLX was the winner because after about 15 years I CANCELLED my service, god, what a bunch of CRAP they have on the site, I HATE their made for tv junk, wad ever, I'm outta there ...........


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