Friday, June 10, 2016


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Ok, the main men, the $NYAD, have dropped to within a gnats ass of a new sell signal, this after only two days lower on the $NYA and coming off of recent highs for the current rally. Now, the $NYHL, $NYSI and $NYMO are all still on buy signals, as is the $NYAD's, we just don't really want to see them fall through that 10 MA, especially if some of the other's decide to join them.

Despite the down days the last two days we actually dropped down to four out of the 12 markets that are on sell,  the $COMPQ just eeked out a new buy signal, GLD joined the $TRAN, VWO and $TNX on sell signals this week, 20 SMA below the 50 SMA. .... 
187 stocks on the NYSE had new 52 wk highs vs 199 last week,  21 stocks made new lows vs 11 last week, still very strong numbers considering the $NYA was lower on the week, 33 stocks were on PSAR buy signals vs 199 last week, and 507 were on a PSAR sell signal vs 106 last week  .........

All 12 of the Bullish Percent indexes are on sell, so this is a divergence as it's obvious that the majority of the under lying stocks in the indexes are NOT in agreement with the rally, that's a little caution flag.

Just four sectors are on sell signals this week vs six last week,  XME, XHB, XLK and XRT, XLI and XLK, JUST BARELY, joined the bull camp.

And the big winner in my 77 markets this week, WAS, VXX, which is kind of a miracle as I've never seen that thing do any thing but go down, eight of the next nine winners were all commodity related, which obviously hasn't sunk into the consumer yet as the number Friday was GOOD, but that's Michigan and they are still living off the 20 BILLION dollars that no one can account for in the GM BK. TLT was our major market winner, AGAIN, as people fled the rising stock markets for the safety of bonds, AGAIN, only up 1.16%,  kind of strange to see SLV and GLD up above in the winners AND the dollar was higher on the week, UUP up .66%, the big boys, DIA, were up .37%, then IWM up .09%, which is still UP Ya know, which is better than the SPY, down .10% on the week, then the NasDOGS, QQQ, CRASHING on the week, down 1.02%.

32 our of the 77 markets were higher, here's the loser's this week, they were almost ALL any thing that speaks a language other than EngiLL-leash, over all Europe was hit hard, VGK down 3.74%, as Super Mario works his magic, the only thing on that first page related to our markets was some thing called the XLF, as financials are not liking the lower interest rates, although I fail to see why NOT, as they get money from the FED for FREE and then charge 30% on credit cards ................

Here's the beeg wiener's in the SP 500 this week, HRB led the way, I only thought they went higher BEFORE April 15th?? Quite a few oil stocks on there as USO was up a WHOPPING 5 cents on the week, a nickel here and a nickel there I guess, "K" just cracks me up, lol, it has a TTM P/E of 49.54, AND, a stinking PEG of 9.95, hahahahahaha, just a Peter Lynch love story, sigh, wad ever, it's chart looks like it could continue going to Da MOOOOOO.......n, as it rocketed to new highs the last four days while the over all market was going down.
38 stocks hit 52 wk highs on Friday vs 41 last week and ZERO hit lows vs ONE last week, 54 hit 20 day highs vs 95 and 33 hit lows vs 17, 2 stocks had a 14 RSI above 80, SJM and CSC, ZERO were below 20, the Peter Lynch happy hunting ground.

Here's the loser's, 247 stocks were higher so the loser's were the winners, I guess, BIIB is why I DON'T do biotech, nice company but they missed some trial, so, dump city, wow, one of the FANG stocks made the first page, NFLX,  and one of my F'd stocks made the list at number 13:

Now, I'm not REAL sure, but, Hhhhhmmmmmm, I kind of think that $10 level had better HOLD, or it could be Sadie bar the fricking door .............. I will get VERY interested again if it gets back under $4 ...................

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