Friday, June 24, 2016

WEEKLY WRAP UP, eeeeerrrrr, WRAP "DOWN", FOR 6/24/2016

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Well, the main men, the $NYAD, not only did NOT head lower off of that Bear flag last week, but actually moved bback up into a BUY SIGNAL, hahahahahahaha, LOL, god I hate the markets some times, like, ALWAYS! The NON-Cumulative $NYSI from last week remains on sell, with the cumulative $NYMO being the only other indicator on SELL.

I, THOUGHT, the red box on the left, my Market Monitor of over 2900 stocks that were down 4% or more on the day, was a new RECORD at 1405, but the record was 1450 on August 24 of last year, so, I found THIS extremely amusing:

LOL (again), the big red circle in the lower left is that low from last August in the SPY, and the little bitty circle in the UPPER right is the "LOW" (?????) on Friday, gee, they are almost TWINS ..........................
By the way, the over 900 stocks on the right side of that table of PSAR sell signals on the $NYSE is a record.
I can only imagine that with numbers like this the buy the dipper's will be out in full force Monday, IE, the FED, as they print new money and pay a premium for every stock on the $NYSE, which, that if the market ever actually does go down they will tell us tax payers that it was just bad luck about your losses.

We only have TWO markets on on sell signal this week, $TRAN and $TNX, 20 SMA below the 50 SMA. .... when you get a big dump like this it takes time for the MA's to catch up, which is some times called a TREND .........
184 stocks on the NYSE had new 52 wk highs vs 105 last week,  49 stocks made new lows vs 11 last week, still very strong numbers considering the $NYA was lower on the week, 123 stocks were on PSAR buy signals vs 812 last week, and 948 were on a PSAR sell signal vs 49 last week  .........

$BPCOMPQ, $BPINFO, and $BPHEAL remained on buy signals, with $BPUTIL joining them.

Just TWO sectors remain on sell signals this week, XLY and XRT, and I, THINK, that XLF, MAY, have joined them, although just barely.

And the big winner in my 77 markets this week, WAS (AGAIN! For the third week), VXX, SH is an error as StockCharts says it was up only 1.64% on the week, there's only 12 winners, they were all inverse or defensive accept for this one little ETF, EWZ, he he he, the most hated Country in the World and it's the only one higher this week. I guess it makes sense as the second best Country is probably the second most hated, EWJ.

That means 65 out of the 77 markets were lower, here's the loser's this week, XIV was the "winner", AGAIN (and AGAIN!), the big surprise is that Britain had six Countries that fared worse than them  this week, PROBABLY because they are STAYING in the EU, hahahahahahahahahaha! IWM was our big winner this week, only down 1.47%, as I guess it pays to have as little exposure to the EU as possible, the SPY and DIA were next at minus 1.59 and 1.64%, the NasDOGS were the worst this week, AGAIN, QQQ down 2.07%, which is better than last week. They are down 4.32% over the last two weeks and I think it's because I believe FRANCE is trying to pass legislation to have employers pay Social Security for ROBOTS, I'm not kidding ................. I guess that would be one way to pay benefits for all those people the Robots are laying off.

Here's the beeg wiener's in the SP 500 this week, there were 122 of them, winners that is.
30 stocks hit 52 wk highs on Friday vs 15 last week and 10 hit lows vs 2 last week, 37 hit 20 day highs vs 33 and 236 hit lows vs 24, ZERO stocks had a 14 RSI above 80, and ZERO stocks were below 20, AGAIN, meaning the markets are pure BULL SHIT, and, AGAIN, means there are ZERO stocks in the Peter Lynch happy hunting ground.

Here's the loser's, man, CF looks terrible:

I don't mind the AG companies, CF has very nice funnymental metrics, but I just hate the Russians after what they did to POT ash last year, sigh, so I tend to not touch things that can get ripped by a manipulating Government that just cuts prices as they see fit.  


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