Friday, June 03, 2016


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The $NYAD continues to rocket higher, in fact all of the "indicators" are on buy signals, the $NYHL, $NYSI and $NYMO, I mean, really, I find that chart just kind of flabbergasting, number one being why are the indexes not rocketing higher with the $NYAD's?? Besides that, I mean, come on, what else do you need, I mean, a payroll report as bad as that one, I mean, WOOOOO HOOOOO, we should be going to DA STINKING FRICKING MOOOOOOOOOO.......N!!

Wad ever, I have nothing more to say, other than spit out the weekly stats.

We dropped to only five markets on sell signals this week,  the $USD, or "dollar"as it is some times called, told the $COMPQ, $TRAN, VWO and $TNX to get screwed this week, and joined in the buys signals, 20 SMA ABOVE the 50 SMA. That's another weird reason for the markets to NOT be lower, rumor has it that "THEY" hate a strong dollar, but, I guess not so much .... 
199 stocks on the NYSE had new 52 wk highs vs 48 last week,  106 stocks made new lows vs 16 last week, more strange stuff as BOTH of them jumped higher, 199 stocks were on PSAR buy signals vs 127 last week, and 106 were on a PSAR sell signal vs 21 last week, and again, strange .........

Eleven of the Bullish Percent indexes are on sell, the $BPMATE is still on buy, just barely,  the $BPCOMPQ, $BPHEAL and $BPINFO had the indicator just blast through the 20 and 50 SMA's but they have previously gone down so fast the 20 is struggling to turn higher.

XLI, XLY and XME joined XHB, XLK and XRT with sell signals this week, XLU whip sawed back into a buy signal from sell last week.

57 in my 77 markets were higher this week vs 41 last week, South Africa was the country winner, EZA up 5.78%, GDX was a sector winner, up 10.37%, TLT was our major market winner as people fled the rising stock markets for the safety of bonds, up 2.66%,  IWM was our major stocck winner, up 2.2%, then the NasDOGS, QQQ up.46%, as they just slaughtered the SPY which was only up .45%, and the DIA's CRASHED, down .01%, to be the BIG loser's on the week.

The loser's this week were any thing that speaks Spanish, like Italy, Spain and Mexico, although I guess the Italians would debate that, the dollar was actually down on the week even though it still had a Silver Cross as noted above, it's just that it went down so hard and fast on Friday the 20 hasn't had a chance to turn lower.

Here's the beeg wiener's in the SP 500 this week, Wall Street is getting so Fat thanks to the FED they needed new belts, KORS up 15.85%, quite a few energy stocks on the list, NEM, STX and WDC continue to go up.
41 S and P stocks closed the week at 52 wk highs vs 15 last week, 1 stock at a 52 wk low, AAL, which I guess means business flyers may be sucking it up, there was 95 at 20 day highs vs 36 and 17 at lows vs ZERO last week, 4 stocks had an RSI 14 above 80, STJ (AGAIN! and again, and again), LLL (again), TYC and CSC, and ZERO stocks showed up under 20,so we are back to a value investor's nightmare, 373 stocks had an RSI above 50 vs 227 the prior week.

People thought things were so great I guess they weren't smoking this week as SIG was the big loser, down 9.08%, BUTT, I really have no idea what the outfit does, GM was on the list, down 5.40%, so I guess the UAW will got to us tax payers for more money, why do I keep seeing NKE on some of these loser's lists, I thought they were the ANAL-syt darlings??? Same thing with UA, I guess the smelly athlete clothing is out of style ...........................

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