Saturday, May 28, 2016


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 The main men, $NYAD, is doing the complete opposite of a year ago when they made that horrible divergence off the ATH's and continued down into August and October. They are back into a "leading" position as they broke over the April highs while the $NYA has not yet accomplished that feat. This remarkable run off the February 11 lows is all due to what will now be the sixth quarter in a row of earnings that are lower than the earnings peak quarter of  September 30 2014, when they reached $27.47. The market has been rallying lately based on rumors that the second quarter earnings will continue that streak, thus qualifying the SPY to make new ATH's some time in the coming weeks, woooo hooooo!

  The non-cumulative $NYSI is the only "indicator" not on a buy signal, both the $NYHL and $NYMO remain on buy signals. It's right on the verge of a new signal and all it will take is a couple of more analyst to come out and say earnings for the second quarter are going to be lousy and it should have no problem triggering a new buy, woo hoo ............ 

The result of the best week in some time for our indexes was for the DIA to join the $COMPQ, $TRAN, VWO, $USD and $TNX on SELL signals this week, the 20 SMA below the 50 SMA, the IWM just barely escaped joining them with the big rally on Friday.
Speaking of the SPY (I was, wasn't I????):

It just came out of a BBSqueeze and triggered long Friday, that's in the green box on the right on the indicator, and the SPY closed outside of the bollinger bands for the third day in a row. The last time it did this was on it's way to the April highs when it closed outside the BB's for six days, which is about typical when the BB triggers. We, "SHOULD", have no problem breaking those April highs, AND, if we can just get some of those market maven's to not only come out and say that the earnings recession is going to carry over into the second quarter, BUTT, we are going into an economic recession as well, then, WOOOOO HOOOOOO, THE STINKING SPY WILL GO TO ALL TIME FRICKING HIGHS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What this great week in the indexes did with the Bullish Percent indexes was take them from six on sell signals last week to eleven this week, the only one NOT on sell is the $BPMATE, and the 20 SMA is rapidly approaching the 50 SMA on it. It sure would be nice to get the BP's confirming the AD's, but I guess you can't have every thing.

Five of the sectors are on sell this week, XLI, XLY, XLK, XME, XHB, and XRT. with XLU a gnat's ass away.   

XIV was the huge winner in my 77 markets this week, up 10.69%, as I guess any shorts left over are getting the holy shit squeezed out of them. Two of our major markets show up in the top 10 this week, AND, they are "risk ON" assets, IWM and QQQ tied at up 3.44%, which is also interesting as one of them is small cap and the other mega cap, so much for "asset" allocation. The SPY was next at 2.31% with the DIA being the DOG's, "only" up 2.14%, must be a bunch of lousy little companies in that index.

There were only 13 loser's this week, with XIV's opposite being the wiener, precious metals got ripped as interest rates and the dollar rose, and EWZ continued to fall as "inwestors" realize the "new" government is as corrupt as they "old" one, with many of the same individuals involved in it, much like our own government.

Here's the big winner's for the past month, XIV used this week's gains to take the top spot, the few gas owners of us left were pleased as punch to see USO in the number two spot, XLK and QQQ were our big winner's, JUST barely more than what the weekly gain was, all us cereal lovers were also pleased as punch to see DBA in the number 8 spot, sigh, my cereal price never went down but you think I'll see HIGHER prices now?????? The gains drop off pretty fast with SPY only up 1.34%, meaning they were DOWN for the month by 1% until this week, DIA was only up .52%.

Here's the big loser's for the month, 45 of the 77 markets were down. TUR seems a little early, doesn't that usually have it's big drop on the third Thursday of November??

XME is in third place on that list, it had a drop, then the "Bear Flag", AND, in a "Equal Move" scenario, COULD, go back to the $18 "area" if it breaks the flag to the down side....... maybe....... possibly........

Here's the beeg wiener's in the SP 500 this week, I have NO COMMENT when things like XRX and SPLS move 7.5% in a week, LOL ...........
28 stocks had 52 wk highs Friday vs 15 last week, ZERO had lows vs 1 last week, 79 were on 20 day highs vs 36 and ZERO on lows vs 17, I'll be honest I don't ever remember ZERO stocks having a 20 day low in the SP's, 5 had an RSI above 80, ZERO were below 20, IE, ZERO bottom fishing interest. In a little divergence 276 stocks were on a Silver Cross, 20 SMA above 50, vs 306 last week, always interesting when some little anomaly like that pops up.
NYSE had 138 stocks on PSAR buys vs 127 and 32 on sells vs 21, 116 new highs vs 48 last week.

Here's the beg loser's this week, I'd probably get interested in NEM if it dropped 50% .................

Here's the monthly winners, mostly for the buy high and try and find a sucker to buy it even higher crowd.  

Here's the monthly loser's, mainly for those people like, ME, who like to buy low and panic and SELL even LOWER, hahahahaha..............

As ALWAYS, I'm watching AA, I WAS talking about buying in the $8's, but I have to say hhhhmmmmm, it's looks just like the XME, of which it's part of, and an "Equal Move" would be down close to $7. I, MIGHT, also be interested if it can get over that DEATH CROSS level just under $10, I shall see I will ..........

The "MONTHLY" numbers will obviously change a little on Tuesday ............


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