Saturday, April 23, 2016


I have to say that after catching up on Twitter this morning I think I've seen more baffling bull shit than I've ever seen before, I don't know if it's a turning point or not, sigh .............

 The only markets NOT on a buy signal, 20 SMA above the 50 SMA, is the dollar, $USD, although it ended the week with three strong up days, interest rates, $TNX, and gold, GLD, although the 20 SMA actually turned higher and the 50 is still rising sharply.
75 stocks on the NYSE had new 52 wk highs vs 108 last week, 8 stocks made new lows vs 5 last week, 42 stocks were on PSAR buy signals vs 80 last week, and 105 were on a PSAR sell signal vs 36 last week, over all the numbers were much weaker than last week. 
In my market monitor of about 2900 stocks  146 stocks were 4% HIGHER for the week vs 55 last week, only 28 were 4% lower vs 36, 63 hit 52 wk highs vs 81 last week and only 5 stocks hit lows. 

No reason to show the breath indicators, there was no change this week, accept maybe better. 

There are no Bullish Percent indexes NOT on buy.

There are no sectors NOT on a buy signal, again, but two of them, XLP and XLU, had a lousy close to the week and both crashed through their rising 20 and 50 SMA's.
According to S and P XLP and XLU have two of the highest peg's in the index, 2.52 and 3.57 respectively, so they have no growth to go along with the high P/E's. Speaking of P/E's S and P is "estimating" $24.56 for this quarter, which would give it $89.28 for the last year, which gives the index a TTM P/E of 23.43, not super high like 28.31 at the market high in March of 2000, but higher than the 20.68 at the high in October of 2007, right before the great recession.

Commodities were all the rage this week in my 77 markets, with Nat gas, oil and materials on the first page, which was good for countries such as RSX and EWC, missing the first page were our major markets, IWM led at 1.48% for week, followed by DIA at .68%, the SPY at .57%, nothing which is reason to get real excited about but still much better than the major loser on the week, the NasDOGS, QQQ down -1.50% on the week as the FANG stocks kind of bit the index.

There were 25 loser's this week compared to 13 last week, those two I mentioned above, XLU and XLP, figured prominately at numero UNO and number 4, it was a bad week for bonds as well with TLT down 2.67%, I guess EWZ might have gotten a little ahead of itself as it appears she will continue to fight the impeachment to the end.

Here's the beeg wiener's in the SP 500 this week, a lot of energy stocks followed oil higher this week.

15 S and P stocks closed the week at 52 wk highs vs 12 last week, there was 110 at 20 day highs vs 69 and 47 at lows vs 16 last week, 8 stocks had an RSI 14 above 80 vs 4 last week, and ZERO stocks showed up under 20, AGAIN, as there are no over sold stocks to consider, which puts quite a crimp in my over all interest in the "markets". 360 stocks had an RSI above 50 vs 417 the prior week, so, DESPITE, finishing higher on the week the over all breath fell slightly.

Two "FANGER's" were on the first page of the loser's list this week, NFLX and GOOG, with number three in market cap MSFT down 6.95% on the week, I mention them as they are just ridiculously expensive, even compared to XLU and XLP, with a PEG of 4, P/S of 4.63, and a TTM P/E of 36.88, I mean, hahahahahahahahaha........... well, it, WOULD, be funny, if it wasn't so true, sigh, what a piece of shit market when a stock like that has numbers like that .........................

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