Friday, April 29, 2016


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No change in the breath indicators this week,  the main men $NYAD remains on a buy signal and looks very good, $NYSI, $NYHL and $NYMO all remain on buy signals as well.  

The big index, $NYA, is at a pretty critical point right here, it's been r-eeeeeeeeeeeee....... JECTED, at the double top from the highs last November, which are also the July lows before the crash into August and October.

Kind of confirming this "shaky" situation is the Point and Figure charts for the big boys,  the INDU at the top is on a "Double Bottom Breakdown on 4/28" while the SPY is on a "High Pole Warning from 4/25", both the $NYA and $COMPQ have NO SIGNALS.

The good news is that the P and F for the new leader of the pack, IWM,  is on a "Ascending Triple Top Breakout on 3/30" 

There are only two candle glance charts on sell signals, the 20 SMA below the 50, that's $USD and $TNX, the $COMPQ have the worst looking chart of the major indexes, although even after five down days in a row the 20 SMA has barely moved to the down side.

All of the Bullish Percent indexes are on buy, but we are definitely getting some down ward movement in a number of them, like $BPDISC, $BPHEAL, $BPINFO, $BPSTAP, and it's kind of strange that there has hardly been any movement at all in $BPCOMPQ, it hasn't even broken under the 20, I guess that is a positive divergence for the NasDOGS.

All sectors are still on buy, the XRT in the lower right corner is right on the verge of a negative cross.  

GDX was the huge winner in my 77 markets this week, up 14.34%, as I guess any shorts left over are getting the holy shit squeezed out of them. The top 10 are all commodity related, if you aren't in right now I'd wait until they double or triple from here, or even better make new ATH's ..............................
None of our major markets were on the first page, you had to go to page two where TLT popped up, the big winner at up .79% on the week as inwestors were fleeing to the safety of bonds, with all the great stock market news.

I could have sworn that Abenomics were the greatest thing like, EVER, but they seem to be leading the wrong column this week, down 6.47%, the NasDOGS were the big loser of our majors, QQQ down 2.99%, then IWM -1.43%, DIA -1.28%, with the SPY our big gainer on the week, "only" down 1.26% on the week.
Ya Know, IF, I was a smart ass, I might look at all those commodity prices going Up this week, and our stock markets going DOWN, and say that inwestors don't like rising commoity prices, but since I'm NOT a smart ass, I won't say any thing...............

Here's the big winner's for the past month, no surprise I guess that GDX was the winner, in fact the list is pretty close to the weekly winner's list, you had to go to page two to find our big major winner, IWM up a massive 1.67% in what is the BEST month during the year, April, DIA was numero Doce at .61%, then SPY at .39%, which is practically a rounding error on a daily basis, much less a "gain" for the entire month............

Here's the big loser's for the month, the good Ole NasDOGS show up in the number six spot at -3.19%, almost all of it due to this past week, TLT was down .74% so I guess inwestors were NOT fleeing into bonds on a monthly basis, there were only 16 loser's on the month, pretty impressive, and NONE of them were emerging markets, other than Ireland at number 16.

Here's the beeg wiener's in the SP 500 this week, FCX is in the number 3 spot after they reported earnings............ eeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, actually, Bloomberg explains why they were higher, Freeport Cuts Energy Jobs After Posting Sixth Straight Loss at Bloomberg
It's great isn't it, hahahahahaha, but like some one I read mentioned they were actually cash flow positive, so I guess that enables them to pay for that 4.18 BILLION dollar loss this quarter AND the more than 20 BILLION dollars they have in debt, the "FLY" says they are going to RIP investor's some where down the road here and issue new debt, sssooooooooooo, I'd ride it to Da Moon but watch my back on this one...........
6 stocks had 52 wk highs Friday vs 15 last week, 3 had lows vs 2 last week, 23 were on 20 day highs vs 110 and 97 on lows vs 47, 4 had an RSI above 80, STJ, BSX, LLL and IRM, 3 were below 20, HRB, PRGO and SRCL.

Here's the monthly winners, mostly energy and metal stocks as they magically go higher after all the bear market mentions by Bubblevision.  

And here's the loser's for the week, no surprise to see XRX on the list, I AM surprised to see GLW down 11%, if I had to guess I'd say it was APPL related with their gorrilla glass, I'm just guessing there.............. I'm also a little surprised at FSLR down 9.26%, as POTUS is going to spend TRILLIONS of our tax dollars on the "for ever" wave of the future.........................

Here's the monthly loser's, I see FSLR on this list as well as XRX, STX, WDC and AAPL on this list have to give Tech investors a whole bunch of confindence............ is a slow down in tire sales, AKA, GT, a sign of a slowing auto market, AKA, 2007?????????????

Housing: At the Edge of Another Huge Cliff?.

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