Saturday, February 06, 2016


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The main men, the $NYAD, were a gnats ass away from a new buy signal last week, they got the buy signal, and now they are a gnat's ass away from a new sell signal, hahahahahaha, sigh, wad ever. One bad thing is they are trying to make another lower high. 

The $NYSI, down at the bottom, remains on a sell signal, but the $NYMO, in the middle, went on buy, and the really important one at the top, $NYHL, remains on a sell, but it's been flat for a month and is trying to hook up, and the MACD has hooked into a buy signal, so, you just never know, the new highs may be sneaking higher. Bottom line is the breath indicators are 50/50.

This is a monthly chart of the SPY technical "indicators", I don't like to show this because in this era of massive Central Bank and Government intervention and manipulation, well, they don't mean diddly fricking squat, BUTT, "IF", this was a normal world, these things would be saying awful stuff, the 60 period STOCH at the top hasn't even broken under the 80 level yet, the regular STOCH and the 5 and 13 RSI's haven't even dropped to the 2011 levels, much less the 08' levels, MFI is trending down but not close to 11', and the worst is the ROC at the bottom, when it broke the ZERO line in 08' that was it, that was the END, OVERS VILLE, DONES VILLE, KAPUTS VILLE, and it has just now broken the ZERO line, I mean, like I said, if this was "NORMAL" times, we would have a MILE left to fall. 

Just like last week there are only two candle glance charts on buy signals, the 20 SMA above the 50, that's GLD and TLT, the dollar, $USD, has the 20 MA above the 50 but both are sloping down, although the buck made a nice move on pay roll day and, MIGHT, be trying to resume it's prior up trend.

Only two of the Bullish Percent indexes are on buy, $BPUTIL and $BPENER.

The sectors have only one more buy signal, the XLU.

Huge change from last week in my 77 markets where 26 were higher last week, only 25 were higher this week ........... GDX was really shining this week, any thing mining or material was good, silver and gold, TLT was the leader of OUR major markets, AGAIN, up 1.31%, that stalwart Peru was the leading country, EPU up 3.98%.

Our major market winner of the loser's this week was right up there in fourth place, QQQ down 5.77%, I have no idea why as I don't even look at the Q's any more, I stopped trading them after they put those social media stocks in it, DOT COM city, IMPO, as believers in LNDK found out this week, two kids in a garage can make any one of them out of style unless FB buys them first for 20 billion. IWM was in second at minus 4.78%, SPY third at -2.98%, with the DIA the big winner's at only -1.48%, all of that Friday.

Here's the beeg wiener's in the SP 500 this week, I would "guess" that most of it is earnings related.
 151 stocks were higher vs 220 last week, 7 stocks  closed with a 52 wk high Friday vs 26 last week, and 25 closed on lows vs 7 last week, 40 stocks closed on 20 day highs this week vs 73 last week and 65 on lows vs 22 last week, 2 stocks closed with an RSI 14 above 80, KORS and EXC,  1 stocks had a -20 RSI vs 2 last week, TRIP.  The NYSE had 33 PSAR buy signals vs 278 last week and 218 sell signals vs 25 last week,  65 new CCI buys vs 315 and 186 sells vs 22 last week, 67 52 wk highs vs 118 and 130 lows vs 34.

And here's the loser's, a lot of down streamer's  in the oil patch this week like MPC, VLO, COP, MRO, TSO, or maybe they are UP streamers ((??), hhhhmmmm, I guess people are not taking cruises with RCL down 15%, I would THINK that prices would be LOW with the LOW oil prices, but that's like saying food is LOW because of the low grain prices over the last year, it ain't gonna happen, until the recession hits and RCL will pay YOU to take a cruise.

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