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There's no need to do a weekly update, I mean, EVERY ONE, knows the numbers, as they've been splashed all over the internet and twitter, I'm just doing it to keep the continuity going.
It's pretty interesting of course, I would "THINK", that with the horrible numbers, like the worst first week of the year EVER, the current earnings recession where they have been down three quarters in a row and about to go to four in a row, commodity bear markets, etc etc etc, that the markets would be GOING TO DA STINKING MOOOOOOOONNNNN, hahahahahaha, I mean, that's what they did starting in 2011. They may still go to Da Moon, who fricking knows, I will say that they haven't had these dumps since August for no reason at all, they SEE some thing coming ahead, and we won't know what it is until it gets here. 

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I posted this on twitter Friday, the divergence between the main men, the $NYAD, and the $NYA is pretty striking, the $NYA made a new low under the August and October lows while the NYAD's are not even close to doing that, which is GOOD, as the NYAD's are whats need to lead us HIGHER. Of course, you could also say that what we have is a lot of room to the DOWN SIDE for the NYAD's to play catch up, that could just as easily be true.
None of the other indicators, $NYMO, $NYSI or $NYHL are doing that, and also my "Market Monitor", composed of over 2900 stocks, has NOT reached levels we reached in August and October, meaning we have NOT had a BLOW OUT yet, as an example I also posted on twitter that the number of stocks in the SP 500 with an RSI-14 of under 20 was 5, while in August it was 84, so there's lot's of room to go to the down side, and getting more over sold. 

Out of 12 fairly major markets this week we jumped to ELEVEN markets that are NOT on a Silver Cross buy signal, the 20 SMA above the 50, we had ten last week, the one that IS on a buy signal is TLT. Most of those charts really got UUUUU-gilly, I kid you not, the one I consider REALLY bad is the $TNX at the bottom right, I mean, a BLOW OUT job's number and interest rates go DOWN???? Hhhhhmmmmmm.............. the FED just can't win for losing, hahahahaha...............

The Bullish Percent indexes, which are created using point and figure charts of the COMPONENTS of the major indexes,  remain with only two NOT on sell signals, $BPHEAL and $BPSTAP, Health and staples, which are about as defensive sectors as you can find. Both of those are a gnat's ass away from a new sell signal, I'm sure they feel left out and want to join the party.

Out of 12 SP sectors nine are now with the BEARISH Silver Cross party this week, it was 10 last week, XLU joined XLP and XLV on buy signals.

There were 11 winner's in my 77 markets last week, no countries were higher for the week, XLU was the sector winner and was the ONLY one to be less than 1% lower, down "only" .39%. I do find it interesting that some of the "winner's" on this first page were the ones that were supposed to be CRUSHED by higher interest rates, like XLU, JNK, XLP and IYR.

The loser's were, of course, Legion, with the best of the worst down at the bottom of this page being EWG, and it was down 7.25%. In kind of a complete shocker China was NOT the worst index, FXI only down 10.4% in fifth place, that honor belonged to EZA and EWA, EWA of course being dependent on China. I, LOVE, the Aussies, the dividend right now is 7.23%, and I think they have major problems besides China, they have a large number of banks in the index and their housing is one of the most expensive in the world, as laborer's were pulling down $250,000 a year during the boom times, I don't know if the bubble has popped yet or not, but I do know that in the last "crisis" they bottomed half of where they are now, about $8:

Those red circles are called a "KNEE KICK", where they have a big drop and then a little rally for a few bars and then get a "continuation" of the drop, which at this point they are right on the lows of the last few months, soooooooo, I'll wait on them........
 The little guys were the "winner" of the "loser's" this week for our majors, IWM down 7.79%, please take the kids out of the room before putting this chart up on your computer:

That is just about as ugly as it can get, it's not so much the fall from grace but the gap down on Thursday, Da Boyz gapped it right under the low from October, I mean, just horrible action. Even MORE horrible, is if we don't continue in this direction next week, an "Equal Move" from the last highs would put us around $86, around the highs from 2011 and 2012, which would be perfect as far as I'm concerned. Any big rally would probably keep me on the side lines, sigh, but with any luck maybe Da Boyz gap us down BIG on Monday and we get a blow out temporary low, that would be very nice ...........
The winner of our majors was the SPY, down 5.86%, which really surprised me as I thought the best and the brightest, the DIA, would be the winners, but they were in second at minus 6.18% and the QQQ at minus 7.02%.

Ya all gotta do wad Ya all gotta do, I mean, if you are the eternal optimist and think the economy and earnings are going to turn around, then go for it, I hope your right and you make millions, I really do..........

Here's the beeg wiener's in the SP 500 this week, I really don't see much, WMT pisses me off, I was in and out of it and missed this move, but what do you expect, they gave a horrible out look, wad ever, for the stat's there was only 34 winner's this week, not a lot of places to hid.

And here's the loser's, AA reports on Monday after the bell and OBVIOUSLY "some" body knows some thing, us retails are NOT in that "some" body list. I don't have a position yet, but I will repeat what I've said before, the stock DOUBLED after they lost two billion dollars in a quarter, and has done nothing but go down over the last year as they did nothing but MAKE money, so, every man for himself.
One stock in the SP 500 closed with a 52 wk high Friday, EQIX, vs a whooping two the week before,  and 79 closed on lows vs 2 last week, 8 stocks closed on 20 day highs this week and 287 on lows, 1 stock closed with an RSI 14 above 80, ARG, again, five stocks had a -20 RSI.  The NYSE had 18 PSAR buy signals vs 35 last week and 138 sell signals vs 132 last week,  24 new CCI buys vs 58 and 145 sells vs 92 last week, 38 52 wk highs vs 90 and 538 lows vs 31.

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