Friday, January 29, 2016


Japan is the big "WINNER" on that list above, that list is the DEBT/GDP ratio of Countries around the world. They are well over twice as bad........ eeeeeerrrrrrrr...... GOOD, as the good old USA, and over three times as "GOOD" as that old stand buy in all comedian acts, ZIMBABWE, and like all, "WINNERS", you now get the HONOR of PAYING in order to buy their SHIT debt, as they extrapolated on the failed policies of the last 30 years by going to NEGATIVE interest rates!!
The world has truly gone insane.................

Actually, that's not true, it has nothing to do with their debt, they are paying negative rates on money that banks are parking with them in an effort to get them to lend it out instead. 
I did find it strange that in response our ten year yield dropped 54 basis points or 2.72%, and on a day when our indexes went up 2.48% people were also piling into the safety of bonds with TLT rising .85%.

Any way, back to the real world, here's the GOOD in the breath indicators:

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The main men, the $NYAD, just eeked out a buy signal on Wednesday after the FOMC statement, tried to take that signal out immediately on Thursday, and then SHOT higher off the Japan "STIMULUS", whereby they CRUSH any savers that are left over, to confirm Wednesday's signal. The very important $NYMO is sitting EXACTLY where the $NYAD's were last week, a gnat's ass away from a buy signal, and any UP day will confirm it.

The mediocre breath indicators:

Niether the $NYHL nor the very important $NYSI is even REMOTELY close to a buy signal, AND, IMPO, look like DOG SHIT!!!! Ok, sigh, I will say the $NYHL is basing.

We now have, Woooo Hooo, THREE, markets on buy signals, the 20 SMA above the 50, that's GLD, TLT, and the dollar joined that massive party this week. Now, don't even THINK about it, just keep moving along folks, no reason to think that it's kind of WEIRD that both the dollar AND GLD are going up, none what so ever, just keep moving..........................

There was ONE of the Bullish Percent indexes are on buy last week, $BPUTIL, now there are FOUR, $BPDISC, $BPMATE and $BPENER joined the party, you know, all those WORST performing assets from last year ....

Despite all the yelling and screaming the sectors stayed exactly the same with XLU and XLP on buys,  and just like the Candleglance group none of the 20 MA's are even hooking up, that would be nice ........

Huge change from last week in my 77 markets, 69 were higher this week, led by, ONCE AGAIN, one of thowse WORST performers of the last year, XME, in fact, the top five all kind of fit that description, you will notice that DESPITE Friday, none of our major markets are on that list, they start on the next page:

This is the loser's list, be that what it may, there were only seven lower, with Healthcare being extremely conspicuous on that list, XLV, and also, again, despite all the yelling and screaming, the NasDOGS were the WORST performers of our major markets this week, only up .35%, and that was ALL on Friday, as with all out majors, the big dogs, DIA, out shone every one this week, up 2.23%, then SPY at 1.68%, with IWM in third at 1.57%, so I might dare to say that the RISK ON trade is not quite ON just, YET ...............

Here's the monthly winner's, I thought it kind of surprising to see GLD and GDX on there, as well as TLT as I thought bonds were supposed to get CRUSHED with the FED raising rates???????

Sssshhhhhhush, here's the monthly loser's, we don't talk about them, DO WE!!!! IWM was the winner of our major loser's, down 10.62%, with the NasDOGS down at the bottom at minus 8.90%.

Here's the beeg wiener's in the SP 500 this week, now, what have I been repeating myself about the big loser's of LAST year??? I'm talking about CNX, FCX, WYNN, DO, MUR, APC, stuff like that.

And here's the loser's, I guess EBAY is nothing with out PayPal, I have no idea why they are so upset about NFLX ......

Here's the monthly winners for the S and P, and...............

Here's the monthly loser's, I watched a DEBT guy on Bloomberg and, boy, was he NEGATIVE on FCX, woooooo weeeeeee, he's saying like, Ya know, any things possible, but FCX has BK written all over it, hhhhhhmmmmmmm, I may have to add MORE to my already to big a position ...........

363 stocks were higher on the week vs 220 last week,  26 stocks  closed with a 52 wk high Friday vs 5 last week, and 7 closed on lows vs 6 last week, 73 stocks closed on 20 day highs this week vs 18 last week and 22 on lows vs 9 last week, no stock closed with an RSI 14 above 80, again,  2 stocks had a -20 RSI, AXP and ADS, vs 8 last week.  The NYSE had 278 PSAR buy signals vs 856 last week and 25sell signals vs 60 last week,  315 new CCI buys vs 73 and 22 sells vs 7 last week, 118 52 wk highs vs 31 and 34 lows vs 16. 

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