Saturday, December 31, 2016


The $NYAD's finished the year, month and week on a buy signal, and they have a good configuration as we have a positive divergence with the $NYA, so that means the NYAD's are leading us higher, which is what you want to see. Of course it wouldn't take much to roll this over into a sell, but the Bot's that rule the markets these days would probably just consider that the buying opportunity of a life time, although I have no idea of the life expectancy of Bots.

Of 12 major markets nine ended the year on buy signals, 20 sma above 50 sma, with only three still on sell, the sells are GLD, VWO, and TLT. Nothing is ever going to stop these markets but it is notable that the $COMPQ, SPY, IWM, $TRAN and $NYA have all broken below their 20 sma's.

Only ONE of the important Bullish Percent indexes are on a sell signal, that's $BPGDM, the gold miners, which is the bunch I spend almost all my time fooling around with. Price has shot higher through the 20 and 50 ma's so it's just a matter of time before it goes on a buy signal. All four of the major indexes have gone dead flat for the last three weeks of the year, and I feel a BIG MOVE coming, but I'm finding it hard to believe that move is going to be a new leg blasting to the upside, but nothing would surprise me. Price on $BPDISC is heading the wrong way, breaking below both the 20 and 50 ma's. 

XLP joined the buy party this week, as I guess the dollar is NOT going to hurt earnings, and XLV is only 8 cents away from doing the same and making the sectors all one big happy family of bulls. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that XLB, XLE, XLI, XLY, XLF, XME, and XHB have all broken below their 20 ma's, and the XRT has broken below both the 20 AND 50 ma's, as big box retailers did not fare to well over the holidays.

And the big winner in my 80 markets this month waasssss   ....................... EWI, as has been the case all year of where government officials warn of dire consequences if you nasty voters vote against them only to see the index go higher. Obama's best friend was in third, RSX up 9.98% for the month and 3.13% this week. Our best sectors are on this page with XLU up 4.90% as they some how defy all known historical tendencies and decide they actually LOVE higher interest rates hurting them, and XLF up 3.76% as they actually do LOVE higher interest rates, both of them were down on the week.
Most of the winners were foreign but way down at the bottom of the page was our best major index for the month, DIA up 3.51%, also down for the week, IWM was next up 2.88% on the month, then the SPY up 2.03%, also down on the week, then the hated NasDOGS bringing up the rear for the month, QQQ only up 1.13% way back in 41st place. 

China did not do well this past month with FXI and EWH down over 7%, SLV was in fourth down 3.51% as our paper money is better, right?? XME was actually down for the month which sucked 2% off their yearly win percentage, and all of that 2% was lost this past week. GLD was in 10th at -1.91%, which I only mention because once again we have a weird situation in which both SLV and GLD were LOWER on the month but the GDX went HIGHER, up .72%, and which speaking of GDX:

They were the huge winners the last week of the year, up 9.70%, even after a fall of 3.82% on Friday, as I guess we are pricing in Armageddon to start the year, hahahahahaha .......... or maybe we were UN-pricing it the last day of the year, geeze, talk about a fickle bunch ......
It is a little ominous that all our markets were lower on the week as it appears we were rotating out of them and into foreign indexes, as they are quite a bit cheaper on a metric basis , as shown below the USA is the only RED valuation of the bunch:

Our markets start showing up on the loser's side of the last week of the year with the QQQ, XLF, IYT, XHB, XLI, XLB, SMH, OIH SPY, DIA, RSP, with the big winner of the year, XME, being the big loser of the last week. 
With our markets making up all but three of the 20 worst performers of the last week of the year it makes me wonder, it does, are we just working off some of the excess of the dumb ass Trump run up, or is this the start of a much larger rotation or even correction?
The good part is that we can tune in next week to find out.

Here's the big winners in the SP 500 this month, the WORST performer down at the bottom was MTB at a paltry 8.68%, the big winner for the year in the SP, NVDA, helped themselves a lot the last month with a 15.77% gain. Ya know, based on that highly "scientific" study I did in the yearly post below I highly doubt that NVDA will be showing up on the top 20 winners list at the end of 2017, but, of course, I'm not betting against it.

Here's the winners for the last week of the year in the SP, there "might" be a little rotation going on as some pretty big losers in the YTD column showed up as big gainers, like AGN, CF, ENDP, VRTX, and MYL. NEM makes up over 10% of the weighting of GDX so that MIGHT be a little contribution to GDX's performance last week, ABX makes up the top weighting and was 13.17% higher on the week. 

Hmmmmm, I can buy any thing online from AMZN for LESS than I pay at the big box retailers AND have it delivered to my door step for FREE, so why in the hell would I buy one of the things??? And the "market" agrees with me, as six of the worst 20 SP stocks last month were just that, with seven more thrown in for good measure. My FCX shows up in the seven spot, and I would appreciate it if I didn't come again on that roll. I get the impression the market now thinks maybe China is NOT going to be building more ghost cities, although personally, I LOVE'EM!!

Here's the last week of the year losers, a LOT of them rank pretty high in that YTD column, so this is just probably profit taking, right? RIGHT??? On the flip side I would say that MNK and TGNA, which I have no idea what either one of them are, are possibly the victims of tax selling, and I might include DO on the list, and at least I know exactly what that one is ......

Friday, December 30, 2016


I hope you can expand this if you can't see it to clear, what I did this year is go back to last year and compare the winners and losers in my 80 markets to the winners and loser this year, and, WOW, there was a lot more cross over than I thought there would be. The RED boxes are the top 20 winners from last year that showed up on the top 20 LOSERS list this year, IE, they went from the far left to the far right columns, this is what is more commonly called buying high and selling low, they are EIRL, EWK, EIS, XLV and EWI. I have NO idea why Ireland did so bad, with EIS it's clear Obama is trying to leave trump with a war to deal with when he takes office. EWK is Belgium and we all know the populist movement is trying to get rid of the EU, that would probably put a little damper on the Country that houses the bureaucrats that run that thing. I thought Italy did much better than that this year, EWI, as all I heard from the MSM was how WELL they were doing, wad ever.

The light blue boxes is the ONLY stock to make the top 20 last year AND this year, and that is, taaaaaaa daaaaaaaa, PUTIN .......eeeerrrrrr, RSX, as Wall Street told Obama to stick it where the sun don't shine, they LOVE the guy..........

The center GREEN boxes are the WORST 20 stocks of 2015 that made the BEST 20 stocks of 2016, there's nine of those compared to the five red boxes, and the big WINNER is ...., XME, which, in an amazing feat, went from WORST in 15' to BEST in 16', and I have to say of course that miner stocks were my best plays last year, that includes the GDX which also made the green list, the others were EWC, THD,  XLE and OIH, EWZ, EPU, and IGE.

The BLUE boxes in the right side are the WORST of the WORST, they were top 20 LOSERS in 2015 and again in 2016, there's only three, they are EWM, TUR, and the big winner of the losers being EGPT.
Our best major for this year showed up on that list at number 16, IWM, up 21.59%, then DIA at 16.37%, SPY 12%, and in a big upset the NasDOGS were the worst performing major this year, QQQ in 40th spot on the list and only up 7.10% this year.

Based on these EXTREMELY scientific Stat's it's obvious to ME that "some" of the big LOSERS of 2016 are going to be the big WINNERS of 2017, and you would be starting with the list on the far right side and hope to god you pick the nine winners for the year!! It would not surprise me to see at the end of next year EGPT and TUR right up there close to the top, along with the worst sector this year, XLV, but, personally, I don't like ANY of them so I guess I'm going to shut down for the year, sigh .............. well, at least until next Tuesday.

Here's the big winners for the year in the SP 500, I have NO comment as I'm only doing this so NEXT year I will have some thing to look up, it's harder than hell to find some one who kept track of the top 20 performers and NON-performers. 

Here's the losers in the SP, I will say I did find a LOT of outfits that talk about the BEST stocks of 2015 but don't mention the losers, the Motley Fool had the 10 best stocks of 2015 and there's two of note, NVDA showed up on their list at the number four spot AND was the best stock of 2016, and FSLR was the tenth best stock last year and the second WORST stock in the index this year. 
I still think it's impossible to pick the big winners and losers ahead of time.

I wonder if "The Stock Traders Almanac" is going to re-write their books, for if you remember we fell like 12% in January of this year, and the age old mantra is "SO GOES JANUARY SO GOES THE YEAR", that follows of course "SO GOES THE FIRST WEEK OF JANUARY SO GOES JANUARY".
Just another age old trading ISM that has met the dust thanks to the stinking FED's un-fricking-believable manipulations of the markets. 

Monday, December 26, 2016

WEEKLY WRAP UP FOR 12/23/2016 Part 2

The 12 major markets added the IYR to the buy signals, 20 sma above 50 sma, taking the buys from eight to nine out of 12, the  GLD, TLT and VWO remain pretty bearish.

The important Bullish Percent indexes added $BPHEALto the buy signals this week, going from nine to ten buys, the ones still on sell are $BPGDM and $BPSTAP. The last one are looking much better as price has moved above both the 20 and 50 and we are only a decent day or two from a new buy. In some thing of a surprise we are starting to see some deterioration in some of the $BP's, like price is moving lower in the DISC, INFO, MATE and ENER, and all the majors, NYA, COMPQ and SPX curled over the last two days.

The sectors on buy signals moved to ten this week, with XLU joining the party, which confuses me as I thought that rising interest rates were bad for the utilities.  XLV and XLP remain the only hold outs, XLP is open away from a new buy.

So, here's the winner's in my 80 markets this week, and again I'm surprised, as we are exactly split with 40 higher and 40 lower. EGPT, which had been getting crushed, had a little move off the bottom, same thing with EWZ, most of the gain was on Friday, in fact ALL of it was on Friday. SMH was our best sector again as hope springs eternal. In another major surprise the   QQQ was our major winner down at the bottom of that page, the surprise being that it was only up .50% on the week. the DIA was next at .43%, then SPY at .30%, with the little guys bringing up the rear with IWM up .10%. Those paltry numbers are exactly how the markets felt last week, and I have no hope that this week will be any better.

Asia did not do well this week as they are highly represented on the first page of the losers with IDX, FXI, EIDO, EPHE, EWT, EWS, EPI, and EWH, our neighbors showed up on the first page as well, EWW and EWC, USO was up slightly on the week so it probably wasn't oil.

Here's the big winners in the SP 500 this week,  288 were higher which is not exactly an over whelming win rate, two of the main reasons for the SMH surge are right at the top in MU and NVDA.

Here's the big losers in the SP 500, BBBY had kind of a shitty earnings report, ditto for RHT, there's a lot of retailers on the list which don't bode to well for Holiday sales.

Geeze, after writing this I feel as flat as the markets, not to much to be looking at.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

WEEKLY WRAP UP FOR 12/23/2016 Part 1

I apologize in advance for this rambling POS post, basically I was "trying" to talk about Dave Landry's bow tie but I kind of let my emotions get in the way, which is why I don't post much any more, so, reader beware ...........

Here's a little cleaner chart of the SPY this week, this is my Dave Landry "Bow Tie" chart, the current "buy" signal being the green circle in November, Dave uses a 10 simple and a 20 and 30 EMA moving averages for the cross overs. Go to Dave's site or buy one of his books (I own two of them) for more information, I currently subscribe to his YouTube channel and watch his very informative weekly videos, I will confess that I don't watch his daily "Market in a Minute" videos, in fact, I actually don't care for it, but that's just me. Since I'm on Dave here's a little of my own "History", I found Dave in the early 2000's when I joined the "" trading room for a year, I may have rejoined for a second year. It cost $600 for the year, and in that room the lead commentator was the great Larry Connors, he would hand off for most of the day to a very young John Carter, who is the only Million dollars in a year trader that I actually know and runs the Simpler options site, Kevin Haggerty who used to write for Market Watch, and Dave, there were a couple of others but I don't remember their names. Being a legend Larry could get pretty much whom ever he wanted to guest host in the room, I know Linda Raschke was a frequent guest, among others from the "Market Wizards" book.
It was pretty much worth the money, hahahahahaha ........ 

Now, the reason I like Dave is not because of the stupid "Bow Tie", it's because he uses a lot of common sense, and his main concerns are ALWAYS risk control, which is what we all should have as our number one priority as well. The "Tie" is only for trend identification and he mainly uses it at MAJOR inflection points, such as all time highs, but he doesn't use it on a daily chart like I have up there, but a longer term chart which I'll show below, I'm showing that chart because it has every thing in it that I want to talk about.
On the left side of the chart we had a whip saw "Tie" from a sell off the Brexit in late June to a buy in July off the "we LOVE the Brexit" move, that move immediately stalled at new ATH's that moved side ways into the new sell signal off of those ATH's in the red circle in September, which, for the Bulls, had a perfect retest of those prior ATH's in October and immediately proceeded to move slightly higher as if we were going to new ATH's, sucking the bull's in, and we then had the confirmation of that sell signal when we crashed through the prior ATH's, AGAIN, in early November, after the FBI confirmed what we all knew about the bitch, that she was a crook, of course ....
So with the lower low the sell signal is in complete control and we are undoubtedly headed for a lower low than those June lows on the left side, WHEN, at the "YAY" arrows, the FBI came out over the weekend just ahead of the election and said, well, maybe she's NOT a crook, and the markets exploded higher on Monday and Tuesday in anticipation of a Bitch victory shuffle, which she actually did on Tuesday night before the news came out that, GASP, the Donald was going to win, and the markets that had exploded higher for the udder candidate, REALLY exploded higher with the Donald win!!!

The following is a bunch of ranting bull shit and should be avoided at all costs:

I have to say, with the break of the October lows, then the gap up on the HRC FBI news, THEN the HUGE bar on the "Donald" win, makes this just about the most f**ked up markets I have EVER seen ................ and, sigh, my relatives, some of whom are up here in Utah for the Holidays to ski, are evenly split between the two camps, and I told them all that BOTH of those individuals were complete A-HOLES, and it's just un-fricking-beliveable to me that out of 300+ million people in this Country that's the best that those two A-HOLE parties in Washington can give us, and that I, Mr. my politics are about 8 standard deviations to the RIGHT of the Bush administration, and therefore one of the "Progressives" that the world Elite are so fearful of, had watched a couple of interviews with Jill Stein, and she hated HRC so much I decided, as a PROTEST vote, to throw my vote away on her! As a comic end result of all this my HRC relatives have sworn to leave the Country as a protest of the electoral college, my "DONALD" relatives have sworn to leave the Country as a protest against the A-HOLE as he got elected by Joe blow and now he's hiring nothing but the Wall Street bastards for his cabinet and advisors, and his proposed tax breaks for Wall Street will do NOTHING but enrich that very same Wall Street much the same way as the current thing renting the White House has done, AND, I'm leaving the Country as a protest against Stein taking HRC money in order to try and get a recount ............. so, in essence, there is not one damn person in my entire Family that is happy, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha .......................... IE, we're as f**ked up as the market ...............

Ok, I'm done with that BS (political that is), we got the "buy" "TIE" in the green circle in November, which was not confirmed until the perfect "RETEST" jof the prior ATH's in the red circle for the last trading day of November and the first trading day of December. So that's it, we are on screaming buy signals, the MA's are not even CLOSE to even starting to turn down, the red box on there is another attempt at humor as that's the infamous "SANTA RALLY" that the MSM has been screaming about, hahahahahahahahaha ............... I guess now they will start screaming about the "YEAR END" rally and 20K, wad ever, go for it, me, myself and Irene are in OPTIONS, so I can sleep at night with well defined risk parameters.
The blue circle at the very top right shows the FOURTH MA line, which is the "HULL MA" indicator in Ninja Trader, which I've used since I got NT, and being a "visual" type I love it, it's been solid green since the "DONALD" day ..... it's interesting but on the equal weight RSP index the HULL MA is RED, but we don't want to talk about the entire SP 500, only those big caps that are forcing it higher.
We also don't want to talk about that MACD at the bottom that has turned red, as the MACD NEVER works, RIGHT?! Other than on THAT chart of course ....

So here's the REAL signal chart, we had the sell signal in the center when we "TIED" to the down side off of ATH's in September of 2015, and then CONFIRMED that when we made lower low's in January of this year, and since that "CONFIRMATION" this f**ked up market has done nothing but go higher ........... hahahahahahahahahaha ....
Ok, so we had the new buy "TIE" in April, and we've had no sell since then, the MA's pulled back but are back to heading higher. I had the circle at the red horizontal previous ATH line as Dave had said the short was over with long before that but he would not get interested in LONG until we took out the previous ATH's, which we did in July, so this signal is still LONG, although if you wanted to you could have "TRADED" it on those daily signals up above. 

My Market monitor had a lot of RED on that bottom line Friday, meaning we had lower readings with the HIGHER close than the previous day, IE divergences.
But I really want to mention the little green circle in the second box, the 7 for the 4% DOWN on the day, number one that is an EXTREMELY low number of stocks that were down 4% on the day, that's out of 2844 stocks, so number two the contrarian in me says this is STUPID and just a Christmas gift from Da Street, and it SHOULD be exhaustive, BUTT, if you go all the way up to the top chart that little green circle on the far left  in July is where we had a reading of SIX stocks, and we obviously went higher from there, sooooooooo .............
Stay safe, use your own judgement, maintain your risk control, and I hope every one has a John Carter year ................

As a further disclaimer I do NOT have a position or trade in the SPY or ANY major indexes, I do just individual stocks or sector ETF's, and after writing this I'm glad I DON'T do them ...................

Friday, December 16, 2016


The SPY, and the QQQ for that matter, have not reached their "EXTENSION" targets, yet, the SPY's target is at $229 while the Q's are way up at $131. Both the DIA and IWM have wildly exceeded their targets, so maybe a rotation is coming whereby Da Boyz abandon the DIA and IWM and concentrate on trying to suck "investors" into the laggards. Probably not much will happen until after the first of the year as the word is that the big players are going to hold on and not sell hoping for better tax treatments next year from the Donald. 
The SPY has a negative divergence on the RSqueeze signal bars, AND, in the red circle the signal line on Woodies CCI is about to drop below ZERO, which, IN THE PAST, has meant lower prices, with "IN THE PAST" meaning I don't guarantee a damn thing. On the "indicators" on the left side the STOCH 13 has signaled a sell by dropping below the 80 line, as has the RSI 5, while the RSI 13 hit the 80 mark and pulled an NBA, as in reeeeeeeeeeeee.......... jected! In the days of Yore before massive manipulation by the Feds, when the manipulation was by the shadowy PTT (Plunge Protection Team), we would pull back, then head back up and attack the prior highs, some times make new highs, THEN we would get NEGATIVE divergences in all the "indicators" and the $NYAD and $NAAD's, and, THEN, you could short the shit out of it! BUTT, sigh, in the current days of massive V-bottoms we may never get that wonderful chance again. 
Since I'm on SPY, here's some fun stuff:
The forward 12-month P/E ratio for is 17.1, above 10-year average of 14.4.

The "fun" stuff is not FactSet giving you that information, it's what the information is BASED on, as in ........... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....... let's say, STANDARD AND POOR'S, for if you REMEMBER, SP said that earnings in 2015 were going to be $137/share, and, what did they end up being?? $88.43 ...... LOL, hahahahaha, etc etc etc!!! So the AUTHORITY on the SP 500 "earnings" missed by 35%, and I'm supposed to believe ANY THING that is projected a year out??!!
At least the SPY went DOWN 35% to reflect the missed estimates, and you got a great buying opportunity, right? 

The $NYAD's look just fine, they pulled back with the market, and if you look right on the far right side they actually went UP on Friday's down day, usually very good for the bulls.

Unlike the last two weeks my Market monitor had a lot of green on that bottom line Friday, meaning it's a little more ammo for the bulls as those are positive readings on a DOWN day.

The12 major markets added the $CRB to the buy signals, 20 sma above 50 sma, taking the buys from seven to eight out of 12, the IYR 20 has turned higher and is possibly a couple of days away from its own buy signal, while GLD, TLT and VWO remain pretty bearish.

The important Bullish Percent indexes added $BPINFO to the buy signals this week, going from eight to nine buys, the ones still on sell are $BPGDM, $BPHEAL, and $BPSTAP. The last two are looking much better as price has moved above both the 20 and 50, the gold miners remain just horrible which is why it's my biggest position ........

The sectors on buy signals remain at nine this week, XLU, XLV and XLP are the only hold outs, but all three are improving a bunch.

So, here's the winner's in my 80 markets this week, and I'm surprised, but I'm easily surprised, there was only 18 winner's in the 80 markets, I mean, like, WOW, I thought EVERY BODY was going to Da stinking MOOOOOON, but I guess not. Even more surprising is the top winner's, TUR, EWI and DBA were only higher in the 1.7% range. I see a little problem for the miners right away, UUP was UUP 1.26%, which, of course, flys right in the face of USO being up .96% on the week, but, wad ever, screw the O'Pecking chicken shits!
Our best major is on this page with thebig dogs, DIA, up a not so big doggish .26% on the week. then the NasDOGS, QQQ up .08%, then the aaaaaahhhhh, eeeeerrrrrrr  .............

The aaaaaahhh's and eeeerrrrrr's were the SPY and IWM, which didn't even make the first page of the loser's, SPY in 34th spot down .65% which was worst than the bonds that every one was saying was getting KILLED, with TLT "only" down .31%, IWM was big winner, down 1.74%.  I'm REALLY pissed off at GDX, sigh, the damn thing couldn't even win the loser's bracket, that was reserved for UNG, which I LOVE to see go lower, along with my heating bills.

Here's the big winners in the SP 500 this week,  out of six performance columns CMG finally showed up positive on one...................

Here's the big losers in the SP 500, FCX is in 7th spot, hhhhmmmm, let me check, hhhhmmmmm, oh, yea, I do own that, in options of course, FOSL is not any better than CMG, they also only have one green box in the last six performance boxes, but, that's still better than the ZERO boxers, RL, UA, LM, ALXN, VIAB, I'm surprised at every one of them, shame on them ...........

Friday, December 09, 2016


That little sell signal last week in the $NYAD's changed to a nice buy signal this week, with the NaaD's breaking to new ATH's to get in sync with the stock markets.

The $NYHL reversed that ugly look of last week and just exploded this week along with the markets.
It's kind of scary of course as it reminds me of the idiots at Bubblevision back in 07'who were screaming "GREEN SHOOTS, GREEN SHOOTS",
Check out the re-tweet I did on when the SPY and $VIX are both higher on back to back days, not very good stats 20 days out.

I mentioned it last week  that my Market monitor has a lot of red on it, on nothing came of it, so I'll do what every dumb shit does and say it again this week, hahahahaha....... what it means is that all the markets  finished HIGHER on the day, while a lot of the numbers finished NEGATIVE, IE, they were lower than the prior day. I especially draw your attention to the far right column, the number of stocks HIGHER on the day in the SP 500 DECLINED the last four days even as the SPY exploded, that's a very negative divergence, which means, of course, absolutely NOTHING other than it will end up making me look quite the fool.

The12 major markets remain the same as last week with seven on buy signals, 20 sma above 50 sma, of the five on sell, the $CRB is a gnat's ass away from a new buy signal.

We doubled the important Bullish Percent indexes on buy signals this week, going from a lousy four to a decent eight, the ones still on sell are $BPINFO, $BPGDM, $BPHEAL, and $BPSTAP. Really a big turn around from last week, but they should turn around as it's nothing but GREEN SHOOTS, GREEN SHOOTS ........

XLK just squeaked into a new buy position this week to put nine sectors on buy signals, XLU, XLV and XLP are the only hold outs.
I will seriously be considering XLK on the first decent pull back, after all I do love the NasDOGS, although I only trade banks and materials.

So, here's the winner's in my 80 markets this week, the one that I see right away is that European bank index I added a few weeks or months ago, EUFN in 3rd up 7.01%, which I guess can be taken as a slap in the face of super Mario.
Our best major is on this page with the small caps, IWM, up 5.66% on the week. Our banks were in 14th, XLF up 4.86%, as they just love those higher interest rates, much as the consumer borrower's do ...... right??? Our next best major was the NasDOGS, QQQ up 3.28%, then the SPY at 3.11%, with the winner's from last week being the big loser's this week, DIA up a lousy 3.10%, a massive .01% behind the SPY, and only advancing on a 161% yearly rate ..........

There was only 13 losers this week, all inverse, bonds or FX things, and of course poor old EGPT. I made a mistake and listened to Frank Holmes make a case for GOLD into February, sigh, I don't think he's a Dennis Gartman so I "MAY" add to my dwindling GDX options, only move my expiration to Feb.

Here's the big winners in the SP 500 this week,  there's RIG again this week, and AA shows why I'm not following it any more as it moved from the losers list to the winners in one week, sigh, at least BAC made the list, and unbelievable as it seems it LOOKS like it's starting to arch up and COULD go PARABOLIC ...................

Here's the big losers in the SP 500, WYNN made the list as gamblers are abandoning Vegas and going to Wall Street, one stock on there makes me go HUM, I finally figured out PRGO is NOT a POGO stick, I do like CELG as a company and it, COULD, be a buy here after that big thrust and now this pull back:

Friday, December 02, 2016


One of the few changes from Wednesday's monthly update is that the $NYAD's dropped into a sell signal. Ya Know, it's probably just another whip saw and don't mean a stinking thing, BUTT, every 50% drop in the markets started with the smallest most insignificant move, so I have to keep it in mind.

The $NYMO and $NYSI remain on buy signals, but the $NYHL is showing a very negative look, as the $NYA has remained flat as the $NYHL has dropped from 250 to 75. The bulls would say well, that's GOOD, as it shows resilience, while I would say bull shit and put on my Democratic loser conspiracy hat and say the FED reserve is holding it up. 

That bottom line in my Market monitor has a lot of red on it, what it means is that all the markets accept the little stocks in the INDU finished HIGHER on the day, while a lot of the numbers finished NEGATIVE, IE, they were lower than the prior DOWN day. That's a divergence, which means if I was stupid enough to short it over the weekend the FED would tell me to DIVERGE THIS as they give Goldman a few billion with instructions to buy the futures Sunday night.

So, here's the winner's in my 80 markets this week, let's see, hhhhmmm, let me take a guess as to what went higher this week after the slim bags at OPEC worked their "magic", oh, yea, USO was the winner, up 11.13%, which makes all consumers and stocks in the IYT just pleased as punch! One surprise was QID in fourth, which, if I were to GUESS, I would say the NasDOGS got hammered this week.
So the Big Dogs, despite being the only one down on Friday, were the big major winners this week, DIA on page two and up a massive .23% on the week, and then it was, aaaahhhhh, hhhhmmmm, well, I guess we go to the next page for the rest of them .....

Here's the winner's of the loser's for the week, EWZ got slammed because OPEC raised prices?? I thought they are a producer, actually they went down on a rate cut and the realization they will NEVER resolve all the corruption in Government. Our major loser's start showing up here with the NasDOGS leading the way, QQQ down 2.61% on the week, followed by the little guys with IWM down 2.36%, with the SPY being the best of the worst, down .73%, 45 of the 80 markets were down this week, so combined with the oil BS it was not a particularly good week.

Here's the big winners in the SP 500 this week,  I cannot believe there's a bunch of oil related stocks on this page, my my, surprise surprise, wait until they cause a recession and see how you like that fake oil rise then!

Here's the big losers in the SP 500, VRTX is why I don't DO biotechs, TRIP is why I don't DO online companies, PERIOD, FOSL is why I don't DO clothing thingies, HRB is why I don't do income taxes, and AA is why I don't DO outfits that I USED to love, and now they are some thing I can't figure out. Other than those, I pretty much HATE the rest of them. 

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