Saturday, December 26, 2015


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As I tweeted on Tuesday the all important $NYAD's are on a buy signal, the $NYMO joined them on Thursday, but the $NYSI remains on a pretty lousy looking sell signal,  it's making a much greater lower high than the last sell signal way back last June. 

The $NYHL continues to look horrible, BUT, it does have a very slight positive aspect as it has hooked up a little bit, not much, but some ...........
With two of my four "breath" indicators on buy signals I'd say we have about a, aaaaaaahhhhh, eeeeeerrrrrrr, hhhmmmmm, 50% chance of going higher, which means we have about a aaaaaaahhhhhhh, eeeeerrrrrrr, hhhhhhhhmmmm, 50% chance of going the udder way.

Luckily though the chart of the SPY very clearly says we have about a aaaahhhhh, eeeeerrrr, uuuummmmm, 50% chance of going either way as well, hahahahaha.
Actually, the chart is VERY clear, we've run right into short term resistance, and knowing the way Da Boyz work, that is, those futures trader's known as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America, they will "PROBABLY" gap us over this resistance Sunday night and Monday morning before the open to eliminate this little problem. If for some reason they gap us down, well, I'd consider that pretty interwesting, I would.............

Out of 12 fairly major markets this week we jumped to SEVEN markets that are NOT on a Silver Cross buy signal, the 20 SMA above the 50, we had six last week, we did it with the SPY going to a new sell signal, the DIA and COMPQ are within a gnat's ass of a new sell signal, any down day on Monday will do it.
I will point out that the SPY is on the "conventional" buy signal used by ton's of trader's, the 50 SMA above the 200, as seen in the chart above.

The Bullish Percent indexes, which are created using point and figure charts of the COMPONENTS of the major indexes,  jumped to TEN out of 12 this week on SELL signals from the six last week, the only two NOT on sell signals are $BPHEAL and $BPSTAP, Health and staples, which are about as defensive sectors as you can find.

Out of 12 SP sectors the XLF and XLY joined the BEARISH Silver Cross party this week, making that 8 red sectors, I will say that the XLF only joined by ONE CENT, which means it's, aaahhh, pretty close to staying positive.......
Despite all the yelling and screaming by the "pumpers" about this "rally", most of my "indicators" got worse this week, meaning this is not a very positive situation. The "SANTA CLAUS" rally needs to continue this coming week, or the open of the New Year could be verwy verwy interwesting ..............

Here's the big winner's in my 77 markets last week, now, I would never, NEVER, say that Da Boyz (mentioned above) conspire with each other to moooooove certain markets, BUTT, the top six and EWC and XLB charts all look exactly, and I mean, EXACTLY, the same, it's almost as if, well, the bastards all got together, yelling at each other across Wall Street, we're going to move the WORST sectors of the year this week, wooooooo hoooooooo!!!!! I mean, like, with the exception of one week in early October, XME has done nothing but go DOWN, I mean, you could have bought every new low since last May and gotten your ASS handed to you, on a Golden platter I might add..................
And speaking of GOLD (notice how I cleverly worked into this), I want to talk about my continuing FAV, number 3, GDX:

Actually, I started talking about GDX and the damn thing started working into a complete post in and of itself, so I did a post about it and will post it above this weekly update later on, in it I explain the charts below:

It's all about the "BBSqueeze".

Here's the loser's  this week, and also where you find our major markets, and, NO, NOT because they were loser's, they were just LESSER winners, there was only 13 actual loser's, and no surprise that EWZ is numero doce, but kind of surprising to see Mexico in numero trece, EWW, hhhmmmmm, is Brazil weeping into them???? The dollar got ripped at number 4, which explains some of the commodity strength, there's a couple of inverse funds, some bond and bond related funds, some thing of note is there was no HUGE loser's, just kind of quiet, as in, THE QUIET BEFORE THE STORM????
Our majors start showing up on this list, the DIA was the "winner" of the "loser's" this week, only up .30%, then the NasDOGS, QQQ up .55%, FinVIZ has SPY up EXACTLY 1%, and our BIG winner was the little guys, IWM up 1.14% on the week. I just have to mention (I HAVE to, hahahaha), that JNK was UP 1.01%, as I can only surmise that Da Boyz now think that higher rates are GREAT for JUNK BONDS, hahahahahahahaha, unfrickingbelieveable, it is............ wad ever......................

Here's the beeg wiener's in the SP 500 this week, pretty funny stuff it is to see all those energy stocks on the list, I am glad to see FCX up 23.69%, that's a whole $1.36 by the way, I still think it hits $10, at a minimum, if it doesn't go broke first. Speaking of broke, I see AA on the list, I actually LIKE the chart:

It has to get through that crashing 200 day SMA at $10.82, but it's BLUE SKY after that, I mean, hell, if it REALLY gets going it could hit $10.83, wwwoooo hoooooo!!! It reports 1/11, I've been in January calls that expire after that, so I'm hope it gets above $11 before then. Remember, their MO is if they LOSE tons of money, they will go to Da stinking MOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNN!!

And speaking of  (more) loser's, there's some strange "stuff" on the loser's list, IMPO of course, like DIS, BBBY, NFLX, PCLN, NKE, UPS (isn't the Holiday season their BIG time of year???), CLX, etc etc ......
15 stocks in the SP 500 made a 52 wk high Thursday vs 1 the week before,  and ZERO closed on lows vs 32 last week, 56 stocks closed on 20 day highs this week and 2 on lows, 3 stocks closed with an RSI 14 above 80, CSC, ALTR and ARG, again, ZERO stocks had a -20 RSI.  The NYSE had 223 PSAR buy signals vs 103 last week and 5 sell signals vs 82 last week,  109 new CCI buys vs 69 and 8 lows vs 510 last week, just a very slight little improvement there, hahahaha, 79 52 wk highs vs 48 and 4 lows vs 197.

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