Saturday, December 19, 2015


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The all important $NYAD's ran right up to the trigger line after the FOMC, and was all set for a new buy signal, when Thursday and Friday hit us. The big "thing" I see is we did not close below the prior Friday, in the red circle, which is actually a "Positive" divergence. I mean, don't get me wrong, we are on a SELL signal, I just find it interesting is all. 

Nothing positive about the $NYHL, they continue to look horrible, which reflects the fact that just a few mega cap stocks have been holding the indexes up due to the "weighting" factor ............

The last of the buy signal hold outs, the $NYSI, gave up the ghost and joined the other breath indicators in bad need of some listerine ....

Out of 12 fairly major markets this week we maintained the SIX markets that are NOT on a Silver Cross buy signal, the 20 SMA above the 50, we did it with the IWM going to a new sell and the TLT picking up a new buy signal.

We added four new sell signals to the Bullish Percent indexes this week, the $BPNYA, $BPINFO, $BPSPX and $BPINDY joined the $BPENER and $BPDISC.

Out of 12 SP sectors the XLI joined the BEARISH Silver Cross party this week, maintaining the 50% ratio of red sectors, as the XLP moved back to positive as inwestor's fled to the safety of consumer staples during the sell off, which is strange to me at least, as I consider that one of the most over valued POS sectors in the markets, wad ever.......

Here's the big winner's in my 77 markets last week, our poor performance kind of masked some good performance over seas, but I find that very suspect as all you have to do is look to the right at the longer term colums and the top 15 "winners" are HUGE losers for the year and YTD, it looks to me like the people fleeing our markets were picking up the laggards. In the category of how stupid can markets get if you look down at the bottom of the page you see our only two sectors on it, XLU and IYR, which will be the single biggest loser's if the FED really is on a tightening cycle, hahahahahaha, that is just amazing.

Here's the loser's  this week, and, no, you won't find our major markets on this list either, they managed to sneak into the middle two pages, I guess Brazil has still not solved their leadership problem, and why do "they" think that higher rates are great for XLU and IYR but NOT the XHB?????? Anyway, our major markets were part of the 42 loser's this week, the little guys were the best the week, only down .38%, while the MEGA guys were the worst with DIA down 1%, DIA was also the weakest during the sell off on Friday, the QQQ beat out the SPY .87% to .88% for the week.................

Here's the beeg wiener's in the SP 500 this week, FSLR was the pretty "funny" this week as they were up because of the climate change deal, which WE, the American tax payer, are going to pay for, and even funnier in the case of FSLR and other solar stocks that shot up on the tax credits and other corporate welfare handed out in the budget deal this week, it would be nice if they would actually go up on real earnings for a change, which FSLR actually has, but not many of the other ones. In the can you top this for strange category it seems more than a little weird that XOM joined FSLR in the winner's this week, I mean, like, isn't ONE of them supposed to be a loser in this deal????

And speaking of loser's, there's not as much energy on the list this week, all though they are the leaders, poor FCX, sigh, I'm tell'in Ya, ONE OF THESE DAYS, hahahahahaha, sigh, wad ever, I'm paying more attention to one of it's Brethren, AA, which was actually HIGHER on Friday, as they are picking up some big contracts here and there, hhhmmmmm, I'll definitely be more encouraged if they can reclaim the $10 level heading into earnings next month ......
1 stock in the SP 500 made a 52 wk high Friday, RHT, but it promptly put on a huge ugly looking RED bar, probably due to it's nice 78 P/E, which is quite cheap compared to the 962 on AMZN, hahahahahahahaha....... 32 closed on lows, 8 stocks closed on 20 day highs this week, AGAIN, and 146 on lows vs 207, a little divergence there, 2 stocks closed with an RSI 14 above 80, CSC and ARG, ARG keeps showing up week after week, and only two stocks had a -20 RSI, KMI and DVN.  The NYSE had 106 PSAR buy signals vs 40 last week and 82 sell signals vs 195 last week,  both positive divergences, 69 new CCI buys vs 59 and 510 lows vs 511 last week, 48 52 wk highs vs 28 and 197 lows vs 288, more divergences in that bunch, hhhmmm.

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